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21 Apr Tori and Jade are in a relationship but Tori finds it extremely difficult having to deal with a jealous girlfirend. Rated: Fiction Jade slammed her locker shut, walked over to Tori, and planted a passionate kiss on her. Next, Jade .. "Tori, whenever I see you, I don't think 'I want to hook up this chick'. You mean. 3 Mar Rumor Has It. by McLP. Summary: Tori is sick of Jade mistreating Beck all the time. So she finally sums up the courage to do something about it. One-shot. Song-fic. A/N: Inspired! By this song by the miss lovely Adele! Cheers on her grammy wins! Also this is my first song-fic so dont bash me too much,k?. 10 Feb Apparently Tori didn't need Jade to act as her alarm, and 'six AM was too early for that chiz.' Jade had found other ways to show Tori she cared, including helping Trina find a guy. After the three weeks, Tori agreed to one date, just to see if they had a connection. From there, Jade had managed to win Tori's.

My Best Friend's Girlfriend (Trailer for Jori Fanfic - Victorious)

Summary - Jade's dad is getting married and Jade can't stand her stepmother. Beck convinces her to go but for something entirely different. Rated M for sexual references and future chapters. Jade looked up at the bright sun ignoring the blinding rays that penetrated her eyes. He opened up the envelope and read the first bit. Katherine is a bitch; my dad doesn't love me as it is and now I have to compete with this skank He put a little tick in the box for plus one. I'm sure we could find something else to do.

But it's just a suggestion. Beck watched as she walked away, flipping her hair behind her shoulder. I should be allowed to call you honey. And I am your daughter.

And I don't care if you hate me, but you will show me respect. She pulled the car back, Victorious Fanfiction Tori And Jade Hookup of the driveway and out onto the road before flooring it on the long dirt road. She pulled out her phone and called the second number on her speed dial.

Victorious Fanfiction Tori And Jade Hookup

I'll tell you more about it later. How long until you get here?

I gotta go Cat, I'll see you soon. I forgot to ask. Her parents are taking Trina to Illinois this weekend. Tori swore me to secrecy about our sex life, and I really don't wanna blow it before this weekend.

Tori already blew the surprise for me. I said I don't wanna blow it before this weekend.

But I guess Tori already did. See ya after class. Do you need a hug? We're just having a bet and I don't want to be tempted to give in.

It's just Jade and I caught in the moment. Of course, since her dilemma involved his ex, she had every reason to be nervous. Waking up to each other.

You didn't hit her did you? I'm not entirely horrible. Jade said nothing, but simply cocked her eyebrow. It was all him. It's actually kinda not.

I would have been so much easier Beck shrugged, trying to play it cool, "sure. Maybe this is how Jade dresses on all her dates. Turned on by this, she starts going faster.

So, tell me what you thought of it. This story is a bit more mature than I usually write. I'm also thinking that seeing as I have this bad habit of starting a story and not finishing it, I'm going to write at least three chapters before I publish this. I'm already coming up with plot twists in my head ; It shall be fun. Okay, well I shall write my next chapter now.

Victorious Fanfiction Tori And Jade Hookup

Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Jade's dad is getting married and Jade can't stand her stepmother. Tandre and Cabbie plots also appear.

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