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We got inside the 'Tinder for elites' — here's what it's like to use

19 Nov Know your league. "If you want to step out of that league, do it with some game. ( This sounds so shitty and shallow, but that's sort of the name of the game with online dating.) Dear not-super-hot guys, you make hot girls feel really bad when you send us messages about how we 'probably won't write you. As your mind is racing through the success rate of each pick-up line you know, it suddenly dawns on you that this woman is out of your league. Nothing you say and nothing you have will impress her. So what do you do? Your first course of action should be to drop all stereotypes. Just because she is gorgeous doesn't mean. You're kidding right? You rate others as in and/or out of your league? Are you in Junior High School or do you just need therapy? And exactly how shallow of a group do you hang out with? Really? Leagues? Like alpha males and females? You surround yourself with people who are no more socially developed than dogs?.

The reddit self-improvement and seduction community! Want to start a local lair? Seddit Simple Questions Thread. The Controversy Returns self.

In the original post, I spent a lot of time deconstructing the limiting beliefs which prevent guys from going for 9s and 10s — but I failed to replace them with a new empowering alternative. This is a topic that means a lot to me because it took me so damn long to figure out and it was an absolute obsession for many Hookup Success Out Of Your League.

So I took the criticisms into account and stayed up all night drinking coffee and wrote this new, more in depth piece in an attempt to make things clearer. However, it is interesting to see the rationalisations that guys will come up with to justify not going for what they really want but are afraid of.

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For example, in response to my last post, many guys commented: Give yourself the gift of learning to fuck incredibly beautiful women. As I explained in part one, 9s and 10s are no different from other women in any fundamental way. All the same principles still apply and work just as well: By definition, the hottest girls are rarer.

How To Date Girls "Out Of Your League"

The rarity of seeing a really hot girl will depend on where you live, and what places you go to pick up girls. However, no matter what way you skin this cat, extreme beauty is always an anomaly. In any bar, there are what, maybe really pretty girls, at most?

Go to places that there are a high number of really hot girls concentrated in a small location. If getting the hottest girls is a priority for you, then get real about this, and go to the places where the hottest girls are. Start getting into better clubs. Figure out the trendiest bars in Hookup Success Out Of Your League city.

The more you surround yourself with beautiful women, the more likely you are to pull one. Go out a lot. Go out once a week, you have low chances of meeting and pulling a hottie. Go out twice a week, you have higher chances. Three times a week, higher chances still. Success in almost every endeavour usually comes down to cold hard mathematics at the end of the day.

This feeds into the above point. Warm up, and approach all girls — not just the hot ones. When you then run into the hot one, it will be much easier to approach and game her. I saw her in the library in my college, spent 45 minutes shaking with fear before finally walking up to her. I asked her name, flirted a bit then asked for her number in front of 50 other people in a completely silent library. She said yes, and we went out later that night. Moral of the story: And immediately, you just know: You could have done 30 other approaches that night.

Most men become Hookup Success Out Of Your League in the face of extreme beauty. Being intimidated by beautiful girls is not natural. There is no inherent reason why you should feel intimidated to speak to a beautiful woman. Yet now you do. Somewhere along the way, you learned it.

Those who are born beautiful. I asked her name, flirted a bit then asked for her number in front of 50 other people in a completely silent library. Those are all great arguments. For some dazzling women, this is true.

Both of you are — in reality — simply hairless apes clinging to a giant rock which is hurtling through space at 67, miles per hour. And both of you are scared, tired, and confused. Some of these aforementioned hairless apes shave their legs, put paint on their faces, and squeeze themselves into strange and uncomfortable costumes.

Now you might argue here: In the case of men, this mostly means working out how Hookup Success Out Of Your League, strong and domineering you are, and adjusting your personality and ambitions accordingly. There's a fascinating finding in economics that taller men earn more money throughout their careers, but that it is their height at sixteen, not at thirty, that best predicts their earnings.

The reason for this, as other studies have shown, is that this when men decide their status, and shape their personalities accordingly. So what employers are rewarding are the attributes of self-confidence and ambition that came partly from being a tall, strong football click at this page at school, rather than the height of the person today In both sexes therefore, says Harris, there is a tendency to settle some aspects of your personality in the mid-teens, based on how high you think your relative status Hookup Success Out Of Your League among your peers.

That, she thinks, is the likely cause of the differences in personality that are not directly or indirectly genetic. If you were a late developer, unpopular, disliked, unsuccessful with women in your teenage years like I was — you will likely have formed a self-image that you are relatively low down on the dominance hierarchy.

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Stay in your league. If you could somehow get the hot girl, people would respect you. That is — they were perfectly appropriate strategies to adopt in response to the unnatural and usually toxic environment that is modern Hookup Success Out Of Your League secondary level education.

People talk in high school. Approaching a 10 in high school could yield permanent reputation damage if she rejects you and major social upside if she goes for you.

Approach a 10 in a club, however, and there are ZERO permanent consequences — either positive or negative. Fucking a 10 is not going to change your life in any way as an adult. Lust is a raw, organic natural desire — pure and uncorrupted by the defiling influence of modern civilization.

Lust… desire… sexual energy. Call it what you will Hookup Success Out Of Your League but now we are inarguably dealing in something like reality. And 9s and 10s have, in general, a more potent and sharply defined femininity than other women. Paradoxically, when you stop viewing women hierarchically e.

Two days after having this web page insight about approaching women for their feminine energy rather than for their hotness, I wandered into a nightclub on my own. Three hours later I was laying in my bed drinking Glenfiddich while getting my dick sucked by a beautiful 18 year old virgin.

A week after that, I wandered into a different club on my own. Within half an hour I was being openly groped by a stunning six-foot tall black model girl, who proceeded to drag me out of the club. Her and her equally gorgeous blonde surfer chick friend then came back to my place and things got sexual.

Hookup Success Out Of Your League

Just do it, then notice how you feel in your body immediately afterwards. Honestly, approaching the hottest girls is so scary that it feels like jumping out of an aeroplane.

When you use that energy as fuel, you check this out access powers and possibilities which are not available in your ordinary state of consciousness. It will energise click give you powers that you never thought possible. If you like what you've read here, you might like my blog.

Many people like to start with this post: Just as you should focus on femininity to feel attracted, you should focus on maximizing your masculinity to generate attraction - all good game flows naturally from your true masculine essence not your routine, lines, etc. OK, I'll fall for the bait.

I understand Hookup Success Out Of Your League is the question of the ages, but I'm being sincere here. Unyieldingness - being resolute, firm and reliable. Strength of body and character.

You're basically the help. It's all about self-ownership. Plus if I say I am only looking for something casual, and I meet you, I don't get to change my answer. If you're wearing sunglasses in every picture, I'm going to pass. I mean don't you have to have something to offer them as well?

A strong sense of purpose and confidence. To name a few. While i love reading all this game stuff, at the end of the day, i use it only for inspiration.

While i might learn to game and get results i want that way, i would always feel like a cheat if that was all that was to it. I want women to feel attracted to me first because of my strong masculine essence, and then i want to have the ability to work with that further. I think if you really feel like a man who is highly desirable by women, even if you know the game, your execution will be on a different level - in contrast to someone who just knows the game.

Wish I could upvote this a hundred times. Unfortunately as a pickup teacher, it's very hard to communicate what being masculine is -- because most of it is based on NON-VERBAL cues, in my opinion, which are difficult to Hookup Success Out Of Your League in writing. But yes, you've absolutely hit the nail on the head. And if Hookup Success Out Of Your League come from a very sharply defined masculine polarity, you'll naturally attract women who are extremely feminine -- which TENDS to be the quote-unquote "hottest" girls though not always, of course.

I understand what the OP is elaborating on. Sometimes people don't "get" something until they "get It"; this is the basic principle of an see more. I've always felt that phenomenon the OP calls "feminin energy", but never realised it was a separate entity and a real thing. To Be honest, I always assumed that 'thing' was just something in my own head. I appreciate this post, and it will be beneficial for me going forward.

Some of the main points don't work for me personally because I don't live in a big city, however because of that, I will stand out more to the 's I cross paths with because of the small tidbits of information and data I picked up from this thread. In a side note, it would appear to me some people don't find this post as useful as I do, and that's okay. But there is a reason 3rd Grade read more don't do College level school school work.

They have to learn basic stuff, and work their way up. I implore everyone to keep learning and picking up on shit, then this stuff will start to make more sense.

Hookup Success Out Of Your League