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Find some emo songs that you think she will like, and burn them onto a CD for her. Don't just throw the songs haphazardly on the CD—spend time arranging them until you find the perfect order with the smoothest transition between songs (pay attention to genre, rhythm, lyrics, etc). Consider putting a recording of you talking. 2: to make the subject of conversation or discourse: DISCUSS talk business> 3 : to influence, affect, or cause by talking 4: to use (a language) for conversing or communicating: SPEAK intransitive verb 1 a: to express or exchange ideas by means of spoken words b: to convey. What Girls Said emogurl. mho 20%. you should try to like her music, long flippy hair, black skinny jeans and band tees might make her more confertable around you. Then just talk to her like you would to one of your friends. Either that or grow some balls and ask the girl out! 0. 0|0. 0|0. harveykinkle. mho 13%. If you' re.

Sunday, December 11, How to talk to this emo girl?

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There is this hot emo girl at my school. She's a year younger than me so we don't have any classes together but Id like to get to know her. Im not emo but I dont think that matters.

For example, you can talk about daily frustrations, family or friend conflicts, issues at work or school, hopes and dreams, or any of your musical or artistic interests. The best way to start a conversation is to find common interests. I mean, you can't really MAKE someone like you you just have to let her know that it's okay that to be around you. Once there, kneel down on the ground, reveal the ring, and ask here, "Would you like to be my emo wife?

When I see her in the halls shes not sulking usually just acting like a normal girl, talking with her friends. Anyways how can I get to know her?

Unlike other girls, however, emo girls will not hesitate to use these weapons, and may be equipped with more dangerous weapons such as switchblades and handguns. Compliment her too to make her feel special, but don't say anything that will make her feel uncomfortable. Just go up to her and have a small conversation. To tell the difference between a emo girl and a poser, you must know these facts:

We are sorta in the place of that girl LoL, but don't get us wrong, keep reading! We are not fully emo, we don't cut ourselves O.

How To Talk To A Emo Girl

O BUT We like it when a guy will just come up to us and say ';Hi'; and then start a small conversation. Don't talk to her for too long. That could cause her to think your a complete wack-o.

Just go up to her and have a small conversation. End it with ';Talk to ya later'; or ';See ya around'; If her friends are around, it might be even better. That could cause them to talk about you more.

How To Talk To A Emo Girl

We hope that you find this helpful! Kat And TrisHow to talk to this emo girl? Thanks for voting our answer as best answer!!! Report Abuse Talk to her I think that is obvious.

How to talk to an emo girl?

Just talk to her. Posted by Stuart at 7: Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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