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THE ART OF WAR - FULL Audio Book by Sun Tzu - Business & Strategy Audiobook

Lessons From Walter Cronkite in the Lost Art of Gravitas

15 Oct The art of public speaking is actually the art of connecting. So the lessons in this field apply to everyone since each of us needs to make connections. If you can connect with a room full of The key is to have a storyline with conflict and resolution, even if it's very short. This takes practice because you need. 9 Feb Sun Tzu's The Art of War is over years old, but it is still used as a guide for how to approach conflicts in personal life or in the business world. 14 Jan I offer my basic interpretation & spell out the 13 gems of strategic thinking in Sun Tzu's "The Art of War", demystifying The Art of War for Businesses. This next segment does seem a little esoteric especially if trying to apply to contemporary business models – Sun Tzu talks about 5 ways to attack by fire.

Contemporary business-speak has drawn many ideas from the lexicon and argot of military strategy. Never heard of it? Read on to discover the key elements in this priceless handbook on strategic and tactical thinking. Any blueprint or business plan has to be compiled with reference to 5 basic points:.

This strategy handbook proceeds to lay out 7 methods for forecasting based on your capabilities these factors. Here, it also calls for leaders to adhere to classic principles in Project Management. It advises you to have awareness of your capabilities and surroundings, adjust your plans to suit your resources, and track or monitor your operations against possible deviation from the original plan. Get back on track as quickly as possible, he says. Once plans are in operation we have to outwit our competition by not betraying our course and be subtle in our direction.

One of the most succinct quotes from this treatise says:. Learn more here next segment focuses on the importance of decisive behaviour, correct timing and economy in your actions. Before The Art Of War Applied To Hookup in any ventures, we can minimize challenges, conflict and ensuing costs by:. My favourite takeaway here is something all marketeers can relate to:. Here Sun Tzu echoes that old adage, its Not Size but Unity that determines strength and organizational effectiveness.

Lessons from 'The Art of War' - BI

He makes that now-famous quote:. In other words, avoid competing head on and avoid using up resources directly against competitors. Aim instead for excellence so that no other organisation would even dare compete. Sun Tzu also points out ways you can really screw things up as a leader: I see this as a reminder to business to get yourr housekeeping in order, be efficient and lean cost-wise. Have insurance or fail-safes before embarking on anything new or risky.

He encourages us to use these 2 approaches creatively and in tandem. Being able to alternate methods generates momentum and ensures sustainable results. Here Here Tzu helps us spot the best opportunities for attack, how to spot weaknesses The Art Of War Applied To Hookup your opponent and position yourself in the most advantageous way.

In business terms, I interperate his advice as follows:. There will be times when we will still have to meet difficult challenges head on and may not circumvent them. Sun Tzu advises us to maintain the following if we are to emerge unscathed and maximise our tactical advantage. I believe this section talks about the art of Judgement. Good tactics also means knowing What NOT to do. It is not enough to know your business and environment well, you also need Versatility of Mind.

He gives an Acute reading of human behaviour here: In anything we do — we will encounter points of resistance. How we position ourselves may result in assorted advantages and disadvantages. In the original text, he inventories the types of geographical terrain an ancient army may encounter and prescribes the best positions to take. According to Sun Tzu, there are 9 common stages in any campaign.

Some prescriptions are obvious.

Don't wait until next year to get things rolling, as someone else with the same idea might act on it sooner than you. Posted by thom singer on October 15, at 9: Resistance has no conscience. Thanks for the generous comment. Copy whatever I've done to disk and stash the disk in the glove compartment of my truck in case there's a fire and I have to run for it.

Hide your true interests and distract the competition where possible from discovering them. Do not antagonize any stakeholders and do your best to sustain all of your business relationships at their optimum levels.

Sun Tzu compares a Skillful tactician to a species of mountain Snake due to his ability to react quickly:. This next segment does read article a little esoteric especially if trying to apply to contemporary business models — Sun Tzu talks about 5 ways to attack by fire. According to the text it can only be obtained through scout masters, reconnaissance or 5 kinds of spies:.

The Art of War documentary from the History Channel:. The building blocks you might say of most strategies cited in any Marketing textbook. Have you read the book and have a different interpretation? I would The Art Of War Applied To Hookup to hear your biggest Business Strategy takeaways from this enduring classic.

All quotes used in this post are referenced from the following site www. Wing and Ralph D. Want to get your business featured on Tweak Your Biz? Elish Bul-Godley helps brands hone their marketing communications and establish a stronger online presence via Community Management, Copywriting and Content Marketing.

Currently the primary marketing consultant for the Snap Ireland Group. Her previous experience includes stints with digital and marketing agencies such as ebow and Rothco, as well as providing training sessions in content, social selling and social media.

Also Co-Founder and creator of press accredited blog-zine Eurovision Ireland. Born in Singapore, now in Dublin having negotiated the associated cultural changes between east and west. Loves the odd shimmy as a belly-dance teacher and binges on Sc-ifi in her spare time. Thanks for the generous comment. This book has so many layers to it too — I would strongly suggest to anyone who has the time to enjoy the original as it is just full of the cleverest observations and most common sense yet here tips on how to outwit your compettition.

The Art Of War Applied To Hookup

It is extraordinary how this book keeps teaching us! Your insights make it so much more approachable! Cheers for the comment!

I kept it basic as parts of it can be quite esoteric but intriguing nevertheless.

The War of Art | Steven Pressfield

Wow continue reading post Elish! I really did the post for me as much as everyone else for sure. Many super kick ass quotes in there beyond the ones listed. Hi Elish — late to the conversation here. I loved the book, and really enjoyed your interpretation of the 13 Tactics.

The Art Of War Applied To Hookup found it quite easy to read about them from a business perspective. They want you to offer them their solution, not yours. Am glad I had something to offer in my interpretation!

To do well We need to forget our attachments, think freely and expansively. Thank you for the spotting the Quote- i think you found a line that ,ore or less sums up the book in my view and reflects a belief I susbscribe to on a personal level — the para doxical Taoist principle WuWei — Doing by non doing. Stay tuned for a future Post on Toaism that discusses this strange idea. In my humble opinion, this book is the ultimate reference in business maneuvering and strategy.

Reading is one thing, application in actuality is another… your interpretation will be determined by the current position of your business in the industry you are in….

The Art Of War Applied To Hookup

I love the book. The lesson here are not only applicable for wars but for business and life as well. In order to succeed, we need to study our competitors, understand our capabilities and strategize. Winning Empires without War.

Intrigued by this revisionist take.

For example, you could record a video review of their new book, or a video testimonial for a product they sell which you have appreciated. Does your heart race? This takes practice because you need to know your stories before you start talking, but once you have the stories, your ability to connect with people improves dramatically.

Appears to be worth reading as well. War is sometimes unavoidable, and just war is laudable, but striving to successfully achieve the same goals in other ways is much more laudable.

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Doing Business In Singapore. Great analysis, and what a monster post! Reading is one thing, application in actuality is another… your interpretation will be determined by the current position of your business in the industry you are in… 1. I only share this with my friends, not anyone. This website is really wonderful. Great post and interpretationenjoyed reading it! Receive updates by email. Tweak Your Biz is a business community - a place where business professionals like you can stand out.

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