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Taking Slow Signs It But Hes Interested

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10 Mar 17 tell-tale signs they guy you're dating definitely wants to be with you for the LONG term. If he's interested in golf, tennis, refurbishing old cars, etc., he tries to include you somehow. 9. He's in a point in his life Even if he was a serious player in a past life, he will be fine with taking it slow. You won't feel. But she also had a question: “When do you 'call it'– when do you say, 'he's just not that into me' vs. 'grown-ups have lives and It's an interesting question. What is the We're so afraid of being 'the crazy girl' or 'the needy girl' that we bend over backwards to let everyone know just how blasé we are. And if that's what's. 12 Dec A confident man may make eye contact and smile to show that he's interested, but a shy man might not feel comfortable enough to make that eye contact. I took this as a sign. Wouldn't it make sense that he likes me? Of course I am a woman, so I notice immediately that I am sending the first text everyday.

Community Links Members List. Hi, over the period of three weeks, I've been on two dates with a guy that I like a lot. He politely cut the first date short even though it went very well and I wanted to do something else. It was supposed to be an "introductory" date, and it did last about two hours long.

He emailed me the next day, telling me that he enjoyed our time together. Then I initiated a second date, to which he happily accepted. Again, we both had a good time and the date went well, although he did not flirt with me same as the first date. Talking about daily stuff and sometimes just to say hi. Now my question is, click he just being careful and taking it slowly, or is he actually not that article source me?

Share Share this post on Digg Del. Experience and my guy friends say the sameIf you have to ask then NO he's not into you.

If a guy is into you he will initiate the second date or at the very least have initiated a third by now. I'd back off abit and see how he reacts to that. Make him stop and think, hmmm, does she like me??? Then if he really is interested you'll know soon. I agree with whichway Don't respond to an email for a while and see how he reacts. If he's interested you won't even need to send a reply before you hear from him again.

Try flirting with him and see if you can get things going towards a more sexual feeling then. I can Signs Hes Interested But Taking It Slow that sometimes things get too formal and less flirty. He could be into you but need to switch his mindset and mood. No way to know, but go here you notice that he isn't flirting enough make sure to do something about it.

If a guy is touching you or smiling too much or getting too close to you when he hardly knows you, this may mean that he's not interested in an actual relationship. He may be interested in someone else at the moment and only texts you when he's available. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Well, think about this. I'll work on it.

He strikes me as a very mature guy who knows what he wants. He is 40 and is looking for marriage "material", Signs Hes Interested But Taking It Slow I wouldn't be surprised that he wants to have a really good feel about me before he gets serious.

If anything, it may be that he has some other options as well, and is trying to make a decision. Dating is so hard!! Not only does he not flirt, he never complimented me either. I'll work on it. Is this guy shy? I would initiate the 'dates'. Although, occasionally she would initiate them. And yes, we would email each other every other day.

We went on our 'dates' two to three days out of the week. However, I was too damn shy and not confident in myself to click at this page a move. So, this guy could be shy I am completely inexperienced in the dating realm. So my situation with my 'friend' I took it way too slow What would I do if I were in your shoes I would make a move. Maybe on a date, you should go for his hand Again, I think this guy is very shy I don't know if self-esteem has anything to do with this, but in my situation it played a big part.

I think she liked me in fact I know she did, and she still does to a certain extentbut I didn't think that I was worthy of her company I didn't make a move for fear of 'losing' her as a friend I pretty much took the cowards way out.

I didn't know how much I really loved her till she was gone.

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I had blown my chances or whatever slim chances there were with her by not showing her how much she meant to me I bet he thinks that you're fantastic, but he is just to shy and inexperienced to show you.

So, if you feel something for this guy, try going for his hand or something subtle Thanks for the replies. What I've gathered in some of the earlier replies is that I need to play this game with him, like click "unavailable" when he calls or emails.

Signs Hes Interested But Taking It Slow

He called me today, and I took your advice and didn't answer. However, I've been thinking, does game playing really work in the end? I mean if he only likes you, or starts to think about you when you have the game going, how real is his feeling after all?

When he eventually gets me, he will lose interest, am I right? I am confused by his action. He is not shy as mentioned by MrBand he seems to know what he wants, and is not just fooling around. However, he is VERY slow. My original question was more like, how slow can a guy go without making us feel like he is not interested. He pretty much initiated all the emails and calls, and kept them going on a daily basis almost.

Talking once a week is way more interesting the mailing every day. I acutally after reading this decided to email it but at the end of an email that was detailing our one sided argument You may be coming on too fast if you are not already dating and this may be intimidating. Do visit my page sometime and read some of my relationship hubs. Then if he really is interested you'll know soon.

We saw each other twice both on weekends over the past three weeks. I wish he can speed things up a little, but may be taking it slowly is not all that bad either. So again, how slow is too slow?!!! They do not wait for you to call them, and they do not wait to tell you they want you.

This guy sounds like he's not that into article source. I wouldn't play the game. And I would not pursue a guy. If he wants you, he will come get you. And if doesn't, then you don't want him anyway.

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I don't agree with any of you guys. Maybe he is shy, maybe he is just careful, maybe he's playing games. I don't think he's not into you. Don't drool over him. Only E-mail him once a week. He's not working hard because he doesn't have to. It doesn't mean he doesn't like you.

Besides, daily life isn't that interesting. You want him to wonder who you are, and what you did during the week.

Signs Hes Interested But Taking It Slow

Talking once a week is way more interesting the mailing every day. I could write a greta mail about things that happen during the week, but just one day Guys going after a girl, by calling her all the time are pathetic in my opinion. I want a girl that puts an equall amount of effort into me as I put into her. I want the game to be fun, and chalenging, but I shouldn't be running after her like a puppy dog.

The girls i'm after at the moment made it very clear she like sme, but I didn't do much at first. So she seemedto ignore me. Send her a nice mail, showing my real interest the thing I didn't make clear and all of a sudden, nice reply's and suddenly she wants us to meet.

I'm not asking her out right away. If she'de ak me out I would visit web page yes immidiately though. So don't worry to much. The only thing that bothers me is the lack of flitrting in your story. In my case there's always eyecontact, lip licking and touching involved.

And I think that says Signs Hes Interested But Taking It Slow then words. Well, think about this. I had this girl I likes for two years, we ended up kissing other.

She was all over me literally sitting on me.

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I ended the kiss, and made a new date I can tell you that. First date shouldn't be to long. Why would all men be primitive and just wanting to be physical right away?