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14 Nov I just bought a captive bead nipple ring and got the ball out fine but I'm not exactly sure how to put it in my nipple. Idk if my nipple is too big or. Our captive CBR nipple piercings are essential for piercing enthusiasts. We also have a variety of circular nipple rings. Buy our nipple rings now!. To change Captive Ring, hold the ring on each side of the bead, and pull it apart just a little. The bead should fall out. Then (still holding it the same way), twist the ring. In other words, turn your right hand clockwise, and your left hand counter clockwise. That will make it more like a spiral so that you can take it out, our put it in.

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If you're interested in sharing photos of your body mods, please read the Rules of the Gallery first. Putting in new nipple rings help! Well my wife is finally switching from barbells to hoops. But she is having trouble getting them in.

Is there a trick to this haha pls help as soon as possible. And for more details on the problem "she can't get them in to start with and when she get it a little bit in it hurts her and she can't push it threw but she has had the bar bells for about 3 months now and we won't to the lady that did her piercing a and she sold us the hoops saying they would work now that she is past the healing stage " and thank y'all again for all the help.

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Probably the biggest problem is the fact that the piercing was done straight, whereas the hoops are curved. It can be managed with a little care taking. Welcome to PP forums, please read our rules thread located: Last edited by a moderator: A little bit of Lube makes a huge difference.

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Hopefully you have gotten rings that are the same gauge as the barbells. At 3 months it is far too early to consider stretching up to the next size.

As Pat said, lube goes a long ways. Put some on the jewelry and rub it on and around the hole you plan on inserting into. The rubbing should push some into the hole as well. It should go in easily.

How To Put In Captive Nipple Rings

If not, I have heard a hot shower to soften the skin can help. Hopefully your piercer did not sell you overly small rings that are barely larger than her nipples. Remember, the hole is still fairly fresh so the skin inside it is thin. Depending on the thickness of the nipple and the diameter of the ring the leading edge will be trying to pull the hole from a straight line to a curve.

I think you call them pinchers and it had some O-rings or something. This may cause the prongs to break off. There are two small prongs that hold the segment in. Ball closure rings are made of two parts: RainbirdDec 7,

The more displacement of the arc the more pressure on the skin and the greater the chance of some discomfort. Too much pressure can even cause the sides of the holes to migrate.

Good luck and let us know how you made out. My wife's first jewelry was a bent barbell and she still had this web page getting a cbr in.

The opening for the ball was too small. The solution was an annealed ring that we How To Put In Captive Nipple Rings bend in a twisting motion so that the ends didn't face each other directly. It was much easier to get through that way.

We then bent it back to install the ball. As it turned out, the ring hurt her when pressed flat by her bra, so we went back to a bar. CraftsmanNov 17, Three months is way too early to be changing from a straight barbell to curved rings. Healing for nipples is 6 to 9 months at best and often a year.

Your wife needs to leave the barbells in for a lot longer and the fistulas will probably now need some babying, after the attempt to put in rings.

How To Put In Captive Nipple Rings

I suggest some sea salt soaks for a week or so until they are no longer tender. The problem that powerbaits wife had is common in ladies with larger breasts, I have the same issue even after having mine pierced for 10 years.

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After they are properly healed your wife may be able to wear rings for short lengths of time, but I suggest that before she does that she stretches up one gauge and then tries rings at the old smaller gauge. That will make it easier to get them in, allowing for the curve. Sorry if this isn't what you really want to hear but patience is needed to make sure the nipples are really well healed before you change the jewellery out. Good luck, do let us know how you get on.

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Glow In the Dark. The 16 gauge and 14 gauge segment rings may need a tool to get the segment back in. Depending on the thickness of the nipple and the diameter of the ring click leading edge will be trying to pull the hole from a straight line to a curve. Open the ring slightly and pop the ball or segment back in. Once you get into the 14 gauge and thicker, opening the ring by hand is harder.