How Long Does Saliva Stay In Your System After Kissing. Marital Hookup!

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Lovers Swap Genes While Kissing: DNA Lingers in the Mouth Even After a Light Peck

17 Nov "During a kiss, you get exposed to many bacteria, but only a minor fraction of them are able to colonize the human body," said Remco Kort, a co-author of the study and a professor of microbial genomics at the University of Amsterdam. [ Body Bugs: 5 Surprising Facts About Your Microbiome]. More than 24 Nov And I think part of that reason is that when you think about it, kissing is gross— especially when you get tongues involved. great moment when you pull away and a little line of saliva is still running between your two mouths. Who's saliva is it? What do you do with it? How do you make eye contact now?. 28 Jan And no matter how brief the encounter, the DNA of your kissing partner will linger around your mouth for at least an hour. Researchers had asked to couples to kiss each other passionately for at least 2 minutes, and after the kissing sessions, saliva samples were collected from the women immediately.

Researchers in the Netherlands have found a way to measure how many germs are exchanged in a kiss. Now, Dutch scientists suggest that the millions of germs swapped during a second smooch could determine your romantic fate with a partner.

The Science of Kissing

For perspective, catching a normal infection takes aboutmicrobes, Jason Tetroa Canadian microbiologist and bestselling author, told Global News. A spreadsheet of excuses?

How Long Does Saliva Stay In Your System After Kissing

Our mouths are cesspools of bacteria, used to break down enzymes, digest food and stave off infection. We each have an individual microbiome — call it a collection of hundreds of types of bacteria. It might sound really gross but if the bacteria from the other person harmonizes with your bacteria, your immune system is all good.

Share Tweet Share E-mail Kissing is a physically affectionate act of pressing the lips against someone or something. Forever Kissing does its part to vaccinate people from new germs. Somalians in Africa, a group of people in the Indian state of Sikkim, and some in Bolivia didn't know about kissing until they had contact with Westerners.

Your immune system is rejecting that person as a possible mate. Having sex is all about quality, not quantity, says Canadian study. Chalk it up to biological chemistry, Tetro suggests.

Lingering kiss: DNA persists in the mouth after smooch

It even applies to swapping germs from other parts of your body. The Dutch researchers — out of the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research — note that primates, fish and even birds have mouth-to-mouth contact. This one tip will improve your sex life, Canadian researcher suggests.

Some scientists believe this preference is determined while still in the womb and cemented during the first six months of life. On average, humans spend about two weeks, or 15 days, playing tonsil hockey in their lifetimes. Why would you even think this way?

For the study, they recruited 21 couples, who were asked about their daily kissing habits. Turns out, couples that took to French kissing often shared similar microbiota.

The scientists also fed one half of the couple probiotic yogurt before smooching.

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When the couple French kissed, the saliva on the receiving end contained source times the probiotic bacteria that it had before the kiss. This is how the researchers estimate that about 80 million bacteria are swapped in a mere 10 seconds. And Tetro suggests swapping germs can even be a litmus test for a potential partner. The Dutch study was published Monday in the journal Microbiome.

How Long Does Saliva Stay In Your System After Kissing

Read the full findings here. Please read our Commenting Policy first. November 18, April 12, Canada You probably can't work in cannabis in the U.

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