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Footwell LED strip installation (Simple)

How to Buy Lights for Your Car

We will show you the HOWS and WHYS of How to install interior car lights into your vehicle. 7 Oct Have you seen anyone sport a set of LED Underbody car lights? Whether or not you choose to install the single colored LED strip or the multi-colored RGB LED strip is. Follow this step by step guide to install the 7-Color Sound Active Wirless Remote Control LED under car lights (LED underbody kit).

Have you seen anyone sport a set of LED Underbody car lights? Whether or not you choose to install the single colored LED strip or the multi-colored RGB LED strip is all based on personal preference, but here is a guide to go through the installation process.

The concept is straightforward as you will be securing the LED Hook Up Led Light My Car along the out edges of your car and extending the wires up to the engine bay. Before you proceed with the first step, be sure to use a washcloth to gently remove any dirt or mud so your LED strips won't be dirty.

If you have a hydraulic jack, now is a great time to utilize it since you can jack up the car for more access to the underside of the vehicle.

If you don't have a hydraulic jack, that won't be an issue. You can still proceed with the installation. Set the LED strip underneath your vehicle.

Hook Up Led Light My Car

Now is a good time to see if the underside of your car has any way of securely attaching the LED strips, including bolts, brackets or other small openings. Secure the LED strip with zip-ties. We recommend zip-ties for every 12 inches of the LED strip, since double-sided tape may not be strong enough to securely attach the strip indefinitely. It helps if you have a friend to help you hold the LED strip in place during the attachment process, but if not you can just use the double-sided tape to temporarily mount the Go here strip in place before you permanently secure it with zip ties.

Route the 4 wires up to the engine bay and connect them to the module box.

This is the wall that separates the interior of the car from the engine compartment. Many of the exterior lights come in kits, complete with everything needed for easy installation. Some common places to look are: So to install many accessories via the car battery, you going to need some kind of fuse protected distribution control panel that all your lights will plug into, and that you have easy access to.

If the wiring of the LED strip on the rear bumper is not long enough to reach the front of the vehicle, you may use the extension wires that come with the package. If there is an optional wire, check the installation sheet to see what it's for.

How to Install Car LED Strip Lights

These diagrams demonstrate where the LED strips are located in the car, in relation to their wiring.

Place the module box close to the battery, but away from the engine so there is no risk of damage. Make sure the location you place the module box at will be dry at all times. Extend the antenna on the module box so you can get better reception even if the hood is closed.

Hook Up Led Light My Car

Test to make sure everything works and enjoy your set of underbody LED strips. You can see that the installation was pretty straightforward so you will be well on your way to being the coolest and most colorful car on the block.

How to Install Car LED Strip Lights: 5 Steps

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For any vehicle project that involves drilling holes into the body, its a good thing to first check where you're going to drill the holes to be certain you won't pierce or damage any crucial parts such as brake lines, fuel lines and electrical lines, etc, that would be a real shame! However, for some drivers, having a brighter illumination of the trunk area is desired. Plugged in the fuse holder, use a wire source wire connector and connect the wire that brought up through the firewall hole and connect it to the other end of the fuse holder. When you've found a suitable earth, you then need to here the car battery, then turn the car ignition switch to "on" then proceed to "prick" each of the wires Hook Up Led Light My Car you see before you, using the sharp pin end of the tester - don't worry - you want do any damage by doing this, only to your finger if your not careful! Connect the fuse inline as close as possible to where it is connected to the fusebox.

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