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29 Jun There are a few indicators that getting pregnant may be easier for you than for other women, Lauren Streicher, M.D., an associate professor of clinical obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, tells SELF. They include having regular periods (not just every month. 33 weeks pregnant.. Have barely heard a word from my sons father since I told him I was 3 or 4 texts total.. I'm struggling with whether or not to take him to court for child support. Did you Me on the other hand, I'm going to be starting my nursing program with a 4 month old baby. As long. 1 Aug But when I got dumped by my baby daddy five weeks in (despite the fact we'd been together for 12 months, it had actually never been that serious), I decided lead to—a hookup, a holiday romance, a love affair—rather than letting my pregnancy turn me into someone who was OK with feeling overlooked.

What happened after you got a hookup or one night stand pregnant? My cousin knocked a girl up Did what he thought was expected and proposed to her and now they're unhappily married and hate each other. A buddy of mine had a one night stand. He agrees, but only if it's by check and he's at the clinic when it happens. She tries to say no, just send it etc Got to make sure they actually get an abortion.

If she was pregnant and decided not to get an abortion he'd have to pay child care. I had a girl try to tell me she was pregnant. Her end game I can't say I quite know, but to put it bluntly we had sex once, I used a condom, she tried to tell me the condom "failed" because magic. I remained neutral and she talked it out with me. Well she was telling ME what was going to happen.

I didn't say no I just remained completely upbeat yet non-committal. I found her facebook and put up a thing on her page, just saying something innocuous but obvious that we were "expecting". Cue a barrage of responses from her friends and family as to why she hadn't told them and when was this etc. I got an angry text two hours later basically telling me I was a fucker and that it wasn't true and that I'd opened up a big problem for Pregnant After 4 Months Of Hookup with her family. I know the family and they know I'm not a nutter or someone who makes shit up like that.

Her sister even texted me asking what was up, I was honest and just regailed what she had told me on the phone. As for what happens, then if she is pregnant, then there's not a lot you can do. While it should be your decision too as to what happens, it's not. That's not me being on the girl's side, it's simply the truth of the matter. Jesus, why do some women think it's ok to lie about pregnancy?! I have no idea what they are thinking, if they can lie about something like that, what else would they lie about?!

Because they either get the man to do whatever they want with a click of a finger and if they don't then they get to grumblecake at anyone about what a bastard he was for leaving her in the lurch with nothing. Add in a "I had to have an abortion because of him" and you get a nice big sympathy shower. Well, I'm a woman and if anyone I knew tried either faking a pregnancy or not taking their birth control on purpose, I would drop them in an instant.

That Pregnant After 4 Months Of Hookup of bullshit is disgraceful, and shows who they are as a person, and that kind of shitbag I definitely don't want to be around. BUT, shit like this does happen. Yeah unfortunately it does happen imagine being the result of your mother trying to "trap" your father, eurgh, poor children.

I was and always have been careful when taking birth control, and I understand that sometimes it doesn't work. It's failed me before I was taking antibiotics and the doctor didn't tell me if affects the pill.

But to do something like this see more just madness. If I have a son I will definitely be giving him a talk, if a woman says she's on birth control and he doesn't need to wear anything Because they're shitty humans and they want to milk the guy for as much time, money or both as can.

I've had to buy two different girls the plan-B pill.


here If you think something may have happened, buy her the pill. Just a pro-tip, watch her take it and swallow it. A candy bar in CH costs, like a hundred franks. I'm fine with paying 50 bucks or so for it in a normal country. People always seem to forget that you earn more in Switzerland compared to other countries.

I assume it depends on the chemist you go to also. You do mean like almost immediately after the fact, right? Because by the time the girl thinks she may be pregnant is wayyy too late.

Or she goes to see a doctor much sooner than that and doesn't have a kid Yeah so it was stupid but I was super and I didn't know what I was doing. We both didn't know what we were doing and were a bit surprised at it in the morning so we decided we should better get a morning after and she wanted me to come with her and pay half and I thought that was totally fair so we walk into the chemist's together and she loudly announced.

Semi-related-- I've never gotten a ONS pregnant but there was a 48 hour period back in my early 20s where I was quite certain I had Except they're all plastic now so it doesn't work as well. The irony is I only know one place to get old metal coat hangers and that's church. Saw a girl for a couple of weeks and decided to call it off when she started getting intense and a little bit weird.

As a guy in my 20's I was sleeping around and she didn't here the thought of me being with another woman I'm single so why does she care?

Anyway Pregnant After 4 Months Of Hookup two weeks later I get an odd text message saying that she's got something to tell me, I say to my now current girlfriend "I bet Pregnant After 4 Months Of Hookup going to tell me she's pregnant".

Pregnant After 4 Months Of Hookup

Low and behold she decides she can't tell me anything, but I'm level headed and don't care for bullshit so ignore it. Another week goes by and she decides to tell me that she's pregnant, I said I was expecting a faux pregnancy from her and she flips out.

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Screams about me being scum for not believing her, calls me a shit bag because I asked for a paternity test and cannot stand the idea that I want nothing to do with her and the kid in the process. Either way she said she'd train it to hate me to which I respond "oh well".

I don't care who you are I'm not having that level of toxicity in my life. Queue the second flip out because I'm not being with her. So, being the honest person I am I tell link girlfriend all about it and although she's a little freaked out she appreciates my honesty. Another week goes by and I start recieving gifts outside my source while my girlfriend is the recepient of a letter written by "her guardian angel"; this was delivered to her work.

It details what a shit bag I am and that I'm lying because I'm already the baby daddy of a much nicer girl.

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Reported it to the police as it now constituents stalking. I've not heard anything since but my friends are keeping an eye on her, more for gossip than my own well being. At 8 months pregnant she started playing women's rugby at my rugby club and began participating in tough mudder. It's just gone past 9 months and my current awesome girlfriend is still here. There's no baby to speak of as it was all clearly bullshit.

So that's my story reddit We were wondering wether or not we should start dating when she learned she was pregnant.

And awkward I'm looking for a counselor right now that will meet with me alone for a while and then introduce him into it so we can figure out a healthy co-parenting schedule. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I was and always have been careful when taking birth control, and I understand that sometimes it doesn't work. If she thinks that she can manipulate you, this will scare her shitlesssince this act implies that she will go through parenting alone. What To Expect Community.

She decided to get an abortion, I was there to support her through the whole process. We built our relationship during those times, on negativity. We broke up a year later, after I moved away for uni and we both weren't exactly faithful.

I still would've been there for her and the kid if she would've wanted to keep it. Parenthood is a possibility you have to keep in mind when you become sexually active.

The kid would've been 8 years old now. While we weren't at all well fit for eachother, she is still a great person. I sometimes wonder what kind of person we would've raised and how life would've been, if she'd have decided to keep it. We've never gotten married!

Pregnant After 4 Months Of Hookup

Our relationship has ups and downs but has been really great and getting better the last couple years. I don't know, thanks to not telling them my this web page name in the first place. Of course, I have a vasectomy now, but I still don' t tell them. Old habit I guess. If it was hookup for real, she knew what was happening ,you knew what was happening If she still has a baby do a DNA test, to many dudes got stuck with not-their-child syndrome.

People are bastards, dudes and dudettes alike. If you're saying these girls are scumbags trying to trap dudes, why would they agree to an abortion?

Or are you Pregnant After 4 Months Of Hookup to the "oh, sorry my elbow nudged you and you fell down three flights of stairs" kind? This is true, but this is an "escape clause" for the woman, if it was unwanted, she will linger when you ask, think about it because it was sudden for her as for you.

If she does not agree, you've made your choice and stick to it. The act of having a baby can be done with in vitro insemination, a dude is there to be married, such life is a horror. Especially if child ends up not yours.

Also does the father want to be involved or not? Well she was telling ME what was going to happen. I did not push him at all and made it clear I would seek no money or anything from him. I wish you all the best!

By for abortion, you are showing your opinion on that, so every act she wishes to impose on you will be her act alone, and that is scary. If she thinks that she can manipulate you, this will scare her linksince this act implies that she will go through parenting alone.

If baby is yours In other words, men often Pregnant After 4 Months Of Hookup responsible for the pregnancyand will do many things out of guilt, not testing for parenthood or even suggest an abortion.

That kinds of marriage is based upon a lie, and have weak foundation and it will tumble down quickly - broken marriage - broken home - broken children. You need 2 to do a horizontal tango, and it is sort of verbal contract among two adult humans when we do it, if there is a breach in contract penalties must be paid - same for me as for her. There is a million ways to stop pregnency today, so there is no "oops i slipped and fell in your hole I fucked with her for months because I know I'm sterile.