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MTV The Challenge Rivals II (2): CT Is Back Promotion

Best MTV Shows of the 90s

21 Oct Before Mike "The Miz" Mizanin made his indelible mark in the world of professional wrestling, the Midwesterner forged himself as one of the most unique personalities to emerge from "The Real World" and subsequently "The Challenge." Fittingly, after a years-long hiatus, the unforgettable MTV star is. This is the true story of seven strangers picked to live in a house (work together) and have their lives taped to find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real The Real World. The Real World was originally inspired by the popularity of youth-oriented shows of the s like Beverly Hills. 26 Sep What to expect from the show? We asked the hosts, Lance Bass and Christina Milian, to give us the (that's what people in the '90s used to call for information; think phone Google) on the new series. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY : Is it an immediate yes when MTV asks you to be part of a show that let's.

What to expect from the show? Tell us about the show.

I almost consider myself more like a producer-castmember. They have AOL chatrooms, but who wants to sit there and wait for dial-up? Where are they now? His housemate, Kevin Powellbecame a successful author, poet, [25] journalist, [6] and politician. And I think, possibly, had social media been around when I was younger, that that might not have been the case.

So — shock, horror — no smartphones? They unplug from the world. I love social experiments like this. Big Brother is my favorite show this really reminded me of it.

That was really encouraging to see; they actually had to talk to each other. They can have a pager and they have regular phones that are hooked up to the walls.

They have AOL chatrooms, but who wants to sit there and wait for dial-up? Those were the days. How does that play out? Then Christina and myself judge the outcomes and we decide who leaves that week.

You have to do the clothes, the lingo — if we hear you talk about Ariana Grande or Justin Bieber that counts against you.

CT and Diem

I think they all thought they were going to go on a show like the Real World. No, they were too young. Every era ends up repeating itself and coming back. Things are just constantly regurgitated in a cooler way and adapted to the time. There were great things happening in music and fashion and people were really finding themselves in unique ways and breaking labels.

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I think just because of what the temperature is like in the political world, everyone is just feeling a little uneasy at click moment, so I think people are just excited to think back to when times were a lot easier for them. Maybe because I was a teenager and music really influenced the way you look at the world, but from Http:// grunge to Spice Girls, it really did influence the way you felt.

If you had to pick a TV show, which would it be? I have to go to a taping of one of those and I have to somehow figure out how to get a cameo.

In Living Color was pretty epic. It was the really cool, modern version of SNL and you had the Wayans brothers, Jim Carrey — all these great comedians on there. That was another great example of the variety of people and characters in one spot. It was a really great show. Ace of Base because that helped start the whole pop explosion and I was obsessed with it in 9th grade.

Who Is Ct From Mtv Hookup Shows In The 90s

It was the only song I would listen to on repeat on my tape player. I really loved their FanMail album.

Who Is Ct From Mtv Hookup Shows In The 90s

In past decades it be, like, just rock music for a while but we had a real mix. I was all about my pager. You had to figure out the codes like, and everybody had their own codes so you knew who was writing you.


Those were really amazing. I loved those because they were kind of the first SMS-ing, but you only knew like five people who had them so you could only talk to them and, of course, everyone had to have a Tamagotchi.

Just you wait, basically I looked like Screech and Chucky had a baby and that was my style. It had so many different elements: I got to play around a lot with hairstyles and clothing and shoes — some of the shoes I cannot believe we wore, more info Mary Janes and flat platforms?

But source favorite is style is a plaid shirt, wrapped around your waist with denim jeans with holes in them. I still do it now, it never stopped. I never got over it. Ruth Kinane September 26, AT What about a movie? A song or favorite group? Was there a gadget you had to have? And a fashion item? But so comfortable, right?

They chose to let her stay, and producers did not order Moore to anger management, despite subsequent threats to attack other cast members. Some cast members developed romantic relationships with their castmates. Fresh off the casting special source everyone vying for a spot on "RW" and now-defunct sister show "Road Rules" remember those?

Oh, yeah, like wearing pajamas. Is there a catch phrase that sticks with you?