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The Woman Who Loved Too Much

Letters from Women Who Love Too Much Summary -

This text is suitable for the reader for whom being in love means being in pain. Therapist Robin Norwood describes loving too much as a pattern of thoughts and behaviour which certain women develop as a response to problems from childhood. 20 Feb "Why did he leave me?" she cries? "Things were going so well!" These are the sorts of exclamations of women who love too much when they are experiencing heartbreak. The question is how do you know that you could be one of those women? What are the signs that you need to look out for to identify. Robin Norwood's first book, entitled WOMEN WHO LOVE TOO MUCH, addressed the problem of relationship addiction, especially that of women staying with men who made them miserable. The book struck a responsive chord with many women, who then wrote to Norwood about their troubled relationships. Letters from.

In the book Norwood examines why women become involved in destructive relationships with men, and what can be done about the fatal attraction. Norwood, the mother of a son, Lane, 21, and a daughter, Piper, 17, discussed her work with reporter Lee Powell.

She is a woman who gets into relationships with men who have problems, knowing full well they do have problems. Some of these women actually become suicidal.

I think that relationships would last longer and be more healthy and happy if every person read this book. It would be fine if we brought all our sympathy, compassion, and understanding into relationships with healthy men, men with whom there was some hope of getting our own needs met. What is the result? Published January by Pocket Books first published The more I learned, the more I knew, the more I understood, the more forgiving I had to do, the more I had to let go and accept

I grew up in a single-parent home. My parents separated during World War II, and I met my father only once, when he took me out to dinner after my fifth-grade graduation.

Then at Burbank High School I heard a psychologist describe working with families, helping them to talk about their problems. So men are more apt to turn to something outside themselves, like work or sports.

But men who do stay with, say, alcoholic women are themselves often from alcoholic homes. Women are more loyal, perhaps neurotically so.

Letters from Women Who Love Too Much

Look at the statistics: One out of 10 men stays with an alcoholic wife; nine out of 10 women stay with an alcoholic partner. They usually come from poorly functioning families where they learned very early to take responsibility for others, to monitor the emotional climate and to try to keep it stable.

Many come from families where there is alcoholism, drug addiction or compulsive gambling.

Women who love too much : when you keep wishing and hoping he'll change

Just being the oldest in a troubled family can force a child into an overly responsible role. When a parent is ill it may create a situation over which the child is powerless but with which she tries to cope.

Women Who Love Too Much Summary

We tend to repeat patterns we grew up with. When a woman has grown up in an impaired or abnormal family, the problem of wanting to change someone else becomes exaggerated, sometimes to the point of pathology.

Not if you see how sick these women become and still are unable to let go.

The sessions were filled with ongoing discussions of their current boy friend to the degree that it felt to me as though I was invisible. There is an old joke about a nearsighted man who has lost his keys late at night and is looking for them by the light of a street lamp. We tend to repeat patterns we grew up with.

If their partners leave them, they suffer withdrawal symptoms that are very powerful and physical. They can often become sleepless, restless, they can have chills, even nausea. And remember, for every alcoholic there are four other people whose lives are affected. Because alcoholics are so exciting. We pit ourselves against the behavior pattern and we want to win. Television portrays seductive relationships as though they were reality, when they lack all the ingredients for stability or real intimacy.

We used to believe women stayed in terrible relationships because of economics. But today women with wonderfully paying jobs stay in or repeat unhealthy relationships. First she should seek help. Usually a woman wants to help him, her partner. See someone who understands addiction.

Women Who Love Too Much Summary

For example, I think Al-Anon, which treats the partners of alcoholics, is the treatment of choice because the best help comes from click here who have been through it all themselves and are recovering.

There is also Nar-Anon for the partners of narcotics abusers and shelter services for battered wives.

Whatever the problem, there is usually a support group. I trust that more than professional help. How does a woman make recovery her first priority when she has children, perhaps a job and a sick partner? I believe that if you put your own recovery first, everything else takes care of itself. No, but you have to get your focus on yourself, face your own destructive patterns. But when you cling to one person as the source of all good things Women Who Love Too Much Summary life, this dependency is going to fill you with fear.

You can get some of the things that make you feel good from yourself, your friends or your co-workers.

Are You Sitting Too Much?

Lee Powell December 09, Why is loving too much destructive? What drew you to this subject? Are there men who love too much? What do these women have in common that contributes to their problem? What is the result? What other factors are involved?

How serious can these problems be? How many of the women you see are attracted to men who are dependent on alcohol or drugs? Could this be a result of the changing role for women today? How does a woman recover? Does recovery mean that you have to be loveless and alone? Get your People daily dose Subscribe to the daily newsletter for the latest celebrity news.