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27 Mar Lorde's boyfriend breaks his silence on dating a superstar - and how it felt to be branded 'ugly' by internet trolls . 'Finding moments I thought I was in safe hands splattered all over the internet, being pushed and shoved, or watching others get pushed and shoved by paparazzi just to get what they think. Good afternoon couples! Here's a little #HumpDay humor to brighten your afternoon. Ladies insert your guy's favorite video game title and tag them! # funnypictures #funnyvideos #laughing #laughoutloud #comedy #joke #jokes # hilarious #lmao #husband #wife #husbandandwife #love #Datelivery #datenight . 14 Jan On episode 9, things take an unexpected turn when Shereé invites Kim and NeNe to dinner, and Porsha gets an opportunity that could take her career in a new direction. Meanwhile, Shereé receives good news about her boyfriend Tyrone, and Cynthia faces new scrutiny about her interest in Will.

Keep on shucking and jiving for the white man. Not an ounce of dignity in your fat body. I feel bad for that little girl.

Awww…You think you got something, huh…. There you go again. Spouting that crazy shit. You need to jog your fat ass around the block and clear out your empty head. Bitch you can never shut me up or down….

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No life having, lying piece of nothing…. You dumb ass lying son of a bitch…Show the pic of my daughter then…Stupid ass…. Your belly sticks out farther than your ass. How about a sit up? Or some leg lifts. You started this bullshit. How many people have that same child you got in the picture? You passing link around for photo session with random ashy fatsos?

You got that ugly ass Salvation Army dress on that makes your belly and your titties all look the same. Show my fat ass, and I do mean ass……You know me…. How do I post a picture on here? Once I figure it out, you going to feel as stupid as your fat ass looks. And you KNOW it…. Do it you sad lil monkey…. Not too many bitches names LaNiece. I done seen the pictures of you cheesing up to the camera with that burnt match you call a man.

I looked up your fat ass on Facebook. You look like lbs. Jealous are we, I know….

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A retarded name, never heard such a juvenile statement…. Bitch, the only point you have is on top of your empty head.

LaNiece is a retarded ass name anyway. Take your fat ass up out my inbox. I went to college, I comprehend quite well…. NJ, like really, gtfoh….

Check this out right here, go find someone who gives a fuck…. And fuck off…Is that tone, better…. I bet you ass gone come back and say something else, that proves my point….

But I like Porsha a lot. Even rapper Tyler the Creator got in on the nasty jokes, posting a picture of the couple on Instagram with the caption: But the girl knows how to play the game. Kim is just trying to get in on the action from last season….

First of all, I said your comment was ignorant. You the one that lost yo shit and started talking about all of this incest foolishness and whatnot. You do not want this. Just check your tone from now on and we straight. So watch yo mouth when commenting under others…. You get wat you give…. You give disrespect you will get it right back…You threw the rock now you wanna hide yo hands…. You called me ignorant, talked about my child but now your the victim…. LaNiece, I am not the one. I would leave a footprint on that ass.

You want to be disrespectful. That kid looks like a kidnap victim and that guy looks like the last shit I took. You must be out of your God damn mind talking to me that.

Nene is so FAKE. These TV mediums give real ones a bad rep. Nene is so fake. She Atlanta Bodybuilder Dating Meme Moment Of Silence everything for a storyline. Nothing about that women is real. I enjoy her and sheree together. And you were pretty straight on with everything you said.

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Nene is so fake I never realized how fake she is they playing season one on bravo and she talked so bad about Kim and sheree claiming they were such good friends but made fun of them when she was with the other women.

Hate all you want. That chic will always hold the title of the sadiddiest shade thrower I know!!! And here goes Sheree pillow talking to a man in prison. Bye Sheree Additionally, bye shamea. With all of that being said, one cannot deny that everything we know and ponder is based on Western white man culture and conditioning.

Atlanta Bodybuilder Dating Meme Moment Of Silence

While I agree that it brings a positive force with it but worth noting that religion for Black folk in America was the only go and source of strength during slavery and now it is so Atlanta Bodybuilder Dating Meme Moment Of Silence into our psyche from being passed down from generation to generation.

We are in his image and therefore we are Gods with faculties that can change or affect our environment and realities.

As far as the mean black men and Africans…chile I met plenty of mean white, Spanish, Indian and Asian men. Their behavior is not always the best but I will not turn my back on them and it will never be an option either.

Peace and blessings to you Queen. White ppl took one small part of the Bible and twisted it to their advantage. The law of Slavery was thrown out in the New Testament. Like what happened to those schools girls they took. I am thankful to no longer be in Africa they got some crazy evil stuff going on over there.

Underneath the wigs, Botox and make up, Kim and her clan are trailer trash. But I personally still am not buying the bullshit. She talks constantly about holding others accountable for their actions but she never acknowledges any wrongdoing on her own part. Why is Mary J. Kim thinks we forgot she was in a lesbian relationship at one point for her to be so disgusted at Kandi allegedly wanting to eat her box which I think is a lie.

NeNe looking at her like how could you be so stupid. Friend or no Friend. U only fear voodoo be cuz they have cut u off from ur true self psychological castration and taught you that it is evil. The Bible itself also talks about using children as sacrifices, slavery as being acceptable and women as property yet those themes are accepted, why? God did not give yt man click messages for I and I Atlanta Bodybuilder Dating Meme Moment Of Silence.

And I can so relate to her situation. No thank U… the natural is cool until I see a real cute one… or Not! Sorry to say Kandi is fake. Porsha porsha porsha every since ya ex gay ass husband u just been wack.

You dumb I love you too boo but you just wack.

Atlanta Bodybuilder Dating Meme Moment Of Silence

Last but not least Sheree. Tyrone gone take all your money and more than likely use u bitch link you not gone have Nothing. Everytime I see Kim I wanna drag her by her frozen ass lips and beat her with that retarded ass wig she be wearing.

And Porsha gullible ass is eating all this spoon fed bullshit Kim is feeding her…. She bought up Nene and Porsha so she could throw her little shade in, elephants live a long time. When Nene came at Kandi and Kandi told her to back up before she blow up on her ass… How quickly we forget. Sheree snatching wigs, Nene choking Kim and Lisa Woo having to sit in her lap on the Andy show to keep her from grabbing Kim, come on these women give as much as they blame.

Porsha yes she has her ways but all these ladies are old enough to be her mother or big sister, they ragged her for being a sad helpless wife now they want to drag her for waking up and living her life. Now this Kim should be on visit web page Housewives of New York or something, she really reminds me of a redneck she think she can say what she likes and I think the ladies have allowed too much in the past, she over stepped her boundaries a long time ago.

Amazing Grace would have gotten her big lips busted. Sheree I really feel bad for her and wish she knew her value, not saying anything negative about the guy in prison but she needs to explore her options. Kim is doing the absolute most to be relevant. Omg, thank God, someone else sees it. Everytime the camera is on, he literally seems to bask in the limelight and wants camera time.

I have a very bad feeling about him. As much as I will hate not having her on the show anymore, I do think she should get off and focus on her marriage and move to NY to be with her husband. The only thing keeping her in ATL is the Atlanta Bodybuilder Dating Meme Moment Of Silence. These reality shows are cursed.