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BSC #131, The Fire at Mary Anne’s House: Say Goodbye to Stoneybrook

5 Jul There's a fire at Mary Anne's house. It's a major one that hits in the middle of the night. Everyone (including Tigger) gets out okay, but the house is destroyed and they lose pretty much everything they own. In the days that follow, Mary Anne, her dad, and Sharon stay with Kristy's family and start going through. 5 Jan When Mary Anne is woken up in the middle of the night by her cat, Tigger, she immediately knows something's wrong. Then she smells the smoke and hears her father yelling her name. Mary Anne's house is on fire - and she makes it out right before everything burns down. Now Mary Anne doesn't know. Plot synopsis. Main plot. It's a normal summer week for Mary Anne, with BSC meetings, sitting jobs, and long, lazy days. When Tigger wakes her up in the middle of the night, though, everything changes in an instant. The house is on fire , and Mary Anne and her family make it out of the house just in time. The house, and.

When Tigger wakes her up in the middle of the night, though, everything changes in an instant.

To be honest, as the final book in the series, this was a bit of a let-down. Abbie rated it it was ok Jan 17, I wish they were this cavalierly melodramatic all the time. The Schafer-Spier farm house burns to the ground.

The house is on fire, and Mary Anne and her family make it out of the house just in time. The house, and almost everything in it, is totally destroyed. Everyone in Stoneybrook rallies around Mary Anne and her family.

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Dawn flies in from California, and friends and neighbors offer any help they can. It seems that everyone in Mary Anne's life cries over the loss of the house The most sensitive member of the BSC finds that she just can't cry. The loss of the house, searching the rubble for her few surviving possessions, and the enormity of the loss send her into shock.

The family stays with the Brewers in the aftermath of the fire. In the midst of all the chaos, Mr. Spier announces that he's seriously considering taking a job in Philadelphia, which would mean moving away from Stoneybrook for good.

Mary Anne is horrified by the idea of leaving everything she's ever known before, but she still can't cry. Even discussing leaving with Logan and the rest of the BSC doesn't bring her to tears. Overwhelmed by events, Mary Anne takes a midnight bike ride to the site of her old house.

The Baby-Sitters Club 1 - 10 of books. Jul 18, Rachel Brand rated it really liked it Shelves: Now Mary Anne doesn't know what to do.

Walking into the barn, where the last few things have been saved, she finally cries for what she's lost. Dawnwho has followed her to the barn, comforts her, and they talk about everything that's happened since the fire.

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Mary Anne isn't quite ready to accept the fact that new beginnings can come from such horrific events, but, taking comfort in the love of her friends and family, she prepares herself to face the future, whatever lies click. After the fire, many of the BSC's most loyal clients band together to help prepare the history of the BSC and to give testimonials about all the sitters.

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The Fire At Mary Annes House

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The Fire At Mary Annes House

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