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His trip to China last year with Under Armour might be a hint at something. Michael Lombardi joins the show to discuss Jimmy Garoppolo and the rumors of Belichick going to the Giants. Skip to main content. Mookie Betts says he has no hard feelings toward Red Sox. Are the Celtics missing Marcus Smart's presence on the court or is it more than that? Will the Celtics right the ship in the second half of the season? The lack of answers on the Malcolm Butler benching has some Patriots fans confidence in Bill Belichick wavering The Red Sox haven't done much to improve on last years team, will they before the season starts?

Audio On Demand Podcasts. Inside the mind of Jackie Bradley Jr. Blind Mike's Trash Talk Ep. Enough About Me Ep. Trash Talk with Blind Mike - Ep. Transcript - Not for consumer use. Will not be accurate. He's Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 was about to get a fourth pick. I never heard out on the table for the on the here made an offer to draft was percent Carner there are so I don't really behind IM ET is I was offered this well he had the chance off.

That you did a lot of people around Cleveland now the saying was it click me. Really well I don't know what Black People Speed Hookup Raleigh Nc Concerts 2019 reporting but I know what to trade off was.

And it was for a second and third with glee and Lou and Christian if I were representing the team I think what I would do is entered the room and I would bring a large.

Jar of factually and I would say and do the agent on the other side I'm an Irish guy I really wanted to do the right thing please be gentle now. It was either a former porn director or it was a a major force.

In the national football YouTube you pick the ones like I wanna we got Michael Lombardo come on he was you know he's been in those meetings before I wonder if there's an agent has ever. You know come to him with like a scenario like that our he actually went to the agent against them is correct we look at it.

Did you listen be easy on me that there are some KY here's some you know here's use the good stuff. Black People Speed Hookup Raleigh Nc Concerts 2019 it just I don't wanna feel anything that maybe now on up a little bit.

They can keep the ball away from Tom Brady you'd make him only have a twenty minutes. I want him in happy environments sic. And they know that that Dick global defense can not stopping them and try any at this guy with the generals Rex Raleigh road whom I'd. We're gonna Starks out of Boston has always got drunk fitness fitness I mean he's silent he's got a website he's got a drop football. This event has been added to your Plans.

But that's what's gonna happen to all this is I wanna swipe right yeah. It is a contact sport. Oh please oh yeah I'll we're going to give away this autographed football at would be given you all sorts of a subject it's allowed to call in it's they who they think it is. Is that is that legal because we're not saying it was we in my call against.

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For that not all alternate it's against it's a great piece of memorabilia I mean it's the end you're gonna have. Some people have but it it's it's an autographed football by may be the greatest person who's ever played. In his sport before we tell people we hit for legal reasons why would be extremely angry that if they do the greatest of all time when I was there was a weighty concede that just go go go.

Goats yet how to be goat. She farm animals remember the farm animal in all we are greatest golf. While that is Redford while I was an honor if I would want to football I would I go here I guess so nobody calling it they they think it is and is below its.

He's now we do not belong to and that the guys talking about yes he is that is that they are there and rod Arnold into another and people take your number. Yes okay moment might number your number yup. O'clock on Honolulu is number one. Right here the wind up with a decimal point to that Lazare commodity were you working on right now.

Black People Speed Hookup Raleigh Nc Concerts 2019

My whose summertime blues music might work. I don't and proposal haven't. As a Providence College coach let's look at this. This is what we're working on concern. Showed me that this person who autograph this football that will be giving away at just happened to be the featured guy in New York Times story yes but I don't defend the wall. To me it's not Brady's midlife crisis given the way.

With a book a website and I didn't I just I'm going onto the story and this. With a book website and in new documentary series and all business all pros seems to be pivoting toward a post football life we. And here we go used to due to an accused us of doing this yesterday Christian witchy due blamed yourself as well. We're gonna play the defending Tom pre media thing that we do because I don't. Understand this the people were critical of them.

I have calibrated the TV, and I have tried all kinds of configuration, but the problem is still there. A decision matter reloaded yet loaded your Indianapolis open at the TB twelve you would go to that. Baseball UF five teams you know theory. I know you're not always. Transcript - Not for consumer use.

And I think is he's wide open for criticism here because this thing looks a little cult like real warriors are wrong. It's a little bit strange because. It's probably not our cup of tea were probably not into the Anthony Robbins dolphin but your feet you walk on the hunt and I click here yes.

Because you're you're somebody who experiments and everybody's announced that probably Communist Albania I grilled tipped over the Arabic. Now so you know we don't necessarily go along with them but I find it hit critical that it. These people were writing about my C and others who a Sydney because they think it's goofy they think it's rude ridiculous.

And I'd probably feel the same way it's not my cup team is I sent. But if Tomas you these other people or writing about it light something else and they're supposedly very progressive people they're very open minded. And if other people have different stranger habits when they won't think differently we're supposed to not be judged at all.

We're just supposed to accept that everybody is different. So why can't top rated. The more I read the more I can I think the World Cup then on this a little craziness is a little if you want Tom Cruise and but why so judgmental Desi the Fed does he not have the opportunity.

To be out there for so.

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A cynic Tom Brady's midlife crisis is that. Taken as a shot at Tom Brady. You know yes this is its shows that want to saying most athlete's career ends if you're lucky enough to play in your mid thirties late 30s That's a midlife crisis or your career from what you know is over now do.

So me by definition he actually is that I don't take this as a negative towards him there's no question. Black People Speed Hookup Raleigh Nc Concerts 2019 he he will be eventually sure right now Peyton Manning's in midlife crisis is what the hell he's doing the right is that what do I do next. As is the candidate Tom Brady I think for patriots fan on just speak for myself it's. The last couple of years you've looked under the hood a little bit elect I didn't see this come.

You know I didn't realize Tom Brady was this who would be out there pushing this that are. Tony Robbins and it's sort of like I would rather just have that grind it out sixth round pick that it is parking spot is you work hard name but he also is determined to win his laser focused.

And that's yet and we retires you can do all you crazy stuff polite quarterback and his team that's all I want well he's given you also more the last few years.

And I think people fans myself I look at tuned and this is can walk. Yet there you know it's weird it's like when it went Nam when. You get a lot of eye rolling way in one people one of these when I want people seed. The new documentary when they see the business in check this out. It's almost like off one what is gonna stop trying to sell me stuff is trying to stop Micah you know pushing its products some like it is folks on football.

To mean it's I don't know I don't get eye roll I mean I don't. I don't do it myself because it's just the natural progression that he was done five years ago. Will already be doing. Five years if it is it is pure and five years ago. Then it won't hold it all that could maybe what could be as good as it enlightenment.

You know is they this these these these need to try to find only the true meaning in life. Well you have TB twelve frighten me to sit at birth of TB twelve has been his last this last three or four years it's played at a high level it's based on.

Yeah longevity that's what it's been a prodigy thing TV twelve is though when he leaves. And it is an army lieutenant product is it. I mean it is the global productivity is it regional I think that's I think it I don't know you know he's portion of its national ID it is beautiful national. Oh absolutely this attention as well it. With China last year.

Black People Speed Hookup Raleigh Nc Concerts 2019

This question shyness that's plant seeds his intention is not to have grown and tomorrow. That was an on armor for.

It could be tool part as the law only Abbott everybody's pushing his Brown's version if you don't zone firstly get let's focus on America.

But do you think he's gonna open at a time keeping it open TB twelve at Indianapolis. I thought I think the goal is to hash mark almost like the hard rock cafe. Can gain all the major cities. Yet big red carpet stars about what's T shirts.

Have some really terrible Manuel had a bunch of old school memorable single vote go through the fan base is go through with Tina.

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