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Read One from the story Noah Grossman and Olivia Sui | The Smosh Video by hanneliatortri (Updating Corki Book In 5 Days) with reads. youtube, shayneandcou. We walked out and saw the whole Smosh crew; Courtney, Shayne, Keith, Mari, Ian, and Anthony. Courtney awkwardly says pulling away from the kiss. Mariko Takahashi (夫) (born November 2, ), most commonly known as Mari, is the host of Smosh Pit Weekly, rarely appearing in videos uploaded on the main Smosh channel but was the third most associated member of Smosh, behind Ian and Anthony until the addition on the main Smosh cast. She is also a major. Olivia Sui (pronounced 'Sway') (born August 14, ) is a Chinese-American actress and regular Smosh cast member. She was officially added to the Smosh cast in March of She is part of the Smosh Squad and was a co-host of Smosh's Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover with Courtney Miller until the series was.

She was officially added to the Smosh cast in March of On July 28,it was announced in What's going on with Smosh?! The show premiered on August 16, Games Movies TV Wikis.

Kiss Currency

Sign In Don't have an go here Olivia Sui Date of Birth: August 14, age 24 Nationality Chinese-American Gender: James Law YouTube Channel: Olivia is a professionally trained ballet dancer and dances for a non-profit dance company.

She has touched Courtney's breasts in many behind the scenes videos for Every Blank Ever. She is kissed by Courtney multiple times in Kiss Currency. She has a boyfriend, as said in one of the Lunchtime with Smosh vlogs when she went through the last photo she sent out. It was a Snapchat picture of her crying; she stated it was sent because she missed her boyfriend, whose name is James Law. He is a photographer and has been dating Olivia since He can frequently be seen on Olivia's Instagram stories.

Third kiss scene 1; scene 2 below A presumably homeless man with a cart full of his belongings Anthony is singing and playing on a guitar. She used to write articles for the Smosh website, however she stopped in Log in Sign Up. Remember Me Forgot password? In the same interview, he mentioned that his favorite guilty pleasure is using up all the gas in the car.

It was revealed in Hot Tub Truth or Dare that Olivia hadn't paid a good amount of her driving tickets recently, resulting in her driving license suspended and a warrant out for her arrest. Olivia is considered the weirdest member of Smosh.

Is Ian From Smosh Hookup Mari

Olivia is super ticklish. She is allergic to mosquito bites.

Olivia was born in China and she moved to the United States with her family when she was two. She has one half-sister named Melanie, who is younger than her.

Is Ian From Smosh Hookup Mari

Olivia is a huge fan of the shows Homeland and Narcos. She is very scared of the water and does not know how to swim.

The TRUTH about Smosh.

She was in the Scream Queens episode titled Ghost Stories. On her personal YouTube channel Olivia has said many times that "I'm sure in a past life I was a squirrel.

As of Decemberthe jewelry line has not been released. She has mentioned that James sometimes calls her "Conkita".

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She has an intense fear of butterflies. Olivia loves her mom very much and she can be seen in Olivia's Instagram stories most of the time.

Retrieved from " http: She is allergic to mosquito bites. She hosted the series ever since its first episode, We Have "Crabs". Come play games in our chat room, take part in Feedback Fest, Fanlore challenges, our short fanworks challenge, or keep our WhatFanworksMeantoMe event going in your other fannish spaces. Splitting the check, buying a house, and paychecks are not what you would think!

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