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You're in Love with Your Friend and Not Sure If the Feeling is Mutual

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If you say to someone "The feeling is mutual" you are telling that person that you agree with them - your opinions, thoughts, feelings mirror theirs. It really means when two people have the same feelings for / about each other or a common topic. E.g. Laura feels that her mother will get angry if she does not get home by 10pm. Her friend, Janet, who knows Laura's mother to be rather strict on . I d rather say "I love you too" instead of saying "Feeling is mutual" to some gal who tells me that she loves me. That is because "I love you too" is more explicit, more extrovert, more honest and more emphatic on the emotions of the other person than "Feeling is mutual". Why hide your feelings and your true.

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I totally understood what he wanted to get across. Sometimes people don't say what they where expected to say but it dose not mean the intent was not there. There is nothing to worry about there, he is falling in love with you.

With age comes experience, with experience there is a realization that you are not the only person in this world with their own perspective. It source a good lesson you obviously need to learn. What did you expect - an awkward silence? Him pretending he didn't hear?

In his unfortunately titled novel, ''Our Mutual Friend,'' Dickens used the right word for a shared feeling: One-star words are frequent, two-star words are more frequent, and three-star words are the most frequent. Also note that - contrary to television character's subsequent use - Mr. Right now sounds like you are "fishing" for the response you want to hear. Words near mutual in the dictionary.

Usually people put on the spot will say something nice especially on a touchy subject like this one. Right now sounds like you are "fishing" for the response you want to hear. It's difficult for blokes to say the whole l.

Link and received by each toward the other; reciprocal: Origin From Middle French mutuelfrom Latin mutuus. I got it in Odessa in - that's when it started, I guess. I want to propose to my girlfriend, but I'm concerned she has lied about her sexual history. Well, since you say that he had already said those same words and also used the M word and you put the brakes on, he was probably not ready to put himself out that far again.

He may have been fumbling for a reply while thinking about the depth of emotion you threw down on him, and blurted out, "feeling is mutual". If he is not ready to say. If you pressure him to say.

the feeling is mutual

Some guys save that word for serious occasions. I respectfully say No you are incorrect.

As a guy and I have been one for many years now, I will say that is a very normal response that a man will use, it is not the words a woman wants to hear but that is how we are.

Many women need to stop expecting to hear certain words, we men just don't use them, He said he loves her just not in a manner as some would like to hear, but that is why we don't fully understand each other totally. One month isn't a long time, and if the initial attraction is strong, people might say more - or less - than they've thought through. I'd think that if a man tells you within a couple weeks of phone conversations and one first date that he's fallen hard for you and is thinking about marrying you at some point, he's probably either bobbing around in the What Is The Meaning Of The Feeling Is Mutual of "new infatuation" and therefore not to be taken too seriously or leading you on and link not to be taken too seriously.

It might be a good idea to rein in your own horse a bit and give it time, wait and see, don't get carried away too quickly just because he did. I agree with HillsideCA that only your specific guy can tell you what he meant To my way of thinking I've seen it in others and been there myself. I think it's because there's no physical filter; your words are going straight to each other's brains and your imagination goes wild for this person.

The Feeling is Mutual

I think after your first meeting, he realized that he practically proposed and he should maybe slow it down. I think he's still very interested in you, but when you unleashed the L word, he wanted to say something positive, but had already talked himself into slowing things down.

I'd like to interpret "The Feelings Mutual" to mean he understands exactly how into him you are, and is into you just as much. I figure he took the pressure of you both Well, at least that's how I'd play it. If you charge over there and say "Do you love me?! I use that term quite a lot myself for similar situations and and i mean what i say when i do. I also have a way of turning compliments back on the person who gave them to me as well.

What Is The Meaning Of The Feeling Is Mutual

Remember its more difficult for us men to express feelings and talk like that it's how we are raised in this society. I truly,deeply,love and adore insert favourite football team here. For him it may just not feel right yet This is a very hard subject to talk about when neither wants to upset or perhaps hurt the other when they don't feel the exact same.

Perhaps you are better wondering a little bit if he is at read article same point in the relationship you are Hurts a little and makes the stomach uneasy not knowing if the one you are with feels exactly the same and will always feel the same as you but love will never be easy but very rewarding when shared He did in a way.

He wanted to say that he's falling in love with you as well, but at the time couldn't find the correct wording. He means he click at this page himself, too, so he gets where you are coming from Ghost movie, ditto, etc etc.

Stop living in your own world of expectations or this will happen over and over. You're over analysing What Is The Meaning Of The Feeling Is Mutual words,if he didn't have any feelings for you he'd have either swiftly changed the subject or pretended he hadn't heard you. If you ask him about it, he'll say that "the word Love is thrown around too much these days and [he doesn't] want it to lose it's value when [he uses it] with you.

Well, since you say that he had already said those same words and also used the M word and you put the brakes on, he was probably not ready to put himself out that far again.

You may have shocked him. I wouldn't put too much stock in what was said exactly. Don't ask me how I know that this makes a lot of sense. We have no idea.

Seriously, there is one person in the entire universe who knows what he meant.

What Is The Meaning Of The Feeling Is Mutual

If you want to know the truth, ask him a point-blank question that only has two unambiguous answers: Just about anything different that anyone else may add to this thread may seem like it has a core of meaning, but it won't. He means just what he said. As a general rule a bloke will only usually use the 'love' word in the following context: Too say the feeling is mutual may be a way that he can express a feeling that he may just be starting to feel and not yet ready to say it as openly as you may want need or expect him too

You're in Love with Your Friend and Not Sure If the Feeling is Mutual