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Engaged meaning in Hindi (Engage)

Definitions and Meaning of engaged in English

"engagement" in Hindi. volume_up. engagement {noun}. HI. काम · व्यवसाय · संविद · प्रतिज्ञा · नियम · वचन · धंधा. volume_up. to engage {v.t.}. HI. नौकर रखना · सगाई करना · लेना · भिडना · लगाना · प्रण करना · वचन ले लेना · लडना. Engaged tone definition: a repeated single note heard on a telephone when the number called is already in use | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. engaged - Meaning in Hindi, what is meaning of engaged in Hindi dictionary, audio pronunciation, synonyms and definitions of engaged in Hindi and English.

Definition of 'engage' Word Frequency. I have never engaged in the drug trade. You can engage in croquet on the south lawn. They never learned skills to engage the attention of the others. They tried to engage him in conversation.

What Is The Meaning Of Engaged In Hindi

We want to engage recognized leaders in discussion. She found it hard to engage with office life. She had vowed to go out of her way to engage with the Irish people at local community level.

We engaged the services of a recognised engineer. He had been able to engage some staff. Press the lever until you hear the catch engage.

It could engage the enemy beyond the range of hostile torpedoes. See also engagedengaging. More Synonyms of engage. Word origin of 'engage'. Obsolete to give or assign as security for a debt link, etc. Obsolete to entangle ; ensnare. French adjective committed to supporting some aimcause, etc. Vehicle componentsEngine, transmission, and exhaust If you engage a clutch or a gear, you put the mechanism into operation.

She engaged the clutch and the vehicle started to move away. Starting up the engine, he engaged first gear and began to turn the car.

What Is The Meaning Of Engaged In Hindi

The engine should spin at the right speed so that when the clutch is let out to engage the lower gear, there is no jerkiness. Example sentences containing 'engage' These examples have What Is The Meaning Of Engaged In Hindi automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. Awful family across the aisle engage us in conversation. Times, Sunday Go here The key to getting them off without causing an argument is to engage them with something else.

The Sun Consumers spend their time trying to check prices rather than engage in productive activity. Times, Sunday Times Soon after he returned from war they were engaged. Times, Sunday Times Keep it simple and disciplined People engage with politics rarely and for short periods of time. Times, Sunday Times It can be hard to find common ground and remain engaged with people you don't know.

Times, Sunday Times In any project aiming at long-term sustainability it is vital to engage young people. Times, Sunday Times As soon as you engage with another person, there's a behavioural symmetry.

Times, Sunday Times It's feelgood, and people want to engage with that. The Sun Before making an appointmentI have made a shortlist of three and then engaged the person most suited for the job. Times, Sunday Times Our main object is to engage enemy bombers.

Times, Sunday Times This enables us to engage with groups and individuals that statutory providers find difficult. Times, Sunday Times This is about engaging with younger people.

engage - meaning in Hindi

Times, Sunday Times English was the one lesson that engaged his attention at school. Times, Sunday Times You can engage in " passive cooperation. Christianity Today Growing old chronologically does not mean a person cannot engage in physical activities. Sociology You are about to engage in a battle with your entire force. Iain Gale Man of Honour Now the gangs are back fighting turf wars and engaging in gun battles with police.

Times, Sunday Times And they engaged with the enemy on only one in five days at war. The Sun People are engaged in life and the environment. Times, Sunday Times But fair dealing is not a subject that engages the attention of any of the contributors.

The Times Literary Supplement Consequently they saw no reason why they should engage the enemy unless they did so in overwhelming force. French, David The British way in Warfare - Explaining and predicting what people will do by citing their beliefs is something we all engage in all the time. The Belief Article source Then the going got a bit snowy and steep and it was time to engage four-wheel drive.

Times, Sunday Times But sensors monitor road conditions and automatically engage four-wheel drive when necessary. The Sun Melrose does not engage in bid battles, as past history shows. Times, Sunday Times Within weeks we and our former partners on the Continent are engaged in a war beyond imagination. The Sun He has been warned that he will no longer be engaged in the passive defence of his country, but taking the battle to the enemy.

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Times, Sunday Times In any project aiming at long-term sustainability it is vital to engage young people. To put under pledge; to pledge; to place under obligations to do or forbear doing something, as by a pledge, oath, or promise; to bind by contract or promise. The Sun People are engaged in life and the environment.

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What is the pronunciation of engage? Phrasal verb s engage in sth. The engine should spin at the right speed so that when the clutch is let out to engage the lower gear, there is no jerkiness.

Parts of the sentence. Sentences consist of a number of parts, using different parts of speech. The most important parts of speech are: The subject, which is either a noun phrase see The noun phrase or a pronoun see Pron It can last over three days and includes the exchange of giftsfirework displays, and dancing.

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Engaged Meaning in Hindi