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16 Aug Why stick to coffee chains when you can have a better-tasting coffee from a local independent?. Win a Pair of Tickets to See 'So You Think You Can Dance' at DPAC. Now in its 14th season, the EMMY award-winning dance show presents its top 10 finalists Oct. Initial ship of 15k, roughly what previous record has scanned so far in U.S. Programs: Borders, A.I. M.S., Olsson's, Laser's Edge, Amazon, Virgin, Music Best sites are blur (where you can listen to "Crazy Beat") and, which is full of news, diary excerpts, Web cam shots of the band.

Originally two city guides, these were combined because Amherst and Northampton are so close in geographical location and in spirit. Some sections are divided into Amherst and NoHo, and some are applicable to both. Now, I really love this tiny little town. Emily and Mareika here. We really like Northampton and you should too.

So You Think You Can Dance Couples Dating Stickers Galore Store

Northampton is known as the lesbian capital of the world we have no reference for this because it is basically a lesbian here on a larger scale this may or may not be true.

In all seriousness, though, the city is extremely queer-friendly. If you like butches with babies, or gay dads with four kids, or quirky people of every kind, you will like Northampton, aka Noho.

A lot of people you will meet in Noho are in undergraduate or graduate school. They are probably very smart and they probably listen to NPR station Overall, Northampton is queertastic. Cohabitation is happy and peaceful!

One- or two-bedroom ones are kind of expensive because the landlords want to over-charge Smith students. Go to Northampton instead. It does click some not-particularly gay bars though, which I will list here!

Stay away from the Monkey Bar at all costs. This bar is known for its large beer selection. They also have barrels of peanuts at the door, so, you know.

This is a pretty casual place if you just want to kick back and relax with some friends. They moved last fall from their space on East Pleasant St.

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Also, if you go to UMass, you will end up taking somebody here for their first legal drink on their 21st birthday. They have a waterfall under the dance floor. Home of Bon Appetit Burlesquemonthly queer burlesque. Also source trivia, karaoke, open mic. Ye Olde Watering Hole: Also, a beer can museum! Also dive-y and fun. They play good music but not loud enough to actually distract you from getting your work done.

I even come for reasons other than the baristas. All of their bathrooms are gender neutral. Amherst Coffee 28 Amity St. Last time I was here there was a guy playing guitar in the middle of the shop. Giant collages and chalkboards everywhere, free jazz music on Saturday mornings, and a convenience-store type place in front make it a cool place to hang out for awhile. LimeRed Teahouse 50 Main St. Mango Mango 61 Main St.

Buy one that's just been cut - the best chances for that are to go to a local Christmas tree farm and choose it yourself from the plantation. However, if I were to do that, I would not trust any of the stylists in town and would instead go to Northampton. Instead of grades they get evaluations and continue reading is required to do a huge project before graduating; all majors are self-designed. This bar is known for its large beer selection. Workers were told crews would have to complete their rounds with a driver and one loader, instead of the usual two.

Wings over Amherst 55 University Drive These were the reason it took me so long to become a vegetarian, which should be good enough of an endorsement for you. Also, they deliver and I swear they usually show up literally 5 minutes after placing your order. It would be impossible to list all of the restaurants that are delicious here, we left out some great ones that you can list in the comments if you like!

You can find pretty much all kinds of ethnic food in Noho. All-vegetarian, delicious food downstairs and coffee shop upstairs. There will almost always be gays and Smithies in the Haymarket!

And cheap — the half sandwiches are pretty big, and delicious, so, you save dollah billz. Woodstar has delish gluten-free as well as gluten-filled treats.

They have the best bagels. And pretty amazing iced coffee. Really good food and coffee — the breakfast sandwiches and grilled cheeses are ridiculous. There are queers with good fashion here, good people-watching. This is a new place that just opened in March, owned by a Smith alumna.

We walked in and we thought it was The Planet.

The Halle Cultural Center N. Stock up on fresh bread while you're there from local bakery Trove. Man Utd return to the Champions League knockout stage next week and Jose Mourinho needs to surprise supporters. Some sections are divided into Amherst and NoHo, and some are applicable to both. Housing has special floors for queers and their allies.

It also serves alcohol at night. And breakfast sandwiches, yum. The two most important things. We vote this the best So You Think You Can Dance Couples Dating Stickers Galore Store food in Northampton.

A great candy shop with kosher and vegan options. Gay Coffee was brought in to the world by two Smith alums, and is now roasted in Williamsburg.

Their coffee is whole bean, fair trade, organic, etc. Amherst is a quintessential college town due to the presence of THREE colleges within a few miles of each other. All three colleges are part of the Five College Consortium, which means if you attend one you can register for classes at any of them. The other two colleges are nearby and are Smith and Mt.

All five colleges have queer things happening all the time. Holyoke, and got to talk to both of these amazing human beings afterward. Hampshire has a very different educational philosophy than most other colleges, and I hear that Hampshire students love it. Instead of grades they get evaluations and everybody is required to do a huge project before graduating; all majors are self-designed. Queer things include a Queer Community Alliance Centera Center for Feminismsa yearly conference on sexuality and gender, and queer studies program.

The Stonewall Center is the resource center.

So You Think You Can Dance Couples Dating Stickers Galore Store

Their website has a wealth of information on topics ranging from gender-neutral bathrooms on campus and in town to LGBT-friendly religious groups in the area.

Housing has special floors for queers and their allies.

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There are no specifically queer groups, but most of the family-oriented things are LGBT friendly. The Amherst Family Center is also queer-friendly. This list of accepting religious institutions in the area is probably also helpful.

They have a rainbow on their website. Costs are determined on a sliding scale. Rainbow Riverfest is like Pride and Lilith Fair had a tiny gaybie. This year, Melissa Ferrick and Bitch are headlining. Check it out, September 22nd. Plans theater events, public art, etc. This is read more fancy art gallery in town. This place has some cool work. It is much more contemporary than other galleries in the area.

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Installation and sculpture are often shown. No big deal, but Emily works there. Emily works here too and has lots of good feelings and thinks everyone should read this one-of-a-kind publication, that gives back to LGBTQ organizations that it works with. Not only is everything featured on their website, but on every social media network imaginable. Http:// it should just be your number one source for everything gay.

Montague Bookmill Greenfield Rd. The first time I went here I used a GPS and was dismayed to find out that continue reading is actually quite easy to find, albeit literally in the middle of nowhere.

Everything for all of the eating preferences, whether you are a locavore, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-phobic, or only eat mangos. And the owners are really well-dressed, kickass queers. That was the gayest sentence ever. If you need more reasons to go than that, it has cheap but trendy clothes, and hilarious T-shirts like this one.

We have heard it described as a cheaper Urban Outfitters. You will probably have crushes on the salespeople. Best feminist sex shop, ever. Great, tiny, warm and musty.

Mareika likes the art book section. Thornes has a weird green awning, but is magical inside. Really fancy, femme-y clothes. Tiny natural food market. Unfortunately, my hair is not quite short enough to be considered alternative lifestyle.