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5 Things to know BEFORE dating someone in the military

Why Date Guys from the Canadian Military

20 Oct How to get through your first TDY in the military as a spouse. Find my previous posts on dating someone in the military here: Though these past four days haven't been miserable, they've been different, but like they say in the award- winning, all-star cast, best Canadian “TV drama” of all time, Degrassi. 10 Oct Many women think dating a guy from the Canadian military (or any military) is a difficult task. But ladies, don't let that hard and powerful exterior fool you. Guys from the Canadian military are some of the most exciting, loyal, and gentle human beings to be with. They aren't only trained to show respect to their. I'm Canadian and my fiancé is in the Navy, but his career allows him to mostly work on shore. I've only ever had a relationship with one person whom I eventually married, who also went military, although we started dating before he had joined anyway . I wouldn't consider dating someone in the military.

Felix and I have been together for almost a year and a half, and this is our first experience with a TDY. Plus him being in AL actually made him closer to me in New Orleans, so we got to see each other often!

This time, however, we are apart.

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Still in the same state, but not close together. For the past couple of months, Felix and I have been together every single day. So not having him here, even for four days, was an adjustment. Another unsettling bit is that I know this is only the beginning of temporarily living apart, and that is hard to swallow. What happens when the next TDY is for four months instead of four days?

Dating Someone In The Canadian Military

The thought alone makes my stomach churn. What happens when he gets his PCS another acronym meaning Permanent Change of Station orders, and what if they come earlier than expected?

No linking to specific threads in other forums. I assume this is why so many spouses are stay-at-home parents, or do jobs like childcare for other military families. I am home person and believes that anything and everything worth while in life originates and ends there also. I am a part of the military and I've come across both sides of the coins.

Do I move with him? Do girlfriends do that? Do I stay in DC?

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Move back to New Orleans? What do I do? What is this life? Where do babies come from? Sometimes I get spoiled to seeing him every night by 6: Started from the bottom.

Dating Someone In The Canadian Military

The most important thing to remember is that TDY is temporary. You can do it. They can do it. Time will pass and they will be back home asking you to make your side of the bed and questioning where all of the kettle corn went.

Dating someone in the military is hard. So thank you for your service. This was the sweetest.

You won't be able to vote or comment. So, while they may not be around all year or every day with you, military men definitely prove the best men to date. I'm sure she doesn't either.

Thank you so much. Before I started dating my boyfriend, I never realized just how much each person involved sacrificed! Thanks for stopping by Powered by Sass. I hope you enjoy the blog!

No need to thank me at all x one tip that I picked up from an army wife friend of mine was to use the times when he is away to not worry so much about things lol x make sure you take time for you as well x if you ever need an encouragement send me a message and I will show you the love and support that was given to me in your situation x we may be from different countries but once you have dated someone in the uniformed service you know more then most civilian women will know in a life time so we should all support each other x.

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