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The implication is that when women improve their relative wages in comparison to their husbands, they may find themselves paying for the violation of gender roles by an increase their share of •Group differences between: men and women in hookups, men and women in relationships, (first, repeat, and relationships). Start studying Difference between Relative and Absolute Dating. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. What are the differences and similarities among formal, functional, and perceptual regions? A formal region Absolute location is useful if you need it to be exact such as the coordinates ° N, ° W. Relative location is using landmarks to give directions, to say "the place is NE of the town square." What does.

Define social inequality, explain why social inequality is contextual. The unequal distribution of valued goods and opportunities Social inequality is contextual because throughout history the form and level of inequality have varied widely. Also, within every culture, the form and level of inequality varies because every culture is different.

Define social mobility, describe factors impacting social mobility. The pattern of intergenerational inheritance in a society Labor market in a context where good jobs are expanding, upward mobility is more likely than in a society than where jobs are declining Family- parents play a large role in shaping how much education and other social and intellectual assets that will determine children's income Government policies regulates both labor markets and education systems.

Governments decide whether and to what extent disadvantaged children should get source assistance. List and describe 4 factors that contributed to the rapid rise of income inequality in the united states. Technology- compliments jobs while replacing others The decline of manufacturing in America- manufacturing has been moved to places where workers will accept less wages Globalization- outsourcing the growing permeability of national borders and increase in flows of goods, services, and even people across national borders Government policies-has failed to raise minimum wage to keep up with inflation.

Define inequality of opportunity, explain how it is measured using intergenerational correlations.

Which of the following has the lowest intergenerational correlation in terms of earnings? List the agonists used in platelet aggregometry and lumiaggregometry, recognize and draw the aggregation curves un the response to those agonists. Recognize absolute and relative changes in WBC distribution and describe using the terms from number 2. The post-synaptic cell may be more or less likely to fire depending on the whether the pre-synaptic cell has an excitatory or inhibitory effect.

The ways in which inequality shapes the opportunities for children and young adults to maximize their potential It is a measure of the extent in which parents and their children have similar or different social and economic positions in adulthood. On the scale, 0 would be perfect mobility and 1 would be perfect immobility. Explain the difference between absolute and relative poverty measures.

Later first intercourse The double standard of sexuality Lack of gender roles in sexual behavior Decreasing divorce rates Later first marriage. This term is used to encompass both prejudice and discrimination by individuals and institutions as well as macro-level ideologies and structural forces that fundamentally shape, and are shaped by, racially hierarchical societies. Discuss the function of each granulocyte eosinophil.

Absolute poverty is one that attempts to define the minimum amount of income necessary to meet basic needs, but one does not adjust for changes in living standards Relative poverty attempts to capture changes in living standards in defining who is poor. List and describe factors influencing poverty, and ultimately, its effect on children.

What Is The Basic Difference Between Relative And Absolute Hookup Quizlet

Education- is an important determinant of the skills that people can sell in the market in exchange for wage, having less than a high school diploma puts anyone at a higher risk of poverty Employment and Status read more employment status and type of job are basically the outcome of education and other skills Minority status- also matters in the united states African Americans, Hispanics, and native Americans are much more likely to live in poverty than whites.

However the largest number of poor people are whites Age- Age can play a role in getting a job, statistics show that it is harder to get a job after the age of 50 Family structure- Single parent families are more likely to be poor.

Explain the difference between gender and sex. Gender; refers to the impact that social forces have on the individual in terms of what it means to be male or female Sex; refers to how males and females differ in terms of anatomy, chromosomes, and hormones. Discuss the difference between the biological and social views on gender.

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Define the social construction of gender. The entire system of social processes that create and sustain gender differences and gender inequality. Define and describe how gender socialization and gender stereotypes create and recreate gender. Gender is socially constructed through socialization, some social expectations are based on stereotypes, beliefs about a group that are often untrue or exaggerated as a description of a group. Combined stereotypes and socialization create and recreate what is expected of a certain gender.

Discuss the gender revolution. Girls and women have taken on activities and roles previously limited to mostly men, the biggest increase is of women in the paid workforce. Provide an explanation for why women increased their participation in the labor force. As wages increased in the s to s, so did the incentive for women, click couples- to decide in favor of a woman working for pay.

The economy also changed to include a higher share of jobs in service work which had always employed women. While the jobs for men have declined. Discuss the sexual revolution and, more specifically, the documented trends in sexual behavior. Over the last 50 years behavior of young unmarried adults has changed substantially.

Premarital sex has become accepted in most groups in America. Studies show that religious denomination does not have much effect on whether he or she has sex. Although many American students have sex, most American parents disapprove. For people coming of age in the s through the s, the click the following article of those having premarital sex increased Increasingly since the s sex became common in relationships have become involved in cohabitation In recent years sex has become common in casual liaisons where there is no expectation that either party expects a relationship to ensue.

Youth refer to such liaisons as "hookups". Explain the difference between ethnicity and race. Discuss the differences between the essentialist and constructivist views on race. Essentialism was created by Karl Marx: Explain why race is contextual using evidence from the text. Race is contextual because race is a classification created by human beings rather than something natural or biological Race is socially created- not the work of one person but rather the product of masses of people who form a society.

Furthermore, All societies have different beliefs and different rules that create their society hence they have different contexts than other societies. Define racism, and discuss why it persists over time.

What Is The Basic Difference Between Relative And Absolute Hookup Quizlet

Racism includes two phenomena: Prejudices are negative beliefs, feelings, or attitudes held about entire groups. Discrimination differs from prejudice in that it involves actions rather than beliefs. It includes any behavior that harms learn more here or puts them in disadvantage based on their group membership. Some Americans who may have abandoned the old-fashioned racism of previous generations still harbor negative stereotypes about blacks and other minorities Evidence that racial prejudice persists has also been taken from mass media portrayals of racial groups.

These portrayals are often based on stereotypes in which minority groups are presented in roles that are defined as negative or demeaning characteristics. Describe racial differences in important life outcomes, such as: Although the income gap between white and minority families narrowed following the civil rights movement, this narrowing leveled off in the s and has not changed since. Except for a few countries, based on the American community survey What Is The Basic Difference Between Relative And Absolute Hookup Quizletthe per capita income of whites is much higher than that for blacks and has changed very little since.

Blacks and Latino families are more likely to fall below the poverty line The persisting wealth gap between whites and blacks remains a persistent feature of socioeconomic inequality in the united states. White families have on average seven times more wealth assets than the black families Even though African Americans have experienced substantial gains in educational attainment over the last three decades, they are paralleled by gains among whites and Asians.

One key reason for this education gap is that education is linked to family resources and white and Asian families generally have higher incomes.

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Even though the civil rights act outlawed discrimination in housing markets, African Americans continue to be the most segregated group in the united states Residence in ghettos are more likely to receive poor quality education and are less likely to have access to economic opportunities There is also a large gap in health between whites and blacks, they show disparities in health and other indicators of well-being.

One reason for this is health care coverage. African Americans and Latinos are more likely to rely on emergency medical clinics than whites because of the lack of healthcare coverage.

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Social inequality is contextual. Hunting and gathering societies. An intergenerational correlation of 1 indicates perfect mobility in which a child's eventual position is determined by their achievement as opposed to their family background. If the overall level of social inequality in society decreases, then social mobility will decrease. Du Bois proposed an essentialist view on race. Max Weber felt that races stemmed from "common inherited and inheritable traits that actually derive from common descent.

What is "white privilege," according to the text? Thus far, we have documented the united states today. These persisting gaps have been described as some of the costs of being a minority, or, alternatively the privilege of being white.

A concept that refers to the advantages of being white versus non-white. When Europeans settled in the New World, they wanted to open up territories for settlements.

This meant that Native Americans were not only forcibly removed from their land but sometimes killed. Joseph was born a biological male. He always felt that he was supposed to be female and eventually had surgery to correct his perceived incorrect assignment.

Joseph now lives as Josephine. List read article agents of gender socialization, according to the text.

Parents are important agents of socialization. Another important agent of socialization is the mass media- popular music, movies, television shows, internet sites, and advertisements. Provide one explanation for the substantial increase in women's participation in the workforce from toaccording to the text.

The two main reasons that women's employment increased were economic. Firs, as wages increased during the s and s, so did the incentive for women- or couples- to decide in favor of a woman working for pay Bermann In addition, the economy changed to include a higher share of jobs in service work jobs like secretary, receptionist, nurse, and store clerkwhich had always employed many women.

As the demand for service workers rose, more opportunities became available for women Oppenheimer Men contribute more to housework than women, on average, because more women entered the workforce. Which of the following statements about gender equality is true?

While sex before marriage has become more acceptable, the behavior of men and women has changed very little in terms of gendered expectations. Upgrade to remove ads.