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If you are attempting to estimate the approximate manufacturing date - or age - of a particular bottle (or significant sized fragment) the first page to visit would be the Bottle Dating page and its related sub-pages. These pages lead a user through a series of questions about the physical - or morphological - characteristics of. (Their glass was not actually made at Lancaster, PA). Your bottle base has a “69” which is almost certainly a date code for , which is the year that Kerr Glass Company bought the glass plants owned by Armstrong. I would assume your bottle was made at the Millville, NJ plant location. “12” is probably a mold number . DATING BOTTLES BY THEIR TOPS AND BASES. A Look at Bottle Bases. One approach to helping beginner identify their old bottles involves show them the bases of old bottles. The picture below at the left shows an iron pontil on the base jof a historical flask circa The middle picture shows an open pontil on the base.

I frequently receive inquiries about what these number markings mean. Always look very closely over the entire glass bottle or other container to make sure there is not some type of logo emblem, trademark, initials, or just a letter that might indicate the actual glass manufacturer.

In many cases click here is NO such mark, with only a number or numbers to be seen.

In these cases, the general style, shape, glass color and other characteristics may help narrow down the possible age range of a particular specimen. If problems occur with the finished product, it can be easily ascertained which mold or mold section is at fault.

Dating Bottles By Their Tops And Bases

Some numbers for instance, 3- or 4-digit numbers on the base of many British bottles are catalog, inventory, style or design numbers assigned to a particular bottle shape. Search google with that phrase for a webpage that lists many of the permit numbers assigned and used by many glass companies. This is true on the products of some manufacturers, but not all. Most modern glass bottles carry date codes, which are often on the heel of the bottle. It also depends on exactly which glass company produced the container, as all firms do not use the same system of markings.

More information on this invention which is rather involved! Hello David, I recently acquired a vintage mercury silvered glass bottle hand warmer with a metal coiled heat this web page on the top of the metal cap.

It is filled with cotton and a wick that leads from the cotton up through the center of the cap to the coil.

I have not been able to attain any information on this item or even find a picture online that even resembles it. All i have to go off of is the raised number 7 on one side of the bottom of the bottle, and a raised letter F on the other side of the bottom of the bottle.

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The bottle is approximately 2. Does the F or the 7 mean anything to you or could that give me any direction to search as to find the general time or company that produced this rare item? Ty, I have no info on your bottle. Perhaps someone will see your post and comment on it. I am trying to date a bottle I found and cannot find information on the specific bottle, so I am hoping the stamp on the bottom will help.

I have a clear glass bottle; the outside is kind of spiraled but not super spiral.

Dating Bottles By Their Tops And Bases

Please let me know if you can figure out where this bottle came from! Kaydee, without seeing the bottle, it sounds like it may be here Owens-Illinois Glass Co. Please check out my webpage on that company. I have a bottle that I determined was made by the Chattanooga Glass company there is a C with a circle around it on the bottom of the bottle.

It also has the number 6 on the bottom. On the front of the bottle is an embossed sailing ship. It has a wide screw top. What can you tell me about this bottle. Any information would be greatly appreciated. David — Would like some info if you have any on a bottle I found. I wish I could better describe it but maybe this will help figure out what the marks mean.

The seller said the number 75 on the bottom is the year it was made. A common variation is the "torpedo" bottle which is distinctly more pointed on the end with an bulging "amphora-like" body. Push-ups were also called a "shove-up" by some early glass makers Illinois Glass Co. I believe this may be a product of Owens-Illinois, Inc. See illustration to the right below.

If anyone recognizes it, please let us know! The metal top still on and some dry blue substance inside. I found it at an old farm in Roanoke Virginia. I believe it may be an ink jar. Can you tell me anything about it or were to Look? Any possibility it might be a small model paint jar, such as Testors?

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David — I really enjoyed your site. It is sort of like this with the parenthesis symbols actually being more like an O and enclosed. Is is possible to find out what this means? Am I overthinking it?? Hi, I have recently started looking up bottles from my collection. I have a small corked bottle with 2 raised bumps and a leaf on the base of bottle. Perhaps a reader will know.

My son has been digging up all sorts of unfortunately broken old jars on our property. He most recently found the bottom of a jar that reads: Thank you kindly in advance for your help!

I found a glass Mrs Buttersworth. The seller said the number 75 on the bottom is the year it was made.

Empirical observations indicate that Canadian-made bottles very often followed similar glassmaking technique and process chronologies making much of the information applicable to Canadian made bottles. Currently, the best "one-source" work on the subject of makers marks is Dr. Stippling is shown on both the bottle bases in the images and was typically produced by hand punching the base plate of the bottle mold. The snap case tool had a center post which cupped the base of the bottle and at least two bars or flanges that grasped the sides of the bottle. But this one was a little different.

There is also an I in a circle as well as a single number 7. I just like things from my birth year You might check out the article on that company here on my website. Hope this helps, David. I have a weird shaped bottle found in a cave on guam. The numbers on the bottle read: Hi I have a non-swim 7up bottle and the bottom has the numbers: Please check my page on that glassmaker. I can not find any information anywhere on the web about it.


The numbers on the bottom of the bottle are 04 and below that is 78 can anyone tell me what these numbers are thank you. Hello, my husband has found a few old bottles, the one of interest is what we believe to be an old Coca Cola bottle which is clear in colour and had the date which is upside down on the glass embossed bottle, it also have on the very bottom3 b 6 Dating Bottles By Their Tops And Bases anyone please help with the age of this bottle.

Many thanks in advance. Elloise, I assume you are located in the UK. I am not that familiar with many British bottles. You might try searching online for poison bottle collector sites. I would suggest you try posting an inquiry and pictures on the http: Edward, in this particular example, I am not sure, since I am not familiar with code markings used Dating Bottles By Their Tops And Bases Wheaton on their vials and medicinal containers, but I would guess the numbers are codes for that particular bottle style, along with a mold identifier number.

Hello David — Thank you for this amazing resource. I found a bottle bottom yesterday while walking along the Delaware Bay Beach and I cant seem to identify it. The bottle bottom is about 3. Many thanks in advance for any insight. There were many different soda bottles from around the US, especially in the ss period, produced that were marked with just a letter an initial on the base that stood for a particular bottling company.

My email address is listed at the bottom right hand corner of any page on this site. Trying to find out info on a found bottle. Has the 35 and York dairy Brooklyn on it.

Can not find any info. While seaglassing the other day, I found a gorgeous small cobalt bottle bottom with just a 3 on it. Hi Victoria, It may be a Bromo-Seltzer base, as mold numbers one or two digits were marked on the bottoms of a lot of those bottles. If you wish, you can email me a pic of the bottom to my address which is listed at the bottom right of any page on this site. I have been collecting sea glass for a while and finding a piece with writing is great, but finding a piece with enough writing to try to locate is even better.

I browsed info on Armstrong which has been made into loft apartments in from what I can see. Their glass was not actually made at Lancaster, PA. I would assume your bottle was made at the Millville, NJ plant location. Please check out my page on Whitall-Tatum. Also, article source check out this webpage on the sha. My husband found a small brown bottle while excavating in Black Hawk, Colorado.

It had a sideways diamond with the number 5 underneath it. Any idea of a background in it? I have a clear mason jar says Atlas E-Z Seal on the front and on the bottom it has a 6 with a line above it an H over an A mark and a single Source but beside the a there is a dot with a minus sign below it any information would be appreciated of age or what it was used for thanks.

They were possibly produced as early Dating Bottles By Their Tops And Bases the late s, in shades of aqua, light green, light blue, cornflower blue and other colors.

The clear versions came later, perhaps after the mids. There is probably no way to be sure what year your jar was made, but I would guess it was made sometime between around and We purchased a farm where the home was built in A little over 20 years ago, I discovered a dump with a lot of bottles in it. There is no mark at North. In the center, not touching any numerals, is an O with an elongated ring around it, sort of like a planet with a ring.

Do you have any ideas who made this and its age?

Thank you for your help. Please see my page on that firm, as well as my page on the Bromo Seltzer bottles which were made for several decades, in a good number of variations.