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Math Says This Is the Perfect Age to Get Married

17 Apr Discover author Jo Piazza's finding on the best age to get married, according to the hundreds of women she interviewed around the world. You may be surprised to find how stable and lasting young marriage can be. Studies show that the early 20s is the best time. 24 Feb If you're in your 20s, you're probably thinking that you've got stacks of time to find The One, settle down and relinquish your irresponsible single life. But apparently, you don't.

My own husband was counseled by both of his parents to not even consider marriage until he was 35 years old. He took their advice to the next level and married at He was praised for his measured and mature decision. This allows men both an extended adolescence and more time to find the right person. But women are not granted the same privilege.

When you're ready, you can choose for yourself based on your partner's and your beliefs. It depends on you and your relationship and your general situation. Before taking a permanent step like marriage, work on the life you have together and discuss what hurdles you foresee and come up with a plan of attack together. Don't allow overbearing family to strong-arm you into getting married.

Movies and fairytales prime women to think about weddings from childhood, and the majority of romantic comedies promote the proposal as the happy ending, with most heroines just pushing the three-decade mark — but rarely surpassing it. Follow Motto on Facebook.

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My own future as a spinster was close at hand. Then I met a man thousands of miles from home on a boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, on a work trip in the Galapagos Islands.

By Belinda Luscombe July 21, Carefully organized and driven, a counseling plan will help address many important aspects such as parenting, finances, religious beliefs and decision-making. Other sociologists who cover this waterfront were quick to weigh in with doubts.

He proposed three months later, and we got married right on my 35th birthday. Thank the matrimonial gods! Women who get married after the age of 35 might actually be setting themselves up for happier marriages than women who marry in their 20s. A real happily ever after.

What Is Right Age To Get Married

The majority of my own friends got married at Less than a decade later, half of them are divorced. Many marriage therapists, the people who help fix unhappy marriages, believe this is because wisdom truly does come with age.

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Peter Pearson, co-founder of the Couples Institutetold me. I was terrified of divorce. In fact, I was so nervous that I spent the first year of my marriage crowdsourcing advice from around the world to figure out how not to fail at it.

Subscribe to the Motto newsletter for advice worth sharing. In Dehli, Kolkata and Guwahati, India, I met with women who had been in failed arranged marriages in their 20s.

They had similarly arranged marriages in their 30s they felt were successful.

What is the optimal age to get married?

The only difference, they informed me, was age. They felt more confident and secure in themselves. The life experience they had by their mids made them more comfortable standing up to their husbands as equals, which they told me ultimately made them feel more satisfied in their marriages. Historian Stephanie Coontz, author of Marriage, a History and The Way We Never Weresees a historical progression toward advanced maternal age leading to greater marital satisfaction.

We want to negotiate as equals. It used to be marriage was the way you started to grow up, but recently, marriage is only going to work if you are both grown up. Women should be allowed to let life and experiences shape their personalities before they enter a union with another person.

We should be given the time to put our careers and personal development first, because no matter what anyone says, marriage is hard. It takes time, effort, patience, maturity and work.

What Is Right Age To Get Married

Jo Piazza is the bestselling author of the new memoir How to Be Married: By Jo Piazza April 17, Jo Piazza is a writer, editor, and co-author of The Knockoff. Motto welcomes outside contributions.

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