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Get Right Age After Marriage Pregnant To

After marriage after how many months should we plan for children? (Hindi)By Vaidehi Deodhar

What's the Best Age to Have a Baby?

Age has always played an important role in a woman's ability to get pregnant. Regardless of The majority of experts agree that there is no 'perfect' age to get pregnant. The chances of having a miscarriage between ages 30 and 34 rises to percent and after turning 35 a woman has an 18 percent risk of miscarrying. Ask several women what they think is the ideal age for pregnancy, and you'll get wildly different answers. Those who give birth in . And after my third baby was born, I was more comfortable with my changed body than my friends who were experiencing stretch marks and mummy tummies for the first time." YOUR CAREER. 23 Oct A woman is most fertile and has the best chance of pregnancy in her 20s. She has the highest number of good quality eggs available to her at this point in her life. You'll likely have a low-risk pregnancy and healthy baby if you deliver in your 20s. More and more women today are opting to delay marriage.

Because, of course, misery loves company. Your doctor might also recommend additional screening and testing for you and baby. Then again, with more women delaying childbirth, you'll benefit from a community of women who are figuring out older motherhood alongside you. These are your most fertile years.

Welcoming the news of being pregnant is a treasured moment for all. It brings in a lot of joy but it is also one of the biggest responsibilities that you will shoulder during a lifetime.

When Is the Best Time to Have Children? | Psychology Today

Today, a woman has multiple priorities. You would definitely want to have a settled career and a committed partner before you think of embracing motherhood.

Does Age Really Matter?

So let us help you understand the pros and cons of pregnancy at different ages, so that you can have a considerable amount of clarity of thought for yourself. Some of the facts stated by medical experts are as follows:.

Effects Of Caffeine On Fertility ]. In order to decide on the right age for pregnancy, consider factors like fertility period, emotional maturity, career stability, family orientation, financial health etc. Smoking Effects On Fertility ].

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You are the right judge for yourself. So take a decision about pregnancy as per your convenience and comfort levels and steer your life in the direction in which you feel you will be the happiest. The ultimate decision is yours.

I like your concise response JorduSpeaks better than mine below, which I wrote earlier. Here's what you need to know. Emotionally, many women in their twenties say they are not ready for the responsibility, commitment, and change of lifestyle that a baby brings. If you're trying to get pregnant, it's important to understand the causes of an anovulatory cycle.

As pregnancy is one of the most wonderful phases to be in, make the most of it. Did you check with your doctor about it? Your doctor will prescribe a few tests to diagnose the underlying cause for not being able to conceive.

Right Age To Get Pregnant After Marriage

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Right Age To Get Pregnant After Marriage

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