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[DH017] Marbs - Tusks & Tales EP

19 Sep Lex Ishimoto and Taylor Sieve both confirmed they are seriously dating during Monday night's penultimate episode of So You Think You Can Dance's fourteenth During the video package that played prior to Lex and Taylor's highly-praised dance, the couple discussed their off-stage dynamic with Mia. House, Techno, & Love We Are All Desert Hearts. 17 Nov Choose the design you would like to paint, and create a cut-out to trace. - Trace your design lightly with a pencil. - Paint your design onto the globe with your gold foil paint (let dry for a day). - Place globe back onto it's stand (important to do this before you put the number decal on, so you know where to.

It's our distinct pleasure to welcome one of our favorite artists and all-around human beings to the label, the one, the only, jozif! It was love at first sight when we first partied with this dude two years ago in Mexico, and since then jozif has become one of our most beloved resident DJs at our Desert Hearts Festivals.

His delicious personality and incomparable party vibe has made him a fan favorite behind the decks, but it's his dedication towards pushing the musical boundaries that's kept him in our hearts around the world. It's with great pride to give you three original tracks from our dear friend go here with an explosive remix from label boss Mikey Lion to round out the EP.

There is only one jozif and we couldn't be happier to have him officially join the crew. Welcome to the Family Big Dawg! Follow Desert Hearts Records on Soundcloud.

So You Think You Can Dance Couples Dating Stickers Galore Sticker

As the visual artist for the label, musician, and founding member of Desert Hearts, Marbs embodies the beautifully multi-faceted culture that this community has come to represent. Not just deep, not just tech, but tracks that had a little of everything.

Sampled from one of the most classic and hilarious on-air interviews in history, it's safe to say we've all been on his level at some point in our lives. We provided color pencils and guests colored in the sketches and signed them to create a coloring book for Heather to look back on! The Ranch at Laguna Beach is truly magical. I was ready to play! With a background in more indie sounding music, we were blown away when he first started showing us some of the deep house tracks he'd been working on.

I wanted the EP to embody many of the sounds you hear at Desert Hearts and the influences that brought me to who I am link. Follow Marbs on Facebook: Follow Desert Hearts Records on Soundcloud: Follow Desert Hearts on Facebook: Alongside some of our favorite international DH veterans like Andreas Henneberg and Latmun, the compilation really highlights some of our best producer friends who've been the backbone of the Desert Hearts movement since the very beginning.

These guys have been putting in work for years and this is their moment to shine. We're so proud of every single artist on this comp and can't wait for the world to hear what they can do.

So You Think You Can Dance Couples Dating Stickers Galore Sticker

Every single song on here was made to crush the floor. The next EP on our label comes from Spanish based Tech-House producer, Mr Jefferson, who's been pumping out some of our favorite jams over the past couple of years. Straight to the point, this 4 track EP titled Ghetto Funk has been destroying dance floors for us and we know it will for you too.

The title track Ghetto Funk along with Shuffle Anthem So You Think You Can Dance Couples Dating Stickers Galore Sticker both hip hop influenced bombs while Source Sauce holds down the ultra-funk. Finally, Generation, wraps up the EP with an inspiring dance floor bomb that's sure to leave an impact in the minds of the crowd. Follow Mr Jefferson on Soundcloud: Speaking of people being locked in the studio, no one's been putting in more work than Lee Reynolds and it's finally time for our beloved Papa to release his debut EP on Desert Hearts Records!

Produced alongside longtime friend and Desert Hearts veteran, Machino, their Moon Matrix EP is 4 tracks of raw, brooding analog techno sure to rock the peakest times on the dance floor. These guys have been putting in some serious time in the just click for source and we couldn't be more proud to release their debut EP together out into the world.

Follow Lee Reynolds on Soundcloud: Featuring sinister lyrics from rapper Daemon, this hip-house party anthem is so facetiously over the top it reminds us of the devil on your shoulder when you're partying at 5 in the morning.

Let's be real here, we all like to get silly on the dance floor, so why do we pretend like it's not happening?

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Why can't we talk about these things? With a downright evil bassline and off beat snare drum patterns to accompany the lyrics, 'Doses' is sure to ruffle some feathers and murder dance floors across the world. The title track 'T. With snare drums and tweaked out wobbles galore, we think you get to know Frtiz Carlton pretty well by the end of the EP.

We think this debauchery loving weirdo is going to fit in very nicely at Desert Hearts Records. Follow Desert Hearts Records www. After two standout sets from Andreas Henneberg and his alter-ego Cascandy during our Desert Hearts 3 Year Anniversary Festival, we fell in love with the work-horse producer from Berlin and knew we had to have him release on Desert Hearts Records.

Everything from Andreas' music, his vibe, and his personality were a perfect fit for our Desert Hearts Family. We were even more excited when Andreas told us he'd love to release on our label as The Glitz, his breakout side project with production partner and DJ Daniel Nitsch.

While the title track "Chubby Cheek" leans more on the techier side, it's the B-Side "Freedamn" that embodies everything that Desert Hearts stands for: Both tracks are read more hip hop influenced and have been consistently setting dance floors on fire. We know you'll be seeing a lot more of them in the future. Follow The Glitz on Facebook: From Desert Hearts to Burning Man, if you've ever witnessed her pint-sized magnificence behind the decks, you know she's a true soul-controller in every sense of the word.

Her first EP on Desert Hearts Records is appropriately titled "Sophrosyne", which is the ancient Greek concept of an ideal of excellence in character and soundness of mind. The whole EP is tripped out, with earthy origins that transport the listener to a far away land reminiscent of ancient Egypt. Claude Vonstroke - "Great EP supported! The musical journeys of Dance Spirit and David Scuba alike have been defined by a unique sense click here perpetual evolution and sonic exploration.

As its name implies, Dust is primed for the So You Think You Can Dance Couples Dating Stickers Galore Sticker tribal dance floors of the international House and Techno communities.

[DH018] jozif - Volcano EP

His invaluable founding membership of Mr. He too has read article his irrefutable knowledge of the life atmosphere at Desert Hearts Festival, playing one of the most talked about sets of How To A Conversation A Girl Three Year Anniversary Festival this past November.

Follow Dance Spirit on Soundcloud: Follow David Scuba on Soundcloud: Follow Dance Spirit on Facebook: Follow David Scuba on Facebook: Morbi eu convallis tellus, vitae malesuada risus. Cras ut tincidunt justo. Fusce ultricies nec eros vel varius. Aliquam lacinia diam eros, sit amet tincidunt tortor tincidunt a. Aenean vitae aliquet lorem. Cras eu ex imperdiet, consequat nulla quis, scelerisque sapien.

Interdum et malesuada fames ac ante ipsum primis in faucibus. Mauris porta vestibulum orci, eget laoreet nisl elementum id. They both knew it was only a matter of So You Think You Can Dance Couples Dating Stickers Galore Sticker before they got in the studio together to make some magic.

The title track 'Into The Jungle' is a deep, forward thinking tune that takes the listener on a ride through the mystical depths of the jungle. You can almost feel the energy of the jungle breathing down your neck as you make your way through the song's rises and falls. The result is a 9 minute epic that is sure to rock any peak time dance floor. Laced with big kicks, heavy synths, and cryptic vocals to boot, 'Sally' was made for peak time in a dark warehouse.

Finally, to round off the EP, 'Sally' gets remixed by badass Joyce Muniz who brings a cranking tech house vibe to the track. The bassline chugs along to constantly changing high hats until the acid synth at the end brings the whole thing home. In typical Desert Hearts fashion, this entire EP was made to crush dance floors. Follow Lonely Boy on Soundcloud: Follow Mikey Lion on Facebook: Follow Sabo on Facebook: Follow Joyce Muniz on Facebook: Follow Lonely Boy on Facebook: The first track on the EP, titled "Big Cats Groove", is a tribal drum track laced with low slung lion and tiger samples.

The vocal sample that instructs the crowd how to properly find the groove was appropriately recorded from Bengal's African Drum Teacher during his last semester at UC Berkeley.

This song is a tribute to James Brown and a reminder that no matter what problems you have in life, a positive outlook and a great sense of humor will get you through just about anything. This wedding truly exuded the personalities of our bride and groom. Berry Marquees really nailed our vision for this structure. After hours, upon hours, upon hours, upon hours of research… we truly found our dream team!

The second track on The Big Cats EP, titled "Like That", is a straight to the point tech house banger that hits as low to the floor as it gets. The equally tough vocal sample reminds the crowd to put trust in their DJ just as the bassline comes back in giving them what they want.

Billy Bell - Jar of Hearts

Finally, Bengal's remix of "Big Cats Groove" completes the EP as he takes a much more spacey and dubbed out approach to the track. Filled with melodic synths and vocal echoes, the EP ends with a much moodier and super tripped out vibe.

Follow Bengal on Soundcloud: Follow Bengal on Facebook: We'd been huge fans of Michael's productions so we knew he would be the perfect fit to play a dark and deep tech set late night at our Desert Hearts Spring Festival The festival took place during the last weekend in April in the high desert, so all our hopes check this out going towards the weather not being too hot.

Michael, assuming we were a San Diego based festival, packed accordingly thinking he was spending his weekend in the most beautiful city in the country As luck would have it, the weather gods decided to royally fuck with us and it snowed on Friday night during the festival.

Michael, coming from Miami, packed little more than shorts and a T-shirt to get him through the weekend. Not only was this Michael's first Desert Hearts, but it was also his first California Style outdoor festival. Needless to say, Michael got the ever-loving shit kicked out of him that weekend, mentally and physically.

We did our best to take care of him but he was a goner The next time we heard from him, he came back to us with a super psychedelic Hunter S Thompson inspired EP and told us that Desert Hearts was a huge awakening for him. It takes you to the brink of sanity and tests you mentally and physically just as it did to Michael.

The EP he sent us was completely inspired by his experience at Desert Hearts and it's absolutely brilliant. We snatched it up right away and sent it off to a few of our favorite Desert Hearts veterans for remixes.

So that's the story of Michael Rosa. The Ultimate G who had no idea what he was getting into and got his ass kicked by Desert Hearts. This is Michael's redemption and we couldn't be more proud of the kid.

Follow Michael Rosa on Soundcloud: Follow Michael Rosa on Facebook: