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How to Make Him Want You For More Than 1 Night (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

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26 Jan One thing that has become pretty clear to me, is that all of these guys have the same thing in common: they're not so interested in dating me, but they're very interested in my body. Either way, the message they're sending me is that I'm worth the time and effort for a hookup, but never for a relationship. So. 15 Apr The other day, I was listening to one of Kelly Clarkson's albums and, during her song “I Do Not Hook Up,” I had that feeling that I often get when But I feel that songs like Kelly's — stating that, personally, you are not interested in participating in this culture — are a positive thing. I'm so over the hook-up. 20 May I'm not a picky person. Like, as long as I'm with them, we could do anything and it' d be fine. But probably outside of a bedroom would be best. [laughs]. Tiffanie, 20, Swim Coach. VICE: Your bio says to "swipe left" if someone wants to hook-up. Why? Tiffanie: Tinder hook-ups are not good in my opinion.

Discussion of sexual strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a just click for source identity for men. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse. Here's a Glossary of Shaming Tacticstry to be creative and avoid these.

We know you won't, that's why you're easy to spot. Read the following threads and the Theory Reading below. Women, the most responsible teenager in the house. Goals - A beginners guide on how to attain them. How To Tease Bitches.

How To Manage Your Bitches. Moral of the story: Nearly every woman feels the need to preserve her dignity at the end of her bio by making sure everyone knows that she is a prize to be won. At this point, it is starting to sound like a diagnose-able delusion.

She is at best a 2. When someone has a small amount of space to pitch themselves and all they can fill it with is how they are left handed, sometimes they are funny, and they totally are definitely never ever into hookups, that should be an A1 red flag.

AKA one of the digital click of the decades old "I know I dress like a prostitute Why Am I So Not Interested In Hookup a daily basis, but why do guys just want sex from me? Why don't they like me for my soul? Chappell said it best: Lol the girl I took home from the bar last night started telling me this morning that she only uses tinder to talk to people and get validation and has never met any of them.

This is a woman who signed up to a service that knows is awash with guys just looking for sex.


We know this because the hamster tells all those men she isn't interested in it. She still lines up for it. This is like going to a casino and staring at a slot machine saying over and over, "I don't gamble. This is an intervention". Because I use "Bonfire". I don't have a ton of time to waste and am not interested in swiping through hundreds of people who I won't even get to message.

But they don't speak for themselves at all. I'm pretty sure if she agreed to meet up with you, you would have included that in the screenshot. So because she replied that means she's a slut? Yeah, this post is really confusing to me. I almost think it's a troll. Either Why Am I So Not Interested In Hookup not helpful. If you are in a committed relationship and a model comes up to you and says I want to suck your dick you are going to do it. Any girl will fuck brad pitt if she gets the chance.

What is the lesson here? That an ugly chick will fuck a guy out of her league if given a shot? Back in my fraternity days these two incredibly hunky guys went whaling found the fattest girl they could and fucked her article source completely degraded her on camera.

They made her eat their ass and everything. They were saying horrible shit to her the whole time and people would literally walk in on them and throw beer at her and other shit and she didnt care. One of these guy is now a male model.


No, but I ate out a fat black chick once after taking a xanax. And I have fucked some truly disgusting chicks, girls I wake up in the middle of the night retching when I think about. There isn't enough alprazolam in the world to drive me to do that. Stop blaming it on the bars. He's read more likely talking about HSV-2 serotypes. Here's why you probably shouldn't roll the dice like he did.

This is not true of many men, we don't shop our mates necessarily, and often not unless something is really wrong in the relationship as reflected in a dead bedroom.

To Everyone Who Isn’t Looking To “Just Hook Up”

And this is because there is no reason to be in a committed relationship with a woman simply because of the way she looks or any other utility-based trait. We are not hypergamous by nature. Apparently, many women are attracted to the click proof" of attractive men in relationships and have no qualms about "homewrecking. Often you see profiles where girls have photos which have specifically been taken to show off their tits and ass and sexualise them.

Then in their bio they write 'no hookups' of something similar. I always think bullshit, you photos suggest you are only here to be fucked.

Why Am I So Not Interested In Hookup

I have had ons with girls who have no hookups in their bio. Lol I love when girls put that they are not looking for hook ups in their Tinder profiles.

It's like they know men only view them as sex objects because of how boring they are. There's one girl I met on Tinder somewhat recently who had the "no hook ups" rule in her profile but I of course ignored it. After chatting for two or three days I asked for her number and we texted a bit. Had made plans to meet up for click but she canceled the morning of because she wanted to go to a rave with her friends but said I could go over now because "she was lonely".

She thought you are yet another Elliot Rodgers type, dude. Not interested at all. No wonder you're so salty about her now LOL.

Want my cock tonight? And 2 I get dozens and dozens of matches every day. When someone has a small amount of space to pitch themselves and all they can fill it with is how they are left handed, sometimes they are funny, and they totally are definitely never ever into hookups, that should be an A1 red flag. I make a decent living doing so. But the truth is, the guy DOES in fact have the right to catcall you and the idiot does it because you gave him that power.

She was a Tinder example. I literally sent her one message to challenge the integrity of her statement in her bio to further prove a point that this sub embraces.

This has a lot to do with intelligence, hobbies, and ambition. Everything was peachy keen, until we stopped being intimate. The problem is that there are people out there who feel they have some form of sexual ownership over women, e. Unless a Chad that gives me tingles comes my way.

Why do you think the very first thing I said after reading that she wasn't into hookups was "let's hook up". Wouldn't expect someone on this sub to be that dense. It is more like the mandatory disclaimer in free software. Everyone knows what it does but you have been warned. The screencaps are useless without seeing the profile of the guy she was replying too. Isn't that the pill? Go out and fucking lift and look good and stop being a little bitch and the panties will drop everywhere you go.

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I'll let the two screencaps speak for themselves Moral of the story: Want to add to the discussion? Fuck the shit out of me.

But it is a shit test. Unless a Chad that gives me tingles comes my way. It's an old tune sung since the dawn of society. We should have sex, but it has to be your fault. If I wanna float my fuckin liver I don't need anyone butting in. This is an intervention" Camera pans back to a room full of born again drug addled sluts looking concerned Old roommate fist bumps you. Unless he fucked her then this means nothing. I've said similar things to women and been unmatched.

Five minutes after showing up we were in her room and she was half naked. I tend to read Tinder profiles and assume they mean the exact opposite.

Why Am I So Not Interested In Hookup