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Christina Milian Says She Would Still Fcuk Lil Wayne, After 2 Months Of Break Up-Up

6 May Christina revealed that Lil' Wayne was after her for 15 years! She also expressed that even though she wouldn't get back with Lil' Wayne, she may still let him smash. We all have that one ex that we'd hook up with time and time again. Christina definitely isn't counting out the jump off session with Wayne. 26 Jan Nivea explains why she is not happy with Lil Wayne and Christina Milian's relationship, as well as discusses Wayne being a good father to his kids. Following their break-up, the singer was heartbroken and broke down in tears on her E! reality show, Christina Milian Turned Up, as she spoke about Weezy while declaring her love. Today, Milian is finally over it.

While out in London, England earlier this, Nivea sat down with Nathan Devonte from Team Curtains for a one on one interview, which you can check out below. During the conversation at the 8: She married the same dude I did. She has a daughter by my ex-husband who is now her ex-husband as well, who is my eldest three siblings other half fricking sibling.

All the other craziness is people being damn crazy. It dont matter what anyone say, if Tune and Tina are happy for whatever there Relationship is.

Dam you kno nivea still inlove with wayne, it would be crazy if tune get christina pregnant. Weezy da goat u flaw too. Wayne would put thug on his neck if they ever faught.

All these hoes be hating Bc tina turn up too bad! No disrespect to toya.

Willow is the most talented female artist i heard in a long time. He would never disrespect his baby mama like that, he talking about Christina hating ass fans. Alot of tall fake af. There's a possibility that could happen.

She bad too but yah only London. Alright guys, its pretty much official, HollyWeezy is gonna be the next C5 single. The reactions to it on Twitter are totally satisfactory, more tweets about ppl wishing it were on C5 than anything. Ppl are already maing fanmade videos.

Im positive Tez and the click here have it planned out if not, are keeping an eye on the reactions. US fans should make that song Blow up! It coukd happen like it did with A Milli. It can blowcuz A Milli was just a whatever song when Wayne released it, and Look how big it got and it ended up on C But I do agree with ya totally on link JT feature.

All the dumbfucks who dnt think thugs sneak dissin wayne need to go on youtube nd search dj akademics young thug nd youll see that both wayne nd thug r sneakdissin each other. I supposedly starting there own record label together, the rap game is boutta get killed.

Idk man never know, they both to big to sign to someone there only choice is to go independent, that can be a good thing tho. Cause the source is mediatakeout Is Lil Wayne Still Hookup Christina Milian everything they have ever reported has turned out to be false. Wayne know thug will never be as big as he was for Several years.

Boys Christina Milian Dated!

Thugs career will end in years. Yeah if Thug keeps rapping dumb shit and society is smart he will be short lived, but I believe he can do better if he wants too.

Lmao young thug career not as big as yall think it is…. They never fuck with each other. He too focused on his grass to worry if his is greener. Wayne can destroy lots of careers. But why would he?

He gets more profit from working with Young Thug than eliminating him. If Wayne can bring back du-rags into modern culture, full throttle. I will give him props. Damn bra bra your life sucks that bad that you come on here and aint even a wayne fan……poor guy. Bro that album was supposed to be released befor C3 even dropped. Dont know why, but Wayne mentions it every Is Lil Wayne Still Hookup Christina Milian years or so and then its never brought up again. I wish wayne would do Thug like he used to do niggas back in the day and kick his ass out the rap game.

He definitely was throwing shots at wayne. What a joke lol Yes but what does that have to do with the music? No matter how much wayne article source birdman…like father like son is still classic.

Is Lil Wayne Still Hookup Christina Milian

Not the lollipop bandwagoners lol. Nothing wrong with not liking it but at least know it exists ya know? She is only what 13 or 14? Willow is the most talented female artist i heard in a long time. When you ready to chill or light one up listen to this. I have a brain. If you listened to Isaiah Rashad you know he is the best song maker learn more here the South.

Thug is a bug that belongs under the rug drug through the mud burned with a tree kuz i dont understand shit when he raps or is he really saying anything and its not a thought that wayne crushing his career birdman know wayne will crush his career thats why he kept pushing back C5. Wayne always got the finest baby mamas so his kids come out cute. This fool needs to Is Lil Wayne Still Hookup Christina Milian on the radio and speak on it.

Birdman prob mad wayne leaving. I give him a couple more years and then his career will be dead. Lil Wayne is a legend. He been running the game. And Thug will never be as great as Wayne. Enter your e-mail address above to get Lil Wayne updates sent to you via e-mail.

Created by Daniel Mousdell Powered by Wordpress. I am surprised Wayne has not signed her to young money yet…….

Christina Milian Reveals Reason for Lil Wayne Split

Wayne dating Tina is a messy situation when you think about it. Lol i agree bro. I brought you something to drink bro. I prefer dasani or voss over tap. No that would be stupid, they will release an unheard song for the next single I hope its the Justin Timberlake feature.

Is Lil Wayne Still Hookup Christina Milian

They released No Worries on D What do you disagree with? Man go the fuck on. And y u say that. Is that tyga track still coming this month or did the pushback to his album completely kill that. His Album Got Pushback. Who thinks Wayne can destroy thugs career? Nah he could destroy it. If he put all his money and effort into it he could make Thug obsolete.

Thug can be dope at times. I still fuck wit Thugga and RHQ. Indeed, I am not immature. It is only music. Entertainment to be specific.

Christina Milian Says She Would Still Let Lil’ Wayne Smash!

That is just childish. Yea loyal ,not a fan prostitute who jumps dick to dick. You can like more than one person, grow up. If im down with you. You got no rank. That is call a ho. Me too, good music is still good music at the end of the day. Thug is good music?

Irrelevant in years. I think Thugga gonna stay poppin for a while. Hahahahahhahhha tell another joke. I doubt wayne gives a shit anout thug. Yea me neither, but he gives a fuck about birdman. Why do u care lol. On what song did he say.

Pay attention to the lecture My words carry life like a stretcher. They hooked up when she was drunk. She now with Nipsey hussle lol She must like them skinny rappers that gangbang. Can we just hook up already. Lol I like kendrick Lamar. Get off Kendricks dick already. Who else is tryin to see Wayne and Juelz make that collab album happen still??