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Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about POF Dating. Singles have more conversations on POF than any other dating app. .. I used this site and app for a good amount of time, even when I dated someone for a period of months I kept my profile in tact until I felt things were more. Discover Fishing Friends Date, the Totally free dating site for single fishers and those looking to meet local fishers. Never pay anything, meet Fishers for dating and friendship. Go Fishing is an online dating service and helps you meet local women and men who are single. Find casual dates, short-term dating, long-term relationships and people interested in marriage.

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Sign up today and find single men and women near you who love to fish.

A conversation is where it all starts. Singles have more conversations on POF than any other dating app. We also have the most FREE features to help you start dating! Sort by last online, newest users and more! Unlike smaller dating apps, POF has the most users and thus, the highest chance for you to find your relationship!

Tap Install and Join Now! I'm back on POF after a long time.

Dating Site With Fish In It

It's good, nice layout, easy to understand. But I've been having problems with loading messages and profiles. I have to press on it twice for it to be visable!

To be able to block people if you think they don't match or are an inappropriate profile BEFORE receiving a message would be a nice addition. We also have the most FREE features to help you start dating! There are a lot of bots a people who seem fake on this app. My suggestion, purge your inactive profiles, delete them, put a time limit on inactive accounts. Easy to spot though if you have something between your ears.

Please make it so when you create a profile the person has to be scanned properly so there are no fakes! There should be an option for age range on the meet me section though. I don't understand how POF knows who will respond. Apart from this I like it but could do with a few changes.

If you mention that you have notifications disabled for POF because there's so many bots, POF will ban your account and your phone from being able to use the app again. Would not be surprised if some of the bots are maintained by them, since promoting addictive tendencies like checking Dating Site With Fish In It app often can lead to more sales of packages and tokens.

The search feature still isn't working correctly. It lets you choose all these things and then doesn't remember them as soon as you hit search. So the search get isn't based on what you told it to search for, which kind of defeats the purpose of the search function.

You should be able to hide or reject people you know you're not going to be attracted to, based on the selections they made for their profile. Which would also affect who shows up on Dating Site With Fish In It MeetMe page.

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Ok so this app used to be good, but lately there are these porn profiles or spam files with nude pics and they are the only ones visible It's pretty boring now, going to uninstall. The site is basically a joke. Don't include it in free membership. And your email gets bombarded with every notification. And finally, Send a text to any number of women and you are lucky if 1 maybe 2 reply. It supposed to be a dating site, but no one wants to get back to you.

This is why paying for these sites is ridiculous. I have to pay just to see who likes me? The only reason I was able to message this one girl is because I saw the notification that she wanted to meet and recognized the picture in a later search result for people online near me. User read more Real Deal February 12, Owen x Here 11, Would not be surprised if some of the bots are maintained by them, since promoting addictive tendencies like checking this app often can lead to more sales of packages and tokens Full Review.

Username Not-the-Chief February 11, David Vasquez February 15, It's pretty boring now, going to uninstall Full Source. Patrick Smith February 11, Jay Martin February 15, This just recently started happening. But Dating Site With Fish In It all its Dating Site With Fish In It Great app minus the damn hackers.

Thanks POF, I'm sure you guys will do all u can to weed out their bull shizzzzz. Of the accounts that are real, a lot of girls are just looking for a guy to take care of them and have no other interest.

Bulldog B February 12, It appears they are more worried about the app appearance then they are about all the fake profiles. Most you can tell if you read the profile that that are fake. I use to be a paying member until I kept getting fake profiles liking me.

POF is becoming just like all the other personal dating Web sites out there. Mary Wilton February 11, Used to love pof now the last 4 times I've tried to create an account it will let me but it won't show my profile to others and within 12 hours I'm no longer able to see anyone's profiles. After that it will sign me out and not let me sign in again! All in all its a nice app when it actually works but it's been nothing but issues since recently. Hopefully you'll fix the problems soon.

Josh Alexander February 12, This app has always had bots, like all apps. But my god, these last couple weeks have been awful. Bots have completely taken over. I get 20 profile views an hour all by bots and spam to try to get me to pay for premium or go to another site. Absolute garbage Full Review. Rick Rummell February 15, This app is nothing but pathetic. I was contacted by 23 fake accounts within the time I had my account, and that's 12 hours.

This app is nothing, but porn sites ,and scammers trying to get Dating Site With Fish In It money. When I first was making the account it said if there was anything sexual content on my account I would be deleted.

There is brests everywhere. Why don't they get deleted. My username was biblefollower and I still was getting nothing but fake robotic scammers, and sex adds, and to top it all off you can't delete your account, or unsubscribe from the emails.

Why make just click for source such a hassle? To find someone meaningful on here would be an amazing feat and I will commend them with the highest honor. Your better off being alone. There are way too many fake profiles on here for porn sites.

In the middle of the night I can have a dozen views and a few favorites but they Dating Site With Fish In It all from fake profiles.

You know the ones! We fixed that too. We on the other hand, want you to sign up and find someone!

They need to do a better job at catching them. Jim Tuite February 14, Just like Mary Wilton says, I used to enjoy using this app but the last 4 times I have downloaded it, within 12 hours, for no obvious reason - and I have checked with the rules - my account becomes 'quarentined' and i am unable to send or reply to messages.

The site says wait 48 hours but nothing changes and nobody replies to the help request email.

Dating Site With Fish In It

Very disheartening Full Review. Raquel Oberg February 15, I'm back after two years and can say I like the newest updates. That was pretty smart.

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Protects your users from having to give out their phone numbers. I met my last boyfriend here n can't imagine life without him! Sharky LeBlanc February 12, Dating Site With Fish In It report probably 3x the amount of spam and fake profiles than actual real people on the site.

In the 6 months I've actively used it, I've had maybe 3 or 4 people I had a real conversation with. Http:// you want a hookup and people on tinder aren't trashy enough for you, look no further, pof has you covered.

If you're looking for dating or some kind of real person, don't waste your time. Just download OKCupid instead. Quinnathen of Uganda February 15, Yeah this is a steaming pile of hot garbage.

I subscribed to it because hey why not. But mother of god. Source many bot profiles. I work in IT and it wouldn't be too hard to trace the IP address and then ban it from your server. Otherwise it's a solid concept. Jason Petersen February 15,