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How to Get Your Ex To Forgive You

Although most break-ups are fixable - and I will show you how to do it in a second - the real problem often lies in understanding when your ex is ready to talk to you again and in discovering exactly what to say to bring them back. This is why in this article, I reveal a secret and proven technique for apologizing to your ex in a . I haven't texted my ex since we ended things last week, I'm starting to feel bad about the things that I said. Even though he hurt me and said some cruel things I shouldn't have lashed out at him. I was being so patient with him while I let him treat me like garbage and say all these mean things to me. Towards the end of our. I was obsessing so much about them that they were constantly present in my mind and when I actually got an apology in person (over the phone) everything was right. Do you see where I am going with this? This is the same type of phenomenon that I want you to employ on your ex boyfriend when it comes to apologizing.

Should I Apologize To My Ex

I made a lot of mistakes in a previous relationship. God has done a lot of healing in my heart and I feel like I owe this guy an apology about how I treated him. I also want to put closure on the relationship overall. Should I approach him or wait to see if he approaches me? It seems that this may be the situation with you, too! Apologizing can be a very difficult thing to do, but know that God is pleased with you for doing it in spite of your own discomfort!

Should I Apologize To My Ex

You never know—this may be the very thing that your ex-boyfriend needs to begin his own healing process. You must be logged in to post a comment. Posted by MaryAnnM on June 27, at I did apologize at that time,but it was not appropriate and the feeling of guilt and shame is still haunting me so badly.

I knew he deserved a better closure. And not sure even if he remembers me!!

Should You Ever Apologize To Your Ex Boyfriend?

I want to wholeheartedly apologize for my awful behavior. Posted by sylitalo54 on July 12, at My ex and I dated for three years. Our relationship changed and went down hill. We tired a short break up period where we were both free to see others, but we were more friends at that time.

Watch out for those mutual feelings. They thought about it, reflected on it. I have gone through so many downfalls in these years.

We broke up via facebook almost two years ago. It took me a long time in my heart to let him go. He hurt me badly. It took me a long time to just say I forgive you. Our pastor preached a sermon about holding those things in. I let him go in my heart. It took me a while just to think and let that sink in. God had been tugging at my heart you have to forgive him. I get updates from his sister every now and again.

I have to tell myself Proverbs 3: Though I do still pray for him. Posted by Reborn on April 7, at I have battled the same thing.

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My bf and I recently broke up. After picking out a house and engagement ring and then he just split out of nowhere. I finally apologized for my part in acting out of anger and giving it to God to fufill His will for the situation. Posted by AYoung77 on January 7, at I have apologized to an ex-boyfriend before. I did some really horrible things and it bothered me for about two years.

Should You Apologize to an Ex, Even if Years Have Passed?

I finally sent him a really long message on Facebook say how sorry I was. He said he forgave me and I felt better. Even though I knew I was forgiven by God for click actions it felt better that I confessed my sins and apologized my sins to the person they were committed to.

I finally felt some closure after two years. Posted by AbbySheryl on December 8, at So I had this boyfriend and we dated for about a year and a half. Should I Apologize To My Ex then, I chickened out a couple times when I got the chance and then he left my school. Definately pray for the right words but apologizing is always a good idea! Sorry this was long lol. Posted by Lover3 on November 6, at Posted by Marisajoelle on November 2, at I wish we could just be friends again, but he did the breaking up, so I want to apologize….

Free On Demand Coaching: Next, it is important that you state ALL points that you feel led to it in the first place. First, you might be opening an old wound, but I doubt it. I was here, am I doing the right thing? Originally Posted by mhowe [ Register to see the link ].

Posted by Deeblves3 on November 1, at I did this with the last relationship I was in and also seen God do a lot healing after the breakup. Sign Up Log In. What Should I Do? Loving Your Inner Beauty Series: