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India to make available all textbooks online, for free : worldnews

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Army Gays Army Hookup Fraudster Synonym

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India to make available all textbooks online, for free m. The top indian universities have worked together to create online database of their lectures - there you can find stuff which Engineering Students can use.

Is it shut down? Just a blank page. What's the use of making everything free if its going to be out on a government server which is down for 24 hrs a day: It not even just textbooks anymore, it's fucking apps. Couldn't believe that shit. Coding the app isn't the expensive part. Hiring sales teams to bribe university administration to make your app mandatory is the expensive part.

And the company that made the app may not even be earning that much per download if you take into account the sales and bribery machinery they have to pay out.

The thing is that they already have the machinery in place and can Army Gays Army Hookup Fraudster Synonym use the services equivalent to the previous poster plus their fiancee and use that app plus the machinery to generate revenue.

If it's like most things related to American colleges, they'll have a way to make sure that you're not allowed to use a cheaper alternative. The functionality of the app doesn't matter. It's just control of the market and their access to universities requiring them. The app could cost 99 cents and function just as well.

And do not share any identifying information before you meet. I made an account the credit union. Is that right or is it a scam?? I made my SB profile, and keep getting messages to text the sd.

I'm not sure how that would work for an app, but securing sole rights to information especially for education is a very real issue. My favorite is intro to calculus text books that somehow come out with a new edition each year. The basics of calculus in that text book are hundreds of years old, what possibly could be in the new edition? Oh yeah they took the problems, re-ordered them, changes some numbers and called it the edition.

A part of any educational app or textbook will be a little something called licensing. Turns out people don't let you use their shit for free.

They may add language texts for their own regional languages. Hopefully the related words and synonyms for " term " are a little tamer than average. He lives in my area and wants to meet asap to begin an arrangement. This came up as a red flag for me.

Back when I was in school many years agoI was forced to use software known as "Blackboard". This was basically a proprietary hodge-podge of shared folders and rudimentary forum functions, which was put to shame by FREE alternatives that were far superior.

Army Gays Army Hookup Fraudster Synonym

Blackboard was so bad, at first I assumed that some tech illiterate at my college had fallen for a scam. I was shocked to discover that Blackboard was actually a national market leader.

That is the next scam. So now schools and textbook publishers have teamed up to make students buy codes to online portions of the class that cannot be pirated or re-sold used. Another scam that I dealt with is school specific books.

What I thought I was buying was a complete book specific to my class. What it turned out to be was loose 3-hole punched pages chapters of a complete text Army Gays Army Hookup Fraudster Synonym that would be covered in my course.

Cost the same as the complete text book they came from with the added bonus of having to buy a 3-ring binder for it and being told I couldn't sell it used because the pages were loose. Actually the newest scam is online classes This has been going on for about years. The full cost of the outrageous book and code get put in to the tuition cost of the class. The book is hosted online and can only be viewed through their special viewer that can only be accessed from the class.

So, you're tuition for a class covers the most expensive copy of a new book If you have to retake the class You buy another copy for that semester. Worst is students can't find this information before they start the class. So they might see on the syllabus the required book, and continue reading buy a book for the class.

Google wouldn't work if the AP has information directly used in the homework. You can't trust what you find on the net to be the answers your professor is looking for.

Medical stuff is hardest because some topics have nothing on them, and others have outdated or extremely recent information. So this web page subject you're learning might be based on information from ten years back.

Not if it's a proprietary database backend. That would kill the chance of a competing app, also. Even if you learn more here all of the information right for an answer, they could mark it wrong based on format, order, etc.

It really is a crime the way they charge students so much money to get their foot in the door of being a professional, only to kill their future with extreme debt, little to no job possibilities, and poor teaching. But hey, at least you have your college sports! But wait, those athletes make nothing off all those endorsements and such. Army Gays Army Hookup Fraudster Synonym win unless you start slitting throats at the top. Get rid of Title IX and universities could make good money on college sports.

A lot of football and mens basketball teams make good profits. Then all those profits get sucked up plus a little to fund all of the other sports that don't and never had a chance in hell of being able to pay for themselves.

But where will the money come to pay the authors of the textbooks if they are all free? For books that are k, they are literally rehashes of each other with different formatting and often the newer editions have as many errors as the old books. They just get the school to buy new books because it sounds good. For classes under level, a lot of the books are also rehashes. There are a few well written books on each subject, and the rest are reshashes and new editions with only slight changes trying to force people to update.

Text books are written, even at the k level, in short periods. I've seen ones that have lots of errors, terrible explanations, and subject matter taught out of order. You'd think information that is 50 years old is compiled with the best explanations and methods floating to the top, but text book companies pay people Army Gays Army Hookup Fraudster Synonym reinvent the subject-meaning a lot of text books are half ass works of compiled knowledge. Same time, when a district starts shopping for a book.

They get flooded with several dozen. And then the books for a district are decided by a committee of people that are not teachers sometimes volunteers. Meaning a good book doesn't necessarily get picked. It happens at the college level too. Not the committee part. Professors can pick bad books based on wither they wrote it in that same short period while reinventing the wheelor if it teaches the material at a level and in the order they understand-not the students.

I already addressed this topic.

What is the antonym for Generous?

Most of these books, be it k or college level are written in a short time period by someone reinventing the wheel. They are not improving a previous work. You can be a subject matter expert at the k level or college level and still write a bad book-people do it all the time. It takes an exceptional go here to write a good book.

Chemistry is probably one of the worst subjects to use as an example of a still good as the s. We DO know a lot more than that period, the books reflect that, and even the periodic table has gone through several reorganizations for updated information and better reading.

We're way more concious of new chemicals that have become common place and we even updated our books to have information that would have been included due to the cold war. We have actual explanations for a lot of phenomena and several of the models of how things work have been updated due to new experiments that weren't possible before. If you wanted to argue that algebra level physics hadn't changed, you'd be half right. Yes, there hasn't been any giant leaps in algebra level statics and dynamics, but we have found some newer Army Gays Army Hookup Fraudster Synonym techniques for solving those problems.

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It's not written for no reason. This has been the case for years now. See more books were available on the internet from a long time, what's new is the app. Earliest snapshot from Wayback Machine is from Not just 5 years, it has been up for about a decade. I don't even know how this is making news now, I guess they are just rebranding the whole thing and taking all the credit for something that happened quite some time ago.

Most of the state boards have their textbooks online as well. Tamil Nadu State Board: West Click State Boards: In fact, I would be surprised if any of the boards do not have provisions like this.

This is hardly an example of "good governance", its a basic necessity. Also, if it's even slightly useful in shame-prodding Government action elsewhere, it's a step in the right direction!

The recent Chennai floods saw the loss Army Gays Army Hookup Fraudster Synonym text books and notebooks in submerged homes.

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Text books in particular are usually in limited supply. This includes books in multiple syllabi eg vocational stream, cbse etc and multiple languages. This along with announcements that they would support the replacement of text and note books and push for postponement of examinations. The folks who do much of the work creating higher ed textbooks composing the PDF pages and apps live and work in the Chennai area.

Many higher ed publishers outsource to firms based in India.