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Try to stay SERIOUS -The most popular CAT videos


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Try to stay SERIOUS -The most popular CAT videos

Friday, December 22, Opt-Out: On becoming an organ farm. Durden Technology inventor protecting creator's copyrights. Therefore, according to his logic, the Gubment doesn't have to ask us if we want to give our organs or not.

Ted Kennedy — junior, that is — is proving he's a good little fascist as he attempts to force US citizens onto a Gubment-mandated organ farm.

Individual rights only matter for the group he has designated as needy. As reported by statnews.

The other cop who was holding the cage was talking about sticking his baton stick in the cage and poking it. The boat is sinking, don't get on board, and don't linger in the lounge. It's all right there:

What is "it" Heir Ted is referencing? In other words, by default you will donate your organs at death.

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Connecticut can lead the way — and save lives — with an easier and more compassionate organ donation policy. As proof that it is the best way to serve with failed or failing organs, fascist members of the Gubment have decided their needs come before freedoms the Constitution guarantees.

Youtube Cat Hookup Video Bobby Rydell Transplant

Well, here are several reasons why that happens: Laziness in reading the forms. Inability to understand what opt-out means. But mostly peer pressure as quoted here from this linked study: If it works better and we get what we need, then so what?

Youtube Cat Hookup Video Bobby Rydell Transplant

Constitutional-guaranteed freedoms and real science. We know what the Constitution guarantees.

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Will he raise the issue as long as it gets him headlines and power? We wait and see.

Life is not entertainment, it is movement of the now through infinite possibilities. They are lovely dogs. The new puppy is doing it too. Comment posted by FoM on July 10, at

However, there are those who will push against it. Posted by Angela Durden at 9: Angela Durdenopt-outorgan donationTed Kennedy Jr. Newer Post Older Post Home.