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Line Tial Hook Up Wastegate Vacuum

TiAl wastegate setup and install tutorial

Vacuum lines for the wastegate.

It is a 95 gsr with a Tial 38mm bar wastegate. he is running a t3/t4 turbo and a greddy type r blow off valve. need help with the vacuum lines i need to get or you can just run the wastegate w/o a boost controller which is actually what alot of full drag cars are. and you can hook it up to any vac line. on my. 31 Mar Forced Induction - Quick stupid question on tial wastegate vacuum lines - There are two vacuum lines. tial wastegate --> vacuum line --> boost controller --> vacuum line --> vacuum source . Also, I Have a manual turboxs boost controller that I am using, so do I need to hook that up to the top port?. I know the line for the bottom of the wastegate (Tial), runs to the fitting on the bottom of the turbo. So, does the line from the top port on the wg, just go to the IM or any vacuum source? Also, I have the fittings facing toward the engine block. But it seems like the rubber vacuum lines will still be exposed to alot.

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You can only use dual-port configuration with a pressure-regulator controller which always sends a pressure-signal to the wastegate, thus causing it to creep open prematurely boost doesn't build as fast and doesn't hit as hard. Side port needs to see boost, that's it. Quote message in reply? It's probally stuck open.

Reply Page 1 of 2 1 2. How can i run the wastegate with no boost controller. It is a 95 gsr with a Tial 38mm 0. If you want to run 7. Its my GSR that Ahren is working on. From what I understand, upon firing the car up, the wastegate was open and fluttering just from idle.

He will elaborate more I'm thinking you mean the BOV by then. The wastegate shouldn't "flutter" open during idle because there is no load on the exhaust gases being fed through. Are you sure about this?

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Did you put the little metal seal ring in there? If not it will leak all the time. So lets say this I am currently building a turbo kit and is stuck at the wastegate parts. I am trying to figure out Tial Wastegate Vacuum Line Hook Up to get. But this is my questions. I will be boost daily on 8psi but lets say on track day or something I want to use a boost controller to up the boost.

You can't just "up" the boost for a single race. This is because you get you're car tuned for a specific boost level and if you turn up the boost then you're going to throw your fuel curve and spark timing out of whack.

Tial Wastegate Vacuum Line Hook Up

Anyways, you can only go up with a boost controller. So if you're wastegate has an 15psi spring then you can't go down to 8psi.

Wastegate lines

You have to start out lower and then use the boost controller to go up. Quote message in reply?

Tial wastegate vacuum line hook up -

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Tial Wastegate Vacuum Line Hook Up

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I can't say it any other way. I would dedicate a single vacuum line to the wg, and then run your bov and boost gauge, etc off of a vacuum block or tee coming from another source. This results in lazy boost build-up and more turbo-lag than necessary.

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