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We provide programs for both adults and children in an open and engaging atmosphere. Our club offers: Professional-level training and coaching for competitive athletes. Child and youth classes, for creating awareness, self-control , physical co-ordination and self-defense. Learning martial arts for recreation and personal. Fun and dynamic Thai boxing classes for everyone looking to improve their fitness and build confidence by learning a combative discipline. 16 Aug Alex Parisien (left) spars with her coach Shawn Fisk at the Hook Up Muay Thai Boxing Club off High Street in Peterborough. Ms Parisien will battle this fall in Brazil at the World K1 Kickboxing Championships. See Page 29 today for the full story of her meteoric rise in the sport. - Lance Anderson. Kickboxer.

We asked him some questions about his experience and his company — this is what we learned:. Most things learned in class can be manipulated for self-development in every aspect of life. Our main focus is our students.

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We gear teaching practices to all learning styles and abilities. Classes are structured for beginners, intermediate and advanced students, for varying ages and genders.

Our team of coaches and trainers are committed to not only being teh best at what we do, we are leaders in the martial arts community. We are excited to hear that you are moving to a new expanded location. What advice would you offer aspiring entrepreneurs?

Our instructors are the most experienced in the Peterborough and surrounding area in source as well as instruction. With that experience they are able to customize classes to ensure every student learns efficiently at their own pace.

As mentioned before our niche is the sport of Muay Thai but we also offer fitness classes.

Hook Up Muay Thai Boxing Peterborough

Some of the fitness classes consist of natural movement exercises, balance drills, plyometrics, strength and conditioning, explosive strength drills and kettle bell drills. It is a good location and a lot of my students are Trent students.

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So keeping our location in the downtown area benefits the majority of our clients. Our new location is also ground level and has a parking lot, which is hard to find in the downtown area. What I have really noticed about Peterborough is that the support is unbelievable for anything you may need if you are willing to go out and get it. I have gained so much knowledge from just connecting with people and being involved in community events.

The Business Advisory Centre has helped me get organized with a detailed business plan. I think having this plan has really helped me prioritize what I need to do to reach my goals for my business. I have also used [the Starter Company program] for more help on my business plan source they have actually provided me with a grant that I used to buy the gym mats needed for my new location.

The next step for my business is getting settled in our new location in March I will be adding yoga, kettlebell, Olympic lifting and many other new classes to our schedule.

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I would like to continue to provide a positive training environment for my students and we will be competing in many Muay Thai competitions across North America this year. My business will continue to grow by continuing to do what we are doing. Teaching with passion and being in the business for the students. A tip for aspiring entrepreneurs is have a strong source vision because that will allow you to keep faith in the tough times.

Visualize yourself where you want to be before you are there. I do this same visualization during fight prep and have used the same thing to set goals for my business.

Are you a young entrepreneur looking for support to start your own career in entrepreneurship?

Hook Up Muay Thai Boxing Peterborough

Navigation Skip to content Menu. We asked him some questions about his experience and his company — this is we learned: How would you describe your business? We are excited to hear that you are moving to a new expanded location.

What influenced your decision to open this new location on Charlotte Street? What makes Peterborough a great place to be a business owner?

Give Us a Call Call to set up an appointment, to get the best workout of your life. Programs We provide programs for Adults, Kids, and Families. To submit editorial content or ideas, please contact us. Kawartha Lakes city council approves enhancements to Lindsay Transit.

How did the Business Advisory Centre help you? What advice would you offer aspiring entrepreneurs?