Karen Civil Dating Meek Mill Friend. Hook Ups!

Friend Karen Meek Civil Dating Mill

Meek Mill Claims Karen Civil, Baller Alert Are Getting Paid By Nicki Minaj To Ruin His Image

26 Feb Karen Civil was recently put on blast by Cam'ron and Meek Mill associate @ Deendcr. It appears that Karen feels that she has been a victim of cyber bullying as she posted this post (below) on her Instagram page with the caption, Dating rappers, stealing from clients, a whole smokescreen of BS. 8 Feb Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill look like they had an awesome night out together and it's only fueling those dating rumors. And of course this awesome shot of them with Karen Civil and Deen Reddy. Nicki also had some But even with all of her friends surrounding her, there was time for a selfie. Or two. Karen Civil a scammer. A fake rapper scam artist and a fake self help guru scam artist. 2 peas in a pod. And why areTapes always getting released.

Mar 17, Do ya'll even try to look before ya'll post threads?

Karen Civil Details J. Cole Fallout | HipHopDX

I try not be an asshole about this but I'm seriously confused at this point. And he's addressing BallerAlert in that post that was already posted in the 2 other threads on this. He clearly says ''Ya'll fake ass news'' and ''Why ya'll don't report Troll, why do you think we give af about Baller Alert. Why were my eyes assaulted by those pics of that pedo?

Meek Mill GOES OFF on Baller Alert and Karen Civil: "You bums are on Nicki Minaj payroll!"

I believe Nicki has minions on LSA, too. Nicki better pray they put Jelani under the jail because if he gets off, that's the end of her career. Drake in her corner alone can't overshadow letting an alleged offender out into the world. Lol im at my p-o right now. Right, but she also wasn't stopping his bag either.

Do ya'll even try to look before ya'll post threads? Maybe she took what she was felt she was owed? But my source swears by this.

She was silent about his shid, and he was silent about hers and her brother He knew her going back to her "industry brother" was gonna stir the pot and now he gladly plays the kettle. Nikki is a pedo supporter and so are her fans. Meek is just a bitch. These people are sick!!!! You Nikki stans are really DUMB too, Nikki is paying her brother's wedding, lawyers and blogs to protect him as best she can.

Sickos in this world.

There's literally 2 threads on this already. From the post it just seems like he overreacted as usual.

Karen Civil Dating Meek Mill Friend

Meek is a hypocrite to get all righteous about how those outlets sold their souls by keeping quiet; he has no moral highground when he was all hush hush as well, while dating Nicki, until she burned him. He knew what was going on and and is only exposing anything because he can't handle anyone poking fun at him, no excuse me a woman poking fun of him since men clown him daily and he doesn't do shut. Everyone involved is trash tbh.

He was writing a tell all book, but diddy paid him off, and he went away. But Karen would have interns come in and work under her without pay, but they would always give you a reference and connect to someone else. I did meet her boyfriend at a birthday dinner I went to inhe plays soccer in another country, Gregory Wiel was him name something like that.

TS was on it with instant updates. Meek said, fugg it, My come up came and went, ain't nobody's secrets safe. I see Meek in all his jilted angry messiness is still spilling tea. And I am here for it all hunny. Meek is a POS for going along with the cover up while it suited him! It seems like you're ready! I coulda sworn you were ready He never misses an opportunity to act like a bitch. What did balleralert's caption say?

Karen Civil Dating Meek Mill Friend

I been stopped following that blog! Where's the receipts that Nicki is paying his legal fees-this blog says she isn't-do you guys have receipts or this more conjecture. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet.

But What Does She Do?

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