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10 February Cameron Dallas and Lia Marie Johnson photos, news and gossip. Find out more about. It's Lia's first day on set of expelled. What could happen?. 22 Oct Lia Marie Johnson and Dillon Rupp. Are Lia Marie Johnson & Dillon Rupp dating ? Lia Marie Johnson was recently spotted getting intimate with Dillon Rupp during a car ride with friends. It's no secret that womanizer Dillon has had his eye on Lia for a while. In fact, he recently captioned a photo of Lia on.

Lia Marie Johnson And Cameron Dallas Dating

Once I open my eyes I notice that my room is very bright and lit. I reach over to my nightstand to grab my phone. I click my home button and see that it is I quickly brush my teeth and try to comb out the mess which is my hair.

After trying to comb out my hair, I spray some dry shampoo. I open my closet doors and look at all my shirts and dresses. I don't know if I'm supposed to look fancy or casual so I'm just going to try and pick something with a little of both.

Lia Marie Johnson And Cameron Dallas Dating

I picked out an olive lace romper with hoop earrings. I check my phone and it's I sigh in relief and grab my purse. He's 10 minutes early, at least he's not late.

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I walk over to the door to find him standing there with a single yellow rose. I smile and walk out the door.

I kiss back, he pulls me in deeper to deepen the kiss but then I finally pulled out. V So everyone is throwing Lia a welcome back party. Bye" I here in a bitchy way Cameron's P. I quickly brush my teeth and try to comb out the mess which is my hair.

He hands me the rose. I smile and slide right in. He gets out of the front seat and opens my door for me. I looks around and see beautiful scenery. I see him standing there so i hook my arm into his and he brings me to a little table under a bunch of trees.

You need to step up your game Cameron. I just laugh and walk towards the door. In her personal YouTube channel, "Lia Marie Johnson", was reported to have received 13 million views.

The table is decorated with fairy lights and candles and lots of delicious looking food. I immediately pull him into a hug.

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He guides me to the table and we eat the delicious food while talking about eachothers lives. Yeah I'll definitely come, I could meet you guys there. Log in Sign Up.

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