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BSM Another member gets you pregnant

Read #1 You Get Pregnant By Another Member from the story 5SOS Preferences by CrybabyCliffrd (Maria) with reads. 5sospreferences "Are you sure there isn't a chance Ashton is the dad? After a lot of flirting, You and Ashton Irwin started hooking up, Despite the fact your boyfriend was in the same band as him. Read BSM your dating another member from the story 5SOS Preferences: Book 1 by sammijames with reads. 5sos, 5secondsofsummer, michaelclifford. Not. Read #39 You're attached to another member from the story One Direction BSM Preferences by OneDirectionBSM (KC) with reads. one, liam, harry. I could hook you up with Ashley, she does like you," you smirked, mentioning your best friend and watching Niall's whiny mood faded, and a completely giddy one.

Calum Ashton gets you pregnant: And all of them answered at the same time, "Yes. Your face got pale because of your reason. You were pregnant at 17 and your boyfriend and brother were in the same room.

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But you thought now or never so you just blurted out the news, "I'm pregnant. Congratulations you both will be great parents. Ashton got up from the ground smiling and telling you what a great mum you'll be while Luke and Michael were deciding on who would be the better uncle.

Luke Calum's gets you pregnant: You went to the bathroom after a few minutes to see what the 4 tests said. All of them were positive.

You snuggled in closer to Michael. A tear ran down your cheek and you didn't stop it. He left like thirty minutes ago. He was in a good mood as well, Which made it harder. You sat down next to Calum again and you both explained your relationship, how long you two had been secretly dating, and were planning on telling him tonight, all while holding hands for support.

By now you had tears streaming down your face. You walked out of the bathroom to see Calum on your bed with his head in his hands. You gulped, "They're all positive. Calum got up and pulled you into his chest whispering how it'll all be okay. You went downstairs to see Luke and Michael playing a game.

Luke mumbled a fine and you all walked into the kitchen to talk. You just wanted this to be over with so you got straight to the point, "I'm pregnant.

But you could tell he was anything but calm, his fists were balled up so tight that his knuckles turned white, his jaw was clenched, and you could see the pulsing veins in his neck.

5sos Preferences Bsm Youre Hookup Another Member

Calum nodded, "Of course, I love her and the baby to pieces. Luke mumbled a good, and all of you headed toward the door to get back to the living room. But Michael was standing in the doorway with a huge smile on his face, "I'm gonna be a kick ass uncle.

Michael Luke gets you pregnant: Luke, Calum, and Ashton were all downstairs watching a movie while Michael went to get some snacks from the stores. You were upstairs texting a friend and told her you were pregnant with Luke's kid.

You both each other but Michael would never allow the two if you to be together. But you two hooked up at a party 3 weeks ago. You got a text back but you realizes you texted Michael instead. You ran downstairs, "Luke you should leave. You sighed giving up on helping Luke out of this situation, and just waited for Michael. Michael was in the doorway and he looked like he was ready to kill.

You couldn't take it anymore and started bawling. Don't hurt him please. Michael got off Luke and just stared at you. You were now just sniffling with a few stray tears falling here and there.

You flopped down beside him on the couch. Calum nodded, "Of course, I love her and the baby to pieces. You had always been one of those girly girls that loved to dress up, so why would you want to miss your prom?

Michael mumbled a sorry and went to you. He hugged you tight, then let go and turned to Luke. In your room you sat beside each other on the beds. It was silent until Luke spoke, "I really like you, a lot. I want to help you and take care of the baby with you. Your head was now on his chest and his hands wrapped around your waist rubbing your stomach. You smiled at the idea of your little family. Ashton Michael gets you pregnant: All the signs were there, you were feeling sick, your back hurt, you hadn't had your period for 2 months.

You lived with Ashton so he's the only person who you could consult. And in the past two months you were hooking up with Michael here and there and thought he was the father.

You went to Ash's room and saw him on his phone. Everything's going to be fine.

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You held back your tears until you were back at the house. You just started wailing.

5sos Preferences Bsm Youre Hookup Another Member

Do you know who the father is? And please don't hurt him. You started to cry again and buried your head in your pillow. Your door creaked open and you didn't even bother to check who it was. And I want to be with you, and want to help out, with our baby.

Then you felt the bed dip and you knew he was next to you. You felt him kiss your cheek and he started pushing the hair that covered your face.

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You finally got up, but you just looked down. Then his lips met yours which surprised you but you still kissed back. You smiled and kissed him again. You couldn't wait to have a family with this man. So I hope you liked these, and if here don't mind could you check out some of the other books maybe, I don't know you don't have to listen to me if you don't want to.

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