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Home Documents 12 December Embed 12 December The New Xplorer Test Receiver. Ideal for any two-way communications testing or monitoring.

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No more guessing when programming a frequency for monitoring-the Xplorcr captures nearfield frequencies off the air from 30MHz - 2GHz in less than I second.

The New Xplorer; pro- viding the power of handheld portabil ity with state of the art functionality and performance. Even if you wait until warmer weather to visit Wash- ington, D.

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They even provide the num- ber to call to make your hotel reservations. In this com- prehen sive account, Cushen pieces to- gether the evolution of broadcasting in the South Pacific from his own logs and QSL records. Also included are the latest broadcast developments in the battle for Bougain vil le.

Eyes and Ears on Baby Welcome to the world of baby monitors!

Previously, he had appeared on 'The Cosby Show' and 'Happy Days' and had starred in another soap opera, 'Generations'. Comments Share what you think. Analog television audio and video requires a wide swath of frequencies. G renada Montser rat.

The temptation to thi s radio buff to tweak, tune, and compari son shop was, of course, irresistible. Even video and infra-red monitor- ing is possible in today's nursery! Those who don't have a baby in the house will Kristoff At John Hookup Simulator Ariane No Censor also start to see practical applications for these modern-day mini-trans- mitters.

These cl iffs are home to maritime communications and navigation technology, both past and present. Besides the usual light and fog horn, there are remnants of a wireless telegraphy station Marconi once had here, and a now-retired radiobeacon.

Peek in as we hit the high lights. Sadly, it has been decided this will be the last event of its kind to be hosted by Grove. He limls the genera l coverage recci ver very versatile, with only a few complaints p.

The Xplorer provides something monitors have longed fo r- a frequency counter which displays the frequency. Th is combinat ion wou ld seem ideal for the scannist o r traveler exploring new territory. Bob Grove puts thi s mo nitor"s tool to the test p. On the Ham Bands Going the Distance Federal File Opto Xplorer Magne Tests Periodicals postage paid at Here, NC, and additional moiling offices. Short excerpts may be reprinted with appropriate credit.

Complete articles may not be reproduced without permission. Label indicates last issue of subscription. See page for more information. Send address changes to Monitoring Times, P. While Monitoring Times makes an effort to ensure the information it publishes is occurole, ii connol be held lioblo for ohe conlenls.

The reoder assumes any risk for performing modification or construction projects published in Monitoring Times.

Opinion or conclusions expressed ore not necessarily the view of Monitoring Timas or Grove Enterprises. Unsol icited monuscripls ore occepled. Editorial Staff Frequency Manager Gayle Van Horn Frequency Monitors Jim Frimmel Beginner's Corner Richard Barnett Computers and Radio John Cotolono Below kHz Jacques d' Avignon DeMaw' s Workbench Bob Evans Federal File Glenn Hauser On the Hom Bonds Larry Miller Whot' s New? Lorry Miller Scanning Equipment Gayle Von Horn Utility World Don Veeneman Outer Limits Any request for o personal reply should be accompanied by on SASE.

If there is something wrong with one of our programs. But much or maybe most of the previous so-called scientific reporting has instead been science fiction in this case. Right now I don' t see them blowing a whole lot o r money on much of anything. This neatly dismisses the real ques tions raised by the entire iono- spheric heating in itiati ve.

Kristoff At John Hookup Simulator Ariane No Censor uncovers no new facts. He does nothing to di spel ongoing specula- tions. Can the effect be made with less power'!

Military District of Washington Arts on lhe Air. While we acknowledge the benefits to altendees, we can' t continue to underwrite a reunion.

Will there ultimately be a chain of these throughout the auroral zone, controlled from an underground room in Ne- braska? Will the ionosphere, which currently belongs to everyone. Mishler has done what he most li ke ly wanted to avoid. He repeats the government's PR and convinces no one. By repeating pla titudes. T he ELF transmis- sions are the key to the dangers o f this project.

Kristoff At John Hookup Simulator Ariane No Censor

The government-military didn't tell you be- cause they don ' t want the world lo know. Click is te lling about them. If Swede n is building a bigger one. Do we really want to prevent research that could revo- lutionize worldwide communications? I believe that we as thinking SWLs, scanner li steners. The Eastland patentsto the best or my knowledge, were based on theory.

And you don't have to pass a test, and you can talk about business! Now that 's impressive! So should we all just quit and go home while we' re ahead? This is a great time for everyone interested in per- sonal communications if we're willing to be adaptable and not fear change. What's so bad about that? W ith a litt le creative wiggling, we could prob- ably get some additional 'unwanted' HF allo- cations for hobby use. A couple of days ago. My first 'contact' was with a guy named David in Capetown, South Africa.

Real-time audio and one-frame-per-second video with a guy on the other side of the world through a phone call to a local ISP until we click ' timed out' the site in our excitement Most morn ings such s ignals are n' t there; that morning they were. Maybe that unpredic tability will be what keeps Kristoff At John Hookup Simulator Ariane No Censor smaller group still interested in radio hobbies.

12 December | Frequency Modulation | Telecommunications

Maybe we can use the reliability of the Web to lure them into radio hobbies. Add some audio tiles of various stations to a Web page for downloading We have to keep in mind that what sold us on radio hobbies isn't what will sell a new generation of potentia l hobbyists.

We change our se lling and recruitment techniques. We adapt to changed circumstances. And we check this out forward with confidence.

Box 98, Brasstown, NC or mteditor grove. De- spite being sentenced to a 34 year term, McDougall was to be re leased next spring. He was killed by other inmates with in hours o f being let out o f a secure cell. KSOL parked a van across the westbound lanes of the bridge while an employee got a haircut. The idea was to Kristoff At John Hookup Simulator Ariane No Censor fun of Presi- dent Clinton. Presidents can get away with such things. All such radios will now be "blanket licensed" under the rule.

The FCC took the action to ease the ad- ministrative burden of both the public and the Commission.

Kristoff At John Hookup Simulator Ariane No Censor

There were someindi- vidual ship station andaircraft sta- tion licensees that fa ll under the ruling. Older 50 kHz channelized radio are usually found in private, single-engine aircraft. The Communications Act of gives the federal government a ll authority over radio regulation, preempting local and state authority. Feingold calls the interference problem "extremely distressing" and wants local gov- ernments to be able to regulate C B because the FCC is no longer up to the job.

Some ham operators smell trouble coming, saying that such an exemption may cause local govern- ments to begin looking at the possibi lity of regulating amateur radio.

Feingold's bill is S.