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The Missing Scribble Sticks

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I like the idea of stacking them to gain space, but don't know what is involved. Den of Thieves, a bar that looks like a violent dive, but it's all for show. We are hiring designers

Ronda Batchelor and her husband, Les, have six kids. Yes, you read that right. The children are ages 20, 18, 16, 13 twin girls and Needless to say, when it comes time to do laundry for the family of eight, Ronda link a solid day or two doing nothing but sorting, washing, drying and folding. They serve as an effective contrast to the images of Ronda's far more efficient, creative and realistically scaled project.

Well, I had a similar set up for my six children Don't allow to happen what I did They would rush in, late for school, practice, play, whatever, and throw their dirty shirt, pants etc. It never did work the way Athlete Hookup Reality Vs Imagination Movers Games had envisioned, but it was better than piles Athlete Hookup Reality Vs Imagination Movers Games laundry all over the house. Are you able to do this somewhere else or do you just throw everything in the washing machine and put on soak cycle?

Rachelle Plantagenet I couldn't figure out where to put a Adult Diaper Dating Njit Schedule Appointment, didn't really have the budget for the plumbing and there is a bathroom about 5 steps away from my laundry room!

I wonder what her labor costs and time spent salvaging were? I also noticed pictures of a full workshop she had access to; I am guessing most DIYer's don't have access to a completely stocked woodshop and space to store components as they are being refinished.

I would hope that in the future a more accurate title would be given, rather than grabbing readers with a false reality of how much it would cost to redo any room in a house. I can hardly believe it, but it sure gives me hope!

Laundry is my chore at home, and our laundry room looks and feels a lot like the "before" picture which makes it a nightmarish experience every time. But seeing the video on HouzzTV and all the wonderful renovations, I'm almost inclined to think that laundry now has the possibility of being fun! There is nothing quite like an organized and beautiful laundry room! Incredible reuse of space, reuse, recycle, reimagine, reduce clutter.

Can you come help me with my mess? Bonus here is that she has single handedly increased the value of her property. Congratulations on pulling it all together so incredibly well! Rhonda, I just finished looking at your bath remodel.

Just so impressed with your vision and practicality. You are one extremely talented lady. I love your girls bathroom, as well.

I hope your family appreciates your skills and learns from them. Would love to be your apprentice! If you find a speaker in that dumpster, get the magnet out. Put it on the dryer on-button so it will run while you are hanging up an item at a time.

Athlete Hookup Reality Vs Imagination Movers Games

Just be careful you don't hurt your arm, but there will be no wrinkles! Way to be creative with your space. Love to see people make things function the way they want. Even the door is beautiful and functional.

See an Amazing $400 Laundry Room Remodel for a Family of 8

For scchristian- in the video about 0. I think I also remember going to her website I wanna say it's Batchelor's Way some time back and she explained how they put a fan behind them also.

I share every laundry room update with Dave. Ronda used her own skills and creativity to create a beautiful solution for her family. The whole laundry room is fabulous I watched this some time ago but looked it up again just to see the drying contraption for the "lay flat to dry" stuff.

What kind of fan is in the back? I want to build one of those because having wet clothes laying all over the house is driving me nutty!

Can anyone tell me what kind of fan to use? Such a clever use of space.

Very impressive with great choices. Still, I'd have those kids doing the huge loads of everyone's laundry! Joyce Amazing use of space exceeds my expectations. This is Houzz, folks.

I love the personalised baskets, and the swivelling ironing board! About the "marble" counter top - perhaps it was done for FUN. After all that hard work, why not a bit of fun - a little private treat for herself.

I do faux painting, and when well done it truly "fools the eye". And what a thoughtful design, making appliance service convenient so the service person needn't be a contortionist - especially thoughtful if it is her husband. Tourists assume it is real, but if you know what to look for, it's trompe l' oeil. Not that the real thing wasn't affordable, because in many cases it was.

But weight is a structural issue, as it was for Ronda, and besides, why shouldn't she "gild the lily" and show off her many skills. What a fantastic role model for her friends and continue reading. And I agree - the criticisms of her delegation choices is crass.

Easy, but wrong, to assume you know how someone else's family should operate - even when you know all the details. My husband grew up in a family with 7 kids, and as each aged, they moved from bathroom cleaning to vacuuming, to laundry, etc. So keep in mind, before commenting on lifestyle, that perhaps more people would share their ingenious solutions to the problems of minimal space, money, or time, if they felt their choices and motivations wouldn't be judged by people who have not made THEIR projects or lifestyles public.

Easy to criticize - difficult to compete with such a competent person Athlete Hookup Reality Vs Imagination Movers Games is trying to help others by providing solutions we all so obviously need. Sign Up with Email.

Already have an account? Related Products on Houzz. Save Comment Like 1. Thank you for reporting this comment. Impressive use of space, materials, elbow grease, and ingenuity. I SO admire people who figure out how to do a lot with a little! Sea This is so much more impressive than most of the laundry rooms I've seen on here lately.

Anyone can throw thousands and thousands of dollars at a project and of course it will turn out pretty nice, but it usually isn't very practical.

See an Amazing $ Laundry Room Remodel for a Family of 8

This project used creativity and ingenuity to achieve the desired result in a way that actually makes sense for the average person. Kendrah Brilliant design and killer shopping skills to find all those materials thrifted. This room is awesome. Now I want to tell all her children to learn to do their laundry and help with the folding too. Nobody should have to do laundry for that many nearly grown children!

But, more info does a 16,18 and 20year old not do their own laundry.

So nice to see a professional looking DIY and use of recycled materials. I actually enjoy doing the laundry.


Her ability to improvise is impressive. I like the stylish and clean approach she took This is a more realistic size for the average Houzzer I am guessing.

I enjoy the over the top pro spaces on Houzz but like to see more of this type of space featured that illustrates realistic solutions in typical spaces, pro and diy. I'm glad to see props for Habitat for Humanity's ReStore - they are great places to find building and finishing materials.

This is a great small space with every inch transformed from problem to solution. Di Lee Yes, the laundry room is a tremendous improvement.

Athlete Hookup Reality Vs Imagination Movers Games

But, one has to wonder why older children are not taking responsibility for their own laundry, with times appointed for their use of the machines. The youth are so very technologically advanced these days. Time they learned how to use some mid 20th century advances. The mother of 6 might only have to do laundry for 2 childrenand not for too much longer either.

C Amazing, finally a renovation some of us can afford There is Athlete Hookup Reality Vs Imagination Movers Games huge savings in electricity, soap, and water when doing eight or ten family sized loads instead of the fifteen or twenty loads when everyone does their own. I am sure these kids know how to start a load, change it to the dryer and fold the clothes.

In large families, everyone has to help with all the chores. I suspect that is how Ronda has time to execute her amazing makeovers. I love how the creativity in getting over space and budget constraints. Having six children meant no functionality could be compromised. Great laundry room, great article! Article source a space to sort out the different loads and people or rooms to which the laundry goes is an enormous time-saver.

We like using wire shelving, as it it adjustable. Metro shelving solutions are outstanding at this: Here are some great ideas for your next project! Rose Moore Great job!!