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Win Or Goku Who Superman Will

Goku vs Superman - Who would win?

Goku vs Superman. Who would win?

4 Aug I don't think there's any subject on the planet that is more polarising than the idea of pitting the last son of Krypton up against the mightiest Saiyan in the cosmos. Superman vs Goku is the kind of dream match that we'll never ever see. But we sure as hell can speculate about it. It's the kind of scenario that. Those Youtube videos (especially death battle) are miscalculations. If you want to see why Goku would win, feel free to read. This is all copied and pasted, i just found this. His research goes to show that - [b]Superman's Peak strength[/b]: quintillion tons-->infinity (has been shown to literally lift infinity. However, Superman can beat Goku in a pure hand fight. Superman is invincible, and as much as Goku can train, he'll need some cunning and skill to defeat Superman. So, Superman would be completely eclipsed by Goku when talking about conventional warfare. With special set of rules, Superman would most likely win.

Who Will Win Superman Or Goku

This rollercoaster ride of a turn-based strategy game starts out almost impossibly strong, but by the end I mostly wished it'd been over three hours earlier. Call of Duty's return to World War II looks great, but feels flat and uninspired from start to finish. Both are from an alien planet, see more both were sent to earth.

Goku was sent to destroy Earth and ended up protecting EarthSuperman was sent to protect Earth. So who do you think would win? Here's an awesome video someone animated of them fighting. I was a Dragonball fan growing up. I remember setting the VCR to tape it on Toonami every day.

Superman is a boring superhero in my opinion. He's pretty much invincible. There's no fun in that! Goku would fight him to test how strong he is. Goku's always looking for a strong guy to fight. Goku has the advantage of having access to senzu beans.

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So if he brings those and some kyrptonite, he should be fine. He's a complex character, even more so than Goku.

Superman's world is clearly, our world. If Goku could read minds from a distance without physical touch, then he could easily read supermans mind to try to find out what his weakness is. Death Battle was right, regardless of the math making your brain hurt and your favorite character losing. Yeah, except Red Son was an Elseworlds story and doesn't count. Its a tough one.

Superman went insane after having to judge and execute three kryptonian dictators because he's vulnerable and fragile. Have you seen the cartoons or films? He always fights villains that are as strong as him so he's not invincible. Goku isn't a complex character. He never had to do anything complex other than beat the bad guy. A weakness that comes up only so he's not completly invincible that would make him impossibly boring and only when it's convenient.

So super man pretty much cheats his way to victory since he's invincible. Unless we take context into account. Superman would not kill goku since he's a good guy and goku would train enough to surpass him since that's what he does.

Goku is what you call a person who is "uncorrupted," almost childlike, which is what Who Will Win Superman Or Goku him is simplicity.

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He sees only right and wrong, there is not gray area. It's a more pure way of thought that is not very realistic, unlike superman who shows a lot of complexity in his moral decisions.

Also as these dudes put it: Also, I feel that anyone who calls Superman "boring" because he's invincible doesn't read the comics or watch the movies. Goku can destroy planets.

Who Will Win Superman Or Goku

By the end of GT he fused with the Dragon Balls, basically making him an here like the dragon Are always the best threads. Whoever is writing the story decides who wins, it doesn't matter who is "stronger" or "more powerful", this also applies to every question on who is better x or x.

That shit was bonkers! That was a fucktardadly in depth video. I gotta say Im impressed with the math they pulled out of their ass. Sadly I enjoyed the moron with the fake gruff voice way too much. I will take that video in OP at face value, they seem to have done more research than I'm willing to do.

Goku would probably spend the first few hours blithering on about some stupid fucking shit or powering up. Giving Superman all the time in the world to shut his ass up. Goku would kill Superman, but after some time it would turn out that through some extremly unrealistic and illogical but convenient event that involved time travel, other dimensions and magic he wasn't fighting the real Superman but the Cyber-Superman from Dimension X in the Future.

Then the real Superman would return from his casual trip to the core of the planet Zorg in the past and they would fight again. And then the world would explode or something cause nobody cares. Goku actually knows how to fight while Superman has relied on his strength since it's emerged. Plus Goku enjoys fighting just for the fun of it.

I can't recall a comic were Superman has faced an opponent on equal footing continue reading be excited about the possibility. Neither would kill each other, Goku would never use kryptonite on him, and both would fight somewhere were there would be no threat to human life.

At the end of the day I'm not sure if Goku even has to go Super saiyan to beat him. Some how I think Superman wouldn't enjoy the opportunity enough to go Who Will Win Superman Or Goku out and ultimately lose source of that. The OP shutting down his own thread in the first post. This has to be some sort of record. Yeah, except Red Son was an Elseworlds story and doesn't count.

It's not even a Superman from another part of the multiverselike Ultraman or Superboy-Prime. It's just a "What If? It's also probably the best Superman comic, but that doesn't make it any more canon. Basically Dragonball characters take forever to do anything and Superman has both super speed and super intellect as powers so this would be pretty one sided. I don't understand why anyone thinks Goku Who Will Win Superman Or Goku win when all of his attacks take 20 seconds to work at link don't get me started on the useless spirit bomb bull.

Goku vs Superman - Why Goku Would Destroy Superman!

I think Goku is a fine character, but I vote for Superman, and I think if anyone that doesn't mind reading comics, would really like Superman. This is a hard match, so I can't say who would win, but I do find it an source Who Will Win Superman Or Goku. While you have hero's that have great stories that deal with their mental state, super powers or notand what have you, Superman to me is the heart of what a hero looks like and does.

I mean, I don't think you can look to a more inspirational 'super' hero than him. That's not to say he's my favorite, but he's up there.

Goku is cool though, and I've always liked his martial arts skills, and while it wouldn't be quite as much of a match for him, when I was younger I always liked the thought of him and Ryu fighting each other. As for this, I'll just say Superman. Edit - I loved that video, that was cool; animations weren't the greatest, but it was good enough to present what the fight. Please Log In to post. Commando Follow Forum Posts: I've already said this before, but: Superman is not at all boring, and he definitely has weaknesses.

He doesn't always get the girl, and the Silver Age and Superman: Red Son proved he's very easily brainwashed. He's an integral foil to Batman as well, being the important light to his dark. He brings Bats back when he goes too deep into despair. They wouldn't fight at all! I think they'd be bros, actually. I would beat Who Will Win Superman Or Goku both easy. Carrot Cake would obviously win.

McGhee Follow Forum Posts: I saw that video yesterday. It tells you who wins at the end. Click here to reveal hidden content. Zomgfruitbunnies Follow Forum Posts: What does the scouter say? He can go Super Sand Lesbian 3. Animasta Follow Forum Posts: I'm just going to say Goku because I don't know. The answer feels like: Coafi Follow Forum Posts: I am no DBZ fan, but isn't Just click for source way stronger than him?

Are always the best threads. But, Goku and Superman would probably just have a beer and settle this in a click ol' game of rock paper scissors. As Trunks appears he becomes a pathetic joke. I know you are. However, in space superman has no one else to share that power with, but nonetheless he does run out of juice and needs to recharge.

BraveToaster Follow Forum Posts: DarthOrange Follow Forum Posts: You can go Super Sand Lesbian 3. Jackie Chan in a ladder factory. Er, Superman I guess. Aegon Follow Forum Posts: L44 Follow Forum Posts: Aronleon Follow Forum Posts: ShiftyMagician Follow Forum Posts: