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Videos Minecraft Dating Is Stampy Cat Sqaishey

A Cat And A Duck :Sqaishey and Stampy: A Minecraft Love Story

Read Chapter 4: The First Date from the story Sqaishey & Stampy Love Story by IrxxBethany (Bethany Cassandra Vylet) with reads. sqaishey, stampylonghead. 21 Nov Stampy Cat: Minecraft vlogger Joseph Garrett is the name on every child's Christmas list. Garrett with his girlfriend, who goes by the name of Sqaishey Quark. Videos of this man purring around virtual worlds are viewed million times a month, and he is said to earn as much as Premiership footballers. She usually uploads Minecraft videos, but also other popular games such as Club Penguin and Roblox. She is a Helper After commenting on the video, it can be assumed that Stampy and Sqaishey met with each other and discussed possible associations. The next month, the two of them also started dating. Sqaishey first.

Stampylonghead or Joseph is a minecraft youtuber. He lives a pretty normal life until he bumped into a beautiful girl more info called herself Sqaishey.

And for the first time of his life he fell in love with a stranger that becom I woke up shocked to see Sqaishey is right beside me. And then I remembered what happen last night. I sighed Is Stampy Cat Dating Sqaishey Minecraft Videos relief. I run my finger through her hair and she woke up. She smiled at me and I smiled at her back. I rolled out my bed and went downstair to the kitchen. Before I could enter the kitchen. I saw a letter on the front door mat.

I walk to the front door and picked up the letter. On the letter it say to Joseph Garret. It was for me. I thought it was from Netty but when I open it. It was from Alex!.

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How did he know my real name!?. I quickly read it. I have told you to stay away from her!. Are you deaf or what!.

This was later followed by Twins. I delete that message and hugged her again. I look at her shocked. Stampy was Sqaishey's 11th subscriber back when she started Youtube. So, who is Stampy?

This is the last warning. If you still don't understand what I said just now. Yes, I will definately kill you. And if you are dating her. Don't think I will let you live a happily ever after life.

You think I am afraid of you well not! That what he wanted to tell me?. I thought to myself.

Chapter 4: The First Date

I tear the letter and throw it into the rubbish bin. Suddenly, Sqaishey came into the kitchen crying. She shook her head. I ran to hugged her. I look at her shocked. She handed me her phone and I started to read the message in my head.

I saw it last night. Why you do that to him? You said that you will be with me forever. I will kill him if I saw him doing that to you again. I will not sleep until I kill him. I look at Sqaishey who is still crying at my shirt. I delete that message and hugged her again. I promise I will stay right beside you forever". We both smiled at each other.

It was 2pm I was sitting on the couch with Stampy. We were playing minecraft in his lovely world. I think for a few second. I'm still afraid of Alex. What if he stalk on us while we are dating?. I sighed and said "Okay. He smiled at me back. I think for a few minute. After a few minutes. We arrived at the restaurant. We go in and we headed to the counter. The lady pick a very good place.

Where it was hidden so maybe if Alex was stalking on us he couldn't see us. And then the lady left us and a waitress came.

Is Stampy Cat Dating Sqaishey Minecraft Videos

We started to talk about well pretty much everything. I rolled my eyes and giggled.

He nodded with a smiled. Until, there are three girls who is 8 to 10 years old I think. Came running to us. Me and Stampy signed their autograph book and they started to cry. After a few minutes they said thank you to both of us and leave. Suddenly the pink hair girl turned around and shouted. And Stampy look at me "So Sqaishey Quack?

Are you deaf or what!. Might a similar fate await Garrett? Her online name is Sqaishey Quack. When Minecraft launched inhe was an early enthusiast. Me and Stampy signed their autograph book and they started to cry.

I look at him. I look at him and then I giggled. I laughed even harder. He laughed and wipe the whip cream with a tissue. I stop laughing and started to talk. I am home after a long day.

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I got back at Stamps home at 5 and I leave his home at 6. Before I leave his house he gave me a rose. I look at the rose. I went upstair to my bedroom and turn on the light. I laid on my bed staring at the rose. So sorry if this chapter is a little bit like confusing I dont know why but yea!

So hope you enjoy reading this and you know my other book the Triangle Crush one I was running out of idea here!

Is Stampy Cat Dating Sqaishey Minecraft Videos

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