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On April 3,Muslim leaders in Manila filed a 1-billion peso libel suit against Soriano for allegedly disparaging Islam and the Muslims in general, citing videos of him released to members of MCGI. Email required Address never made debate iglesia ni cristo vs ang dating daan. Next Maliligtas ba ang nagbibigay ng church. The Fall of Iglesia ni Cristo () This video was deliberately removed in Youtube by the hackers of INC() after they found out many of their members are leaving their group after watching Iglesia Ni Cristo vs Ang Dating Daan: A Religious Debatepulangaleon. 6 Iglesia Ni Cristo vs Ang Dating Daan: A. 28 Jul Unverified user named Maya Agoncillo talks about the signs of falsehood of Iglesia Ni Cristo that went viral on social media. I came to know more about this case because of that Boycott Page of the Ang Dating Daan people in Facebook. From the . There is no need to debate with Manalo face to face.

August 28, in Human rightsinjusticemedia influencepolitical debtsreligious interferenceReligious persecution Tags: Jane Abao An international evangelist, considered as the most queried man on earth today reiterated his need to face his powerful nemesis in a one-on-one debate on television live.

Also counted as the most sensible preacher of our time today, his challenge is not one to be easily dismissed. Some quarters look at this challenge as a spur to the debate of the century long expected by those familiar with this preacher. Soriano had been very critical of false preachers ever since, click here especially those of the INC.

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He is politically a kingmaker in the Philippines for his bloc-voting congregation and is much sought after by politicians for help come election time. Soriano, 61, left the Philippines in a hurry towards the end of when conditions turned sour to his interests as preacher, on the belief that Manalo had much to do with the string of cases maliciously filed against him. Word had reached the evangelist of impending events to happen.

As he did not Iglesia Ni Cristo And Dating Daan Debate Video anyone of his people to be sacrificed if they defended him, Soriano left the country upon advice of his security personnel.

A formal challenge to debate with Manalo was published by Soriano in one whole page of the broadsheet, Manila Times, in March The intention was to end once and for all the contentions between them and to let the public see who among them was telling the truth.

For the nth time, Soriano who has been based abroad for two years now is reiterating the call for debate with Manalo. Soriano replied that there are so many churches of Christ but it is only the INC who refers to Christ as man and that he never was God at any time.

Therefore, to make a distinction that the church of Christ he was referring to is the one that believes in Christ as man, Soriano had to refer to this group as Iglesia ni Manalo, he said.

Further, Soriano reasoned out that the Wesleyans did not find it offensive if their church was referred to as the Church of Wesley, just as the Mormons and the Aglipays Iglesia Ni Cristo And Dating Daan Debate Video not feel slighted when they were referred to as the Mormon church or the Aglipayan church. The minister claimed that Soriano had been evading debate with his group, to which Soriano retorted that he was the one who had long been challenging Manalo to come out in the open and defend his teachings.

He also warned the INC minister not to reverse the link.

No posting of any kind of advertisement. The judges of the Supreme Court, the Chief of the National Police, the Bureau of Customs head, the National Bureau of Investigation head, the Land Transportation Bureau chief and all those at critical agencies of the land — why do we feel we have to have control over them? It concerned my father who lost here barangay elections because earlier he did not vote for the choice of the Administration. Soriano filed a motion seeking the reversal of its April decision.

The Iglesia ni Cristo answered Soriano on their program by asking him debate first with Pope John Paul II which was bedridden at that time and died a few days after this was posted.

As he left the hall, many of his followers took after him that several seats were vacated up front. However, even as the INC group left, there was excitement in the air. It is nights like this that the audience becomes excited whenever one would dare challenge Bro. Until now, it is said, no one has proven this man wrong when it comes to biblical matters. His work history is one tracked with many exciting debates — with the losers leaving in bitterness after their erroneous teachings were exposed.

Eli does not flinch whenever he comes face to face with false preachers, it is said. The INC are not excluded from the many fiery attacks of this evangelist. It was evident that the inquirer was not there to ask questions on matters of faith or salvation but to register his angst and anger against the host for labeling their church as Iglesia ni Manalo. Eliseo Soriano comes off as the most queried man on earth today.

Working initially with Filipino audiences wherever they could be found, he had expanded on to international audiences. The program had started its heydays in the radio then. Most of the questions are those not answered by the pastors of the inquirers.

They included questions about idols, spirits, prayers, death, tithing, the real Jesus Christ, resurrection, judgment day, living, God the father, false preachers. Soriano just click for source now facing multiple charges in the Philippines filed by the Iglesia ni Cristo and its sympathizers — all of them arising from his work as evangelist.

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The witnesses are either those Soriano had excommunicated from his congregation for various offenses, public officials who had benefited from the bloc-voting practices of the INC, and even those who stood to gain from the filed cases. Tithing according to him is merely Mosaic law that is not applicable to Christians today. Wanting to continue with his mission as one in a hurry, Soriano tries yet to be safe from those who would want his downfall.

With his impressive humanitarian work of caring for the helpless of Philippine society, he feels he is not being given the justice due a Filipino citizen. In one of the many earlier discussions of Soriano on Visit web page topics, he had intimated that the last war to be fought will be a war between truth and evil.

June 26, in Human rightsinjusticemedia influencepolitical debtsreligious interferenceReligious persecution Tags: Frederick FranciscoDr.

Lastly, he also cared for nothing more than an identification card sporting the name of the Iglesia Ni Cristo And Dating Daan Debate Video official of the church organization he belonged to — one that he would betray later on and charge of rape in order to materially survive. Daniel Veridiano, alias Puto, the man for whom the Interpol would mobilize to catch his enemy is now the man of the hour — thanks to an all-powerful church group in the Philippines he is now a part of.

The common denominator to Puto and the INC is that they have the same enemy — Eliseo Fernando Soriano — the walking bible click here readily says a mouthful about religions he had examined to be deceiving people and whatever he sees as evil. Puto must be laughing at everyone since he, himself only mocked up the rape charge. Suddenly it leads to an international watch by a most respected body.

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Whoever had that posted there must have prepared a most believable report. But that is not the concern of Puto as his godfathers in the Iglesia ni Cristo have everything prepared for him. He only has to keep mouthing lies against Soriano and he gets to continue with his new-found job — a ready source of income to maintain his new face and high living, and perhaps to continue with his gay sexual pursuits.

By now, the length and size of his penis have become common knowledge to the public. Over at YouTube, the videos describe his organ as really large. They say it is 5-and-a-half inches in length but the size has become their problem because when he forced his penis into their anus, it was really painful. Penis enlarger of Puto that he bought from an abused credit card meant for Church use.

Penis enlarger as an item had caught the attention of the church administration when receipts began coming in for the credit card Puto used beginning July 30, It is hardly an item for church use.

It showed a grossly irresponsible shopper who was already going out of his way from the doctrines being preached by Soriano. When asked about the penis enlarger, he said that the preacher had asked for it. Initially, the shopping list showed many luxury items Iglesia Ni Cristo And Dating Daan Debate Video food, health and sports and even if the amounts were superfluous, it did not quite alarm the Administration. Puto went from city to city and in one day, he could be in several places with his spending spree to include Baguio, Manila, Olongapo, Pampanga, Davao, and even outside the country like Singapore.

Puto was allowed to purchase materials for emergency use for his office, which is why he had access to an extension credit card, but he went loose. He probably wore the most expensive brief hereabouts and he bragged to his friends that they cost thousands. Just like the luxury click here he wore, he told his office mates that they came from the preacher.

From purchasing Botox treatments to expensive information technology IT items, cameras, watches and clothes, he got bolder and bolder that he took on expensive holiday trips to tourism beaches to dream up a life he did not rightfully deserve.

Iglesia Ni Cristo And Dating Daan Debate Video

He was testing the limits of the extension credit card. The newly-minted face of Puto but with the name of his victim. Secretly, Puto had long been riding along a UNTV identification card that he had prepared himself as head of the Attendance Monitoring System, which is why the purchases under that name did not immediately take concern.

For the name on that ID, he printed that of the preacher. For the photograph, he pasted that of his newly minted face.

Http:// signature, he had the gold finger for that.

With the credit Iglesia Ni Cristo And Dating Daan Debate Video, it was like he could buy anything we wanted at every turn — shades, watches, jewelries, shoes, clothes, dinners with friends, you name it. A sensible man would be satisfied with one watch for a long, long time, just as he would with some shades. But he was not. It was like every week, he needed a new pair. Puto thought the banks were his very own wallet. And then he would shift to other branches to do the same after two or three days.

Still single, it was like he was feeding a big party all the time as reflected in his grocery lists. Those lists also projected someone running frequently for medical needs.

Puto loved jewelries so much like he has many hands and neck to adorn, but he appeared to be buying gifts for himself and for others too. The list of Puto for just for watches and jewelries showed the following in Philippine Pesos: Swatch, ; Swatch, 3,; Swatch, 13,; Lucerne, 6,; A.

Rialto 14,; Venice jewelers, 40,; and L.

Iglesia Ni Cristo And Dating Daan Debate Video

Heng Jeweller Singapore 79, For alone, he spent a total of PHPForhis list also showed the following just for watches and jewelries alone: Rialto 23, ; Multi Time,; Gorriceta karat, 18, ; A. Rialto, 14,; and No Curfew, 23, In two years time, he bought several watches and fine jewelries from only a few thousands to enormous amounts to total PHP , Puto might not have a car but he rode taxis like he could afford any distance on any amount.

He might not have a house, but he seemed to have furnished many already from the items he had bought. Like the gay, he is, he frequented much the SM department stores of the country where he had his frequent beauty treatments.

It was on February 20, that Dermclinic would first work on his face, followed by so many others. No treatment was less than PHP 15, on the credit card so that he may have thought of paying in cash and going for more expensive treatments. Suddenly the cash advances were becoming frequent so continue reading by the time he was found out inhis minted face had spent a fortune. It was after some five months, though — after his change of face — on August 7, that he bought his penis enlarger from Singapore for PHP 10, Records show that from toPuto had been purchasing IT equipment presumed to be for use of his former office at the ADDCIT communication, information and technology with the same credit card.

At the go here he was purchasing items, he must have equipped a very sophisticated office well provided with many of the premium gadgets around, but no.

By the time he left his office, he alone knows where he had placed most of those Iglesia Ni Cristo And Dating Daan Debate Video.

Over time, the animosity between the two groups has intensified and the click has been severely strained. For the nth time, Soriano who has been based abroad for two years now is reiterating the call for debate with Manalo. Eliseo Soriano comes off as the most queried man on earth today.

His use of the credit card ended June 20,however. There was no mention of what he did with the credit card. In between these months, from July where he had no more access to the credit card up to November 21, when he wrote his confession letter and appeal, he was out of cash or source of money as he reflected on his suspension.

Despite what was discovered about Puto, the preacher took care of his medication for kidney trouble and gave him money for that, in the hope that Puto could still change.