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17 Mar My friends from school and university are nowhere near me and it feels as if everyone my age just wants to party when I am trying to be healthy and to exercise, or are in long-term relationships that take priority over seeing friends. I am struggling to find new people who are on the same wavelength as me to. Home page > Kids & teenagers > Meet people my age. Voluntary work, cultural activities, doing sports or developing international youth projects – everything is twice as fun in a group! During the exchange programs and projects organized by the FGYO and its partners, you will have the chance to meet people your age. I have no friends from work since I tutor high school students and I think it's inappropriate for a 22 year old hanging out with 15 year olds. I was considering volunteering somewhere so I could meet some people in my age range. I am not sure where I would volunteer. Any suggestions? I want to meet people.

As it's key to this thread: I'll be 28 in less than a month. I've had a lot of trouble making lasting friends my whole life, but lately it really seems to be catching up to me. I can't really meet people to fulfill this criteria at college, because most of them are years younger than me.

Not that they don't count as friends although I still have trouble with thatbut it's still not quite the same. I don't really know of anywhere I can look to find people with similar interests. I'm a gamer, so I tend to look for people who are also into games, but I just don't know where to look.

I can find friends easily enough on forums, and have for several years, but I'm no longer satisfied with that.

Also remember that hanging up a bird feeder wont attract cats. I am struggling to find new people who are on the same wavelength as me to do cultural and interesting things. BIG mistake, it turned out to be some cult like thing, and when I stopped going they started turning up at my house looking for me The ideal situation is probably working at a store directly related to one of your hobbies, and where customers stick around for a while to speak to each other and the staff. You know, coffee shops, museums, the grocery store.

My only actual friend who started out as an online friend is an hour away, which makes actually doing anything cumbersome. Not really sure what exactly I'd be looking for, or where, except people that share my interests. Where would be a good place to look?

Where Can I Meet People My Age

Are there any networking sites that would help someone find people like that? My grandfather recently died, and he was one of my closest and only friends for years. So I guess I'm feeling much more lonely than I used to be, and getting a bit more desperate to actually find people to be involved in my life. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

Meet people my age

Losing someone we love is one of the hardest things to experience, especially if that person was your best friend. I can only imagine how lonely you must feel. Perhaps you can try googling up for meet up groups etc for other gamers or boardgame groups? Like you said, a lot of them might not work for you, but maybe it'll take a few more tries. Meeting people our age is difficult indeed, because it seems like everyone already has their own circle.

Where Can I Meet People My Age

If you don't mind meeting people from different parts of the world, maybe you Where Can I Meet People My Age try expat forums for foreigners in your area who might be looking for friends. Or try asking your local bookshops if they have bookclubs you can ask them what is the general age group of the members.

I'm not sure what your interests are other than gaming, but maybe you can list them all down and try to figure out where people in our age group might hang out or what they might be doing. Oh gosh el Jay, I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather.

You've been so quiet. You wrote your grandfather was your best friend. Why is the age of the friends your are looking for important then? Just look for friends without the age factor in your mind. That may enlargen the possible choice, Where Can I Meet People My Age it? Really sorry for the loss of your best friend!

I am so sorry to hear about your loss of your grandfather. Losing someone who was so close to you must have been very hard for you.

I tend to agree with quintus-why does age matter so much when it comes to friends? Sometimes you can find a really good friendship with someone from a different age group to yourself, so it is best not to limit your search for new friends to a certain age range.

On the other hand, I can also identify with what you are saying, because when you are 28 people who are 6 to 8 years younger than you in age can also seem much younger in terms of life experience and hopes and dreams.

I went to university in at 26 and felt a big gulf between me and the 18 year olds on my course. Maybe you could try and develop some close friendships with your fellow students in another few years the gap won't seem important and also try bookclubs as Veruca suggested amd other such groups where the age range might be wider and include people in their late twenties and early thirties. I was thinking of googling for groups and whatnot, but I was curious if there might be any sort of networking sites specifically to help people find groups like this and for those groups to advertise if they are looking for people.

I'm handling it fairly well, I guess, though I'm worried about my life situation when I finally need to move out of this house in the next year where my dad is also living. I may make a topic for that, too, when I'm ready to.

Well, he was probably my "best" friend, but he wasn't a normal friend, honestly. It's more that he left a hole in my life that I'll never be able to fill to what Where Can I Meet People My Age used to be, so I've got to do the best I can. But continue reading big reason for wanting people my age is that I can find people in the years younger range at college now, and older people Mainly because of how much I was bullied in school, which is the main time when people largely socialize with people their age or close to it.

For once, it'd be nice to just know people my own age with the same recreational interests as me which is why I mentioned gaming. Having people around the same point in life and of similar maturity would go a long way towards feeling better about things.

I don't mind having friends that don't fit this criteria and can probably find plenty at collegeso this is in addition to other age groups, not in exclusion of them. Your observation about the 18 year olds vs. I can get along with them and I'm close enough that I can seem like more of an "older brother" than some sort of "mentor" like figure, and in fact I do generally get along with them as equals, without it feeling like there's any imbalance due to my age.

I am 26 and find it hard to meet people on the same wavelength as me

Hell, most of them didn't even know how old I was until I said so; some mistook me for a normal 20 year old in college I guess it's because my dad has some good "looking young" genes I inherited. As I said though, it's more that friends my age that share my recreational interests are probably the hardest things to find, especially for me, and I usually only find them online.

After a while you're bound to end up talking to some of the other regulars. If not, try it, and go at least 3 times to each one. The prices are astounding, for any serious class its hundreds of pounds and the local cheap classes are frankly ridiculous teaching people how to write a blog Did you make that up? The more of the following that apply to one the better:

If not for my one good friend in real life who I also met online originallywho's 25, I wouldn't have anyone. Take your time, el Jay. Just know that I'm always here for you. And yes, I support you in making that thread when you're ready because it might help you get through certain things.

About your housing situation, all I can say is, take one step at a time and don't rush into things. I had to make the same move when my dad passed away - and all my relatives did were pressuring me Where Can I Meet People My Age move out and rushing me, I hated that. Let me know if there's anything I can do for you. A friend, at any age, is very special. He sounds like a really great man and you were lucky to have shared that bond with him. When I was growing up I sort of into a gaming group at high school and they kind of introduced me to internet cafes, which you may know as click alot of gamers like to go.

If there are any internet cafes in your area, maybe you can go along and just ask a random person or group as you seem ok with talking to people about whether you can join in their session. From there, you might meet more friends who live close by.

You can also ask their age or find a bit about them during the session. My condolences, El Jay. How did that one saying go? You can't really go and get friends, but you put yourself in a position consider behavior so that people want to be your friends. Also remember that hanging up a bird feeder wont attract cats. Until I party with 20 year olds, no View a Printable Version Subscribe to this thread. Thread Modes How can I make friends my age? Reply ladyforsaken Be kind to others, and yourself Posts: Reply Tiina63 Posting Freak Posts: Find Reply el Jay Member Posts: Find Reply ladyforsaken Be kind to others, and yourself Posts: I can't make friends at work and it makes my days super hard.

Had lots of friends, don't anymore - everyone grew up and grew apart. Do people become less interested in making friends with age?

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Learning to 'Drop the rope' and to stop chasing friends. I wish I had friends but everyone always leaves. Missing my old so called friends? Should i do something?