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Why Self-Esteem Is Self-Defeating

Raising low self-esteem

9 Dec In the end, both amount to the same thing, and in the end, the actions I mention below give a boost to both self-esteem and self-confidence. Taking control of your self-confidence. If you are low in self-confidence, is it possible to do things that will change that? Is your self-confidence in your control? While it. How high is your self-esteem? People with high self-esteem mostly cope better with life's problems than those with low self-confidence. They tend not to stay in bad relationships – because they know they would be better living alone than with someone who doesn't make them feel good about themselves. They rarely. 7 Jul Low self-esteem is seeing yourself as inadequate, unacceptable, unworthy, unlovable, and/or incompetent. These beliefs create negative, self-critical Awareness of your thoughts and choosing your responses to them enables you to take action and participate in your own life. Develop a beginner's mind.

I see it every week based on how many of my readers that join my Self-Esteem Course. It is — close to 2 years after I launched it — still my most popular course. Well, today I would like to share 12 of the most powerful tips and habits I have found for improving and maintaining my own self-esteem. Even through the rough days and tough months.

A good place to start with raising your self-esteem is by learning how to handle and to replace the voice of your own inner critic. It can spur you on to get things done or to do things to gain acceptance from the people in your life. But at the same time it will drag your self-esteem down. This inner voice whispers or shouts destructive thoughts in your mind.

Thoughts like for example:. There are ways to minimize that critical voice and to replace it with more helpful thoughts. You can change how you view yourself.

Or come up with a phrase or word that you like that stops the train of the thought driven by the inner critic.

Then refocus your thoughts to something more constructive. Like planning what you want to eat for dinner or your tactic for the next soccer game. In the long run it also helps a lot to find better ways to motivate yourself than listening to your inner critic. To make the inner critic less useful for yourself and that voice weaker and at the same time motivate yourself to take action and raise your self-esteem it is certainly helps to have healthy motivation habits.

A few that I have used to replace and fill up much of the place that the inner critic once held in my mind are these:. After you have used your stop-word or phrase focus on one of these techniques. Over time it will become a habit and your inner critic will pop up a lot less often. This is a very simple and fun habit. And if you spend just two minutes on it every day for a month then it can make huge difference. Take a deep breath, slow down and ask yourself this question: Maybe just that you listened fully for a few minutes to someone who needed it today.

That you took a healthy walk or bike ride What To Do When Your Self Esteem Is Low work. That you are a caring and kind person in many situations.

These short breaks do not only build self-esteem in the long run but can also turn a negative mood around and reload you with a lot of positive energy again.

This is a variation of the habit above and combining the two of them can be extra powerful for two boosts in self-esteem a day. Or you may simply prefer to use this variation at the end of your day when you have some free time for yourself to spare.

A nice extra benefit of writing it down is that after a few weeks you can read through all the answers to get a good self-esteem boost and change in perspective on days when you may need it the most.

When you do what you deep down think is the right thing to do then you raise and strengthen your self-esteem. It might be a more info thing like getting up from the couch and going to the gym. It could be to be understanding instead of judgmental in a situation.

If you feel unhappy with yourself because you don't relate well to others or you're social skills are lacking, don't assume you have a personality or character flaw. Your confidence may have been lowered after a difficult experience or series of negative life event, such as:. Focus on your accomplishments and successes, even the most insignificant. Try ReachOut NextStep to learn about the support options available for you. Or even to know what the right thing is.

Or to stop feeling sorry for yourself and focus on the opportunities and gratitude for what you actually have. It is not always easy to do. Or even to know what the right thing is. But keeping a focus on it and doing it as best you can makes big difference both in the results you get and for how you think about yourself.

One tip that makes it easier to stay consistent with doing the right thing is to try to take a few such actions early in the day. Like for example giving someone a compliment, eating a healthy breakfast and working out. It can paralyze you from taking action because you become so afraid of not living up to some standard.

How to improve your self-esteem

And so you procrastinate and you do not get the results you want. This will make your self-esteem sink. Or you take action but are never or very rarely satisfied with what you accomplished and your own performance. And so your opinion and feelings about yourself become more and more negative and your motivation to take action plummets.

If you go outside of your comfort zone, if you try to accomplish anything that is truly meaningful then you will stumble and fall along the way. And that is OK. It is what people that did something that truly mattered have done throughout all ages. When you are kinder towards others you tend to treat and think of yourself in a kinder way too. And the way you treat other people is how they tend to treat you in the long run.

What To Do When Your Self Esteem Is Low

When you try something new, when you challenge yourself in a small or bigger way and go outside of your comfort zone then your opinion of yourself goes up. You may not have done whatever you did in a spectacular or great way but you at least tried click here of sitting on your hands and doing nothing. And that is something to appreciate about yourself and it can help you come alive as you get out of a rut.

So go outside of your comfort zone regularly. Take a smaller step forward instead by gently nudging yourself into motion. Because you can never win. There is always someone who has more or is better than you at something in the world. There are always people ahead of you. Look at how far you have come so far instead.

Compare yourself to yourself. And on how you can and how you have improved your results. This will both motivate you and raise your self-esteem. Spend more time with supportive people and less time with destructive people. Even if you focus on being kinder What To Do When Your Self Esteem Is Low other people and yourself and on replacing a perfectionism habit it will be hard to keep your self-esteem up if the most important influences in your life drag it down on a daily or weekly basis.

So make changes in the input you Choose to spend less time with people who are nervous perfectionists, unkind or unsupportive of your dreams or goals.

And spend more time with positive, uplifting people who have more human and kinder standards and ways of thinking about things. And think about what you read, listen to and watch too. Spend less time on an internet forum, with reading a magazine or watching a TV-show if you feel it makes you unsure of yourself and if it makes you feel more negatively towards yourself.

Then spend the time you used to spend on this information source on for example reading books, blogs, websites and listening to podcasts that help you and that make you feel good about yourself. What is a simple way to stay consistent with doing something? So remind yourself of the whys at the start of this article to help yourself to stay motivated to work on your self-esteem and to make it an essential priority.

Doing this simple thing and keeping these powerful reasons in mind has done wonders for me. I hope it can do the same for you.

Stay connected to yourself Mindfulness can help you to develop a sense of connection to yourself and reduce your people-pleasing ways by allowing you to stop the autopilot thinking and behaviour that keeps you jumping to please others without thinking of your own needs. If you think your low self-esteem is impacting on your life, take a look at our tips on improving your self-esteem:. Mindfulness can help you to develop a sense of connection to yourself and reduce your people-pleasing ways by allowing you to stop the autopilot thinking and behaviour that keeps you jumping to please others without thinking of your own needs. Ask yourself when you first started to think these thoughts. Be non-judgemental When we approach our lives non-judgementally, we simply accept ourselves, our experiences, our failures and successes and other people just as they are, neither good or bad, without pride or shame.

One of the best articles over self esteem…. Thanks for posting such great content…. This article kind of reminding me to be more grateful for what i have and i am.

A good topic presented with simple tips and thoughts. We should learn to improve our self esteem. If we do not have respect for ourselves, we cannot expect others to give us the respect that we deserve. Those people with high self esteem are usually accepted by others. All of these make great affirmations to hang on your refrigerator. When comes to self-esteem, you are your own worst enemy. Loving oneself is perhaps the most important thing we can do.

Far from being perfect at it, just loving myself a little more has allowed me to let better things come into my life, and I feel I am in a better place from which to help others as well. I know a lot of people can think that loving oneself is wrong, or that doing things for oneself is selfish, yet it is the greatest service we can provide for others by being centered, stable, strong, a good example and continue reading a better place from which to change the world around us.

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What To Do When Your Self Esteem Is Low

How to Improve Your Self-Esteem: I read about it in newspapers every month. I see it in my inbox almost every day as people share their challenges with me.

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But why is building and being able to maintain high self-esteem so important? Life becomes simpler and lighter. When you like or love yourself more then things simply become easier. And so you become less needy and your inner life becomes much less of an emotional rollercoaster based on what people may think or say about you today or this week. Being with you becomes simpler and a lighter experience with a lot less drama, arguments or fights based on little or nothing. And all of this is attractive in any relationships, not matter if it is with a friend, at work or with a partner.

That has been my experience and it is why I write so much about self-esteem and why I value my own self-esteem so highly and try to keep it steady every day.

Because it has made my life so much happier. So those are some of the most important whys. But how do you improve your self-esteem in a practical way?

Overcoming Low Self-Esteem & Depression